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The Through the Ages Suggestion Thread


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I agree that we probably will see a Thor set next. But I'll raise a fuss heard in the hallowed halls of Asgard if that fugly Deodato costume is in it. :sick:

Any Thor Through the ages set that doesn't begin and and with this automatically fails:


I personally really like this armor:


And I'd like a Thor in Chris Samnee's style:


Throw in Beta Ray Bill or Thunderstrike and you've got yourself a set! :happy:

Your opinions are intriguing to me and I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter.

Seriously, life needs more Throg in it.

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they could do Wasp TTA(20 times over), no one would bitch about Spiderman or Wolverine again :P

i atleast want ONE wasp through the ages set.

line up would be:

jan (with tiny version of original costume)

blue and white

red and yellow (sorry dont know if these had official names)

black and yellow/modern

(also each would have a mini version of their costume)

same for hank pym:

hank (in labcoat with tiny antman)

goliath (red and blue)

hank (in safari coat with tiny yellowjacket)

wasp (with tiny wasp)

and another idea:

luke cage through the ages:


luke cage (beanie and jacket)

powerman (the new one)


and finally:

MODOK through the ages:

original (white and purple)

regular (the gold and purple)



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With a Wolverine one already out for a while and a Venom and Hulk Through the Ages set coming, I thought it'd be an interesting topic to bring up...

What character would you like to see get a Through the Ages set?

I'd like to see an Iceman one myself given he's one of my favorite X-Men members.

Age of Apocalypse Iceman

De-Iced 90s Iceman

Ultimate Iceman

Uncanny X-Men Iceman (where he wore shades and a trenchcoat)

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Not a bad line-up! I'd love to have an AoA Iceman if it meant he came with a cool Stretch-attack-style ice-base that can be used instead of legs. De-iced Jim Lee jumpsuit bobby would be great too.

I'm not a huge Ultimate fan, so i'd rather see either:

Romita Jr 90's Bulk Iceman


or White Queen Iceman:


or maybe just 90's shoulder spikes Iceman:


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I'd like a Cyclops TTA set:

Updated classic Cyclops

Blue/white X-Factor Cyclops

Erik the Red

Modern Cyclops

I'd also like to see an X-Men TTA set. I know, it's not strictly speaking a character set, but I don't see any reason to limit it to the same character, just the same concept:

First Class Beast




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Yeah, I've been lobbying for a Hawkeye "through the ages" set for a good long while now :D DST staff, please read the first post of the thread linked earlier:


and read no more! :lol:

Make sure 1st appearance Hawkeye and Goliath are both included, please. I'll be generous and let you make the decision on what the final 2 figures should be :highfive2:

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There was a contest about this one time that one of our members did. I submitted Ant Man through the Ages. I still want it

Ant Man TTA:

Ultimate Ant Man

Eric O'Grady: GI-Ant Man (with jetpack arms)

Hank Pym: The Wasp

Cassandra Lang

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I'm all for Hawkeye TTA.

I think Thing, Beast, and Hank Pym have enough distinct unmade looks to qualify for sets.

At this point between O'Grady, Foster, Josten, and DeMara you could do a former identities of Hank Pym TTA set.

Obviously a Kang TTA set (Rama Tut, Scarlet Centurion, Kang, Immortus, and/or Iron Lad)

I'd also like to see Luke's Doom set a reality.

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Ghost Rider TTA:

Phantom Rider

Late 90's awful gaudy Ghost Rider (the red and yellow costumed one)

Modern Jonny Blaze

Modern Danny Ketch

with a 2 pack containing the midnight sons era Jonny Blaze with his hellfire shotgun and Alejandra.

And some bloody bikes for 'em (and a horsie too!)

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Professor X would be most needed considering all the X-Men variations already out there.

If there are any more Iron Man suits out there that beg such an offering, I'm always up for that.

Daredevil would have made a great candidate but I think we're only missing the armored costume, right?

What about The Scarlet Witch and Vision? Those Avengers could use more lovin'.

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