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The Incredible Hulk Four Pack


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Um - a Cap with a gun and a penchant for cheesy british girl-pop would totally win me over!

I prefer an ensemble/team cast usually, so i might need to try and find a team book featuring Hulk to get into him.

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I wish i didn't know who the spice girls are

So I think we can all agree whether we want to or not we all know who the Spice Girls are... so riddle me this:

why would Bucky know who the Spice Girls are? Or more to the point: Why would Bucky be more aware of the Spice Girls then Steve Rogers?

Yeah, he’s younger then Steve, but Steve was unfrozen between 1996-97 while Bucky didn’t show up until 2005... we’d have to assume Bucky’s Soviet captors were all like “hey, kid, I know you’re busy learning to be a killing machine with that robot arm and all but you GOTS to hear this new CD I bought for $35!” (Remember CD prices in the 90’s?! crazy right!) while Steve spent the whole year avoiding TV’s, billboards, and radios because they were f**king everywhere... maybe he never sat down and watched Spiceworld in a theatre but, really, he never walked into a room and someone was listening to a random radio station?

Even if we pretend Steve was SOOOOO busy he managed to avoid Spice Mania for the year the band was a thing for Bucky to be MORE aware of them he’d have to seek them out EIGHT years after they disbanded.

Maybe I’m confused for dumb reasons... maybe whatever writer made Bucky reference the Spice Girls just had no idea how that’s a nearly 15 year old reference and thought it was current and hip. Maybe Steve DOES know who the Spice Girls are and like an adult man doesn’t work that into conversation.


I’ve got THREE of this Hulk set on order, I’m so excited about it... FOUR new Hulks, TWO with two different display looks, and a bunch of cool new fodder parts. But then, I’m a sucker for a good variant so this was an easy sell for me.

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the original exclusive grey hulk used to be my favorite minimate back in the day (tied with tongue venom). 10 years later looking at how much the two characters have improved (bulked up) I think I can say they'll be my favorites again.

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We still need a proper bulked up Gray Hulk. And a bulked up Abomination. Hey....

And every wave needs a variant. Isn't A-Bomb a variation of Abomination? I'm just throwing it out there as a possibility.

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I guess it works if you consider that the Spice Girls were an international phenomenon, and those kind of groups tend to have staying power in places like Russia longer then they do in the US or UK, where we churn through our pop idols at a more rapid rate (looking at you, One Direction. Remember the Jonas Brothers? Exactly). On the other hand, as Baghead pointed out... Bucky wasn't exactly spending his time in the USSR watching Top of the Pops... so I have to agree, it's unlikely (or at least no more likely) that he'd know who they are then Steve.

But the Hulk set looks great.

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