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SAVE the Avengers


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sad yes....i do love this show, but thankfully the finale will be grand and will be the perfect way to end it :)

also Agent X is reliable and if they are putting as much work into Avengers Assemble as they claim to be, it could be good

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So they cancelled EMH to make an Avengers cartoon more like Ultimate Spider-man... Then realized USM is awful ... so now they are just making another Avengers cartoon that isn't related to USM and isn't EMH?

And they're going to cancel USM after season 2 so they can start over with a different Spidey cartoon?

And they are going through with Smash even though it will be awful?


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• Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes hasn't been cancelled as Avengers Assemble is being viewed as a continuation of that series.

• Avengers Assemble is compared to what Brian Michael Bendis did in the comic books with the New Avengers series. The cast of the series is similar to Marvel's The Avengers in order to expand its audience after the success of the movie.

• Footage shown featured a giant dragon attacking Manhattan as Iron Man flies the Quinjet with the team on board. Hulk pushes Thor aside and tells him, "You'll be lucky if there's anything left to smash", before jumping out of the plane. Hawkeye and Captain America are on mini jets, while Iron Man shoots missiles at the creature causing it to fall down and then get back up.


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