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The Incredible Hulk Four Pack


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ok thanks guys good to know. the spear would make a cool accessory but I guess it's true that hulk doesn't really need it.

good to know about the one gun as well. thanks

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I was on vacation last week, so I didn't get to pick up this set until today. Some thoughts:

-I'm unpleasantly surprised that DST went back to the traditional t-crotch rather then the slimmer ones we've had for bulked up figures recently. None of my Hulks can bend their legs at the waist.

-I can't say I like the Composite Hulk much. He's just too visually jarring for my taste, and I don't really care for the Red Hulk at all. I'd have been happier with a First Appearance Hulk, or a Planet Hulk.

-Barbarian Hulk is a nice figure, although I haven't read the story he comes from, so he doesn't mean all that much to me.

-I really, really like Joe Fixit, and the extra parts are a nice touch. Not much to say about him, other then that the Grey Hulk has suddenly shot up my list of characters I would most like to see redone.

-Maestro... wow. He's got to be the early leader for Minimate of the Year. Just spectacular. I love that his cape is so easy to remove (it slides right over his head), so that you don't have to pull him apart to change his look. Also, either hairpiece fits comfortably with the cape.

-The base is really cool, and harkens back to the old Toy Biz figure perfectly. And I love that all the pieces are removable!

-Am I crazy, or have Maestro's hands been designed so that one hand sculpt can be used for both the right and the left? They look identical to me.

-With all these bulked up figures and extra pieces, this has got to set the record for most parts in a box set, doesn't it?

-It just strikes me as odd that two of these figures have so many extras, and the others have nothing (unless you count Barbarian Hulk's little necklace). Kind of reinforces the sense that this is really a two figure set... but what a two figures they are.

-Personally, I don't think this tops Savage Tales as the box set of the year, but like I said, it's hard to imagine there will be a better Minimate this year then Maestro.

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Thanks for the detailed insight, Hellpop. I think we've got similar tastes in what we're looking for in Minimates. I'm only really interested in Maestro and Mr. Fixit. I can't wait to get these from Luke, Maestro is from my favorite period in Hulk comics and I'm glad to hear he's as great as he looks.

And I know we got Strange Tales, but SAVAGE Tales? Where did I miss THAT announcement?!?!

Savage Tales: Man-Thing/Ka-Zar/Zabu/Black Brother.

(Nobody knows what I'm talking about...)

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Whoops... I knew that didn't sound right when I typed it, but it was like one in the morning and I couldn't get back to sleep after my daughter woke me up.headslap.gif

Future Imperfect is probably my favorite Hulk story. I have to admit (sorry Shane), but I was never a big fan of the character before Peter David took him over and basically redefined him. I would have been happy if this set had just been a Peter David Hulk set. I soured on him after awhile (his writing tics just wore me down), but PAD on Hulk was my favorite comic for quite awhile there.

I've been thinking about giving the Maestro someone to fight (besides Smart Hulk) by making a Janis custom. That one MvC girl with the long hair would be a good start, I think.

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I'll take a bulked-up, first appearance Gray Hulk, please. Anything else is gravy.

Kirby inspired with orange shirt and blue pants, please.
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Defenders Hulk is still my favorite, though.

I do hope a McFarlane inspired Hulk joins the roster, but personally, I hate every Hulk drawing McF has ever done...

I have to admit I still have a soft spot for Todd's Hulk, even though I've grown out of that style.

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