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Translucent Tuesday Fight Club

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Good news everyone. TTFC is now on Minimates Central! That's amazing right? RIGHT!? Well yes, it is, so let's all hop over there and hopefully see a cool fight.

I mean, really, I hope it works...

If it doesn't well, that's my fault. I have no idea what I'm doing, but a big thanks to Lurch and Luke for letting me do this crazy thing on MMC. It's fantastic.

...if I didn't mess it up.

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Glad to add Geo/TTFC to the MMC family! That slideshow plugin is really cool. If you hover over it, it lets you control forward and back, along with double click on the desired position (little circles below) and it'll take you right to that slide. Also added star rankings to the post so you can rate your favorite fighters.

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If Lurch lets me, I'll post all the previous fights up. I'd rather have them all in one place anyway, and man this is so much better than photobucket. The slideshow thing actually gives me a better opinion of my own skill. I really like it. So yeah, there will be classic fights along side the new ones. I'll either dump new ones as I get the chance or I'll put up a couple old ones each week along with a new one. It all depends on what time permits. But I'm really excited to be a part of MMC now.

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^I don't see an option on that pluggin to allow viewers to control the speed. Right now it's at a 2 second delay; even if I drop it down to 0 there's still about a second load-time delay between the slides so it never really makes it to realtime speed.

If anyone knows of any other WordPress slideshow pluggins with better/more controls we're open for suggestions.

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