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The Incredible Hulk Four Pack


Who's planning on buying this set?  

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  1. 1. Do you plan on picking this set up?

    • Yes, can't wait for a Hulk 4 pack.
    • No, I have little to no interest.
    • Couldn't care less either way.

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Entertainment Earth had them dirt cheap for a while. I ordered so long ago, I don't remember the price but I think it was $15.99. I am not a big pre-order guy, but this set was a given for me.

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These figures look swell. Fix-It's face looks like it might have a bit of a McFarlane inspired touch to it, who drew some issues of Hulk when he was gray back in the day.

TRU only carries one Minimate four-pack a year, and it's the fan poll set.

One Marvel Minimate 4-pack? We also got those Expendables last year.
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Sorry about that Mattallica. Unless you were one who didn't want a Composite Hulk, in which case you're welcome!

No worries, i bought two of them(boxsets) anyway so i have one composite hulk( who wouldnt want one? i think hes great) ill use the extra Fix-it for custom fodder.

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Mini-Myte, that Mr. Fixit pic is awesome! Can't wait to get mine.

Can anybody who reads current comics give some backstory on Barbarian Hulk and Composite Hulk?

Green and Red Hulk were fused into Composite Hulk (alternately known as Compound Hulk) by the Impossible Man, according to the box that the Marvel Universe figure comes in.

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