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Translucent Tuesday Fight Club

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fight club is delayed this week if not postponed outright. It's 3:43am and i just got home from helping a friend clean out her mom's house and i have to go back after I sleep for a while. But I'll do my best to get back here. Thank you for your patience.

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"Hell hath no fury like an Invisible Woman scorned." - Dr. Reed Richards, New England Journal of Medicine, 1984


another good one...

i like the use of the hand in the flight stand . creative!

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So in order to save on Photobucket yelling at me all the time, I'm just going to post a link to the first picture of s fight and then you can all just click arrows through to the end. It might actually be better this way as it is kind of fun to go through these things like a flipbook as opposed to scrolling down. Hopefully that will shut them up and it should save on time loading the actual thread here too, because that takes all kinds of time for me. So let's give this a try.

TTFC #0058 - It's a Scorcher!

I'll most likely go back to all the old fights and do this as I get time, but until I do, We'll all just have to do what we can to not upset the lords of bandwidth.

Note: I can not make this work mobile. Photobucket's site is a piece of junk for me at least. Sorry about that.

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58 editions? Are you including the like three you didn't do? Haha I wish I could contribute!! Keep up the great work

Having said that I can't deal with the ads for Subway, and I really can't stand the video clips I get that I can't X out of. I wish you were getting the money for the intermissions, that would be so cool! but it just turns me off to finishing the fight :(

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Yeah, I can't deal with them either. I'm going to do it so that the current fight is just posted here like usual for a week and then when a new one goes up I'll go back in and switch to just a gallery link and then it should be all good. I didn't know those bullshit ads were there either until this morning. It'll be fixed by tomorrow. And no, I didn't count the weeks I missed but there were a few weeks where I did 2 fights, so it all works out.

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