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Toys R Us 2012 Fan Poll Box Set


TRU Poll  

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  1. 1. Avengers vs X-Men

    • Cyclops (Phoenix Force)
    • Emma Frost (Phoenix Force)
    • Colossus (Phoenix Force)
    • Phoenix Buster Iron Man
    • Protector
    • Scarlet Witch

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Arrrrrgh!! I am stuck in a box set desert!!

And I know in my bones the minute I break down and order it from the site, 2 cases will hit the newest TRU and just peg warm thus dooming the chances of them every ordering another set. (which is apparently what must have happened at the Cary TRU and the Secret Wars set, cause that's the last one to come through there.) But if I hold out and not order it, it will never show up locally and I will miss it. If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all. oooOOOOOooooh! Gloom, despair, and agony on me. :wallbash:

Pretty sure the Secret Wars set is the last Marvel box set I ever saw here in the Triad as well.

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I'm surprised these have not hit any of the 5 stores in my area before Christmas. Seems like distribution is a bit different on these so far. I am hoping they just got delayed due to other Christmas stuff clogging shelves. I'm glad my nephew is picking up a set for me in Florida before coming to visit for the holidays.. I just hate to pay shipping on something that I should be able to pick up a few miles from my office. :)

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I just picked up the set today, had $4 in rewards cash and surprisingly saw these on the shelf.

My Quick review on them:

Ironman - A very good addition to the Hall of Armors. I'd actually like to get a second on of these because I'd like to make a custom Ironman with regular legs, some torso accessories and the Arms from this one.

Scarlet Witch - Stellar figure, my only complaint was that her left hand is VERY tight....extremely hard to move it or get it off the arm...other than that, love it!

Protector - Another great figure, pretty simply design but does look great.

Cyclops - Least favorite of the figures. soon as I took him out of the package, his feet fell off....mine are very loose on the legs. I do like the Phoenix Force Fire effect and the helmet and head decal are kinda neat but on the whole, I'd much rather have seen Emma in this set I think.

All in all, a very good set. I seriously only wanted to get the Ironman from this one but having seen them up close they really are very decent figures.

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Well, after talking to a local TRU manager, it sounds like this box set may not ever come to any of the 5 Utah locations. Weird stuff.

That's a shame. I'm ten minutes from the George Washington Bridge, I still have yet to see them. I'm glad I ordered mine as soon as I could off

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Well it took a while (3 weeks!) but glad to say I now have successful personal experience of international shipping from TRU! :biggrin: Also have to say as many others have that I love this set. Scarlet witch is the standout for me and shows why updates are sometimes a great idea, but I even really liked the cyclops who I had no interest in when he was announced.

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Merry Christmas to me! I finally got my hands on this box set and LOVE IT! The Iron Man is just crazy and now I want a second one since the suit underneath is pretty amazing too. This combined with a Imhotep on its way to me for cost is a great holiday treat. DST rules and collecting minimates continues to be a blast!!


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I still haven't been able to find this set, I will probably just order it online this week. TRU doesn't seem to stock minimates that often. I've been to 3 different TRUs at different times and saw no evidence of these ever being there. All the other lines have come and gone though. Walking Dead seems to be selling really well. Some TRUs never got either of the two Expendables sets, so I don't know what to think. says the stores in my area don't have it for pickup.

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I am not a happy customer.

These finally arrived at my TRU. They had two sets, so of course I picked one up. When I opened it, the Scarlet Witch looked off. Upon closer inspection, it was the old Scarlet Witch. Looking even closer, I realized that somebody also took her hex hands. Now I'm really angry. So I drive all the way back to exchange it for the other one I saw, hoping that everything was legit. Luckily I had no problems exchanging. And fortunately everything was correct in the other set.

These only came out this week, so I asked the employee if they recall anybody exchanging minimates. Not surprisingly they didn't know. Normally I would let this slide and trust karma to take care of things, but this is not the first time this happened to me. I picked up the Thing/Human Torch pack a while back and somebody took the belt off of Thing and exchanged the exclusive Torch head for the Invaders version. Unfortunately I had to bite the bullet on that one because they only had one. So yeah, I still have an incomplete set there.

If I find this person.....

You don't F with a man's wife, you don't F with a man's dog, and you don't F with a man's minimates!

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