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Unreleased DCD Minimates Designs


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I saw over at Fwoosh that Iron-Cow updated his website, and while browsing, I stumbled upon this:



There's other (imo much better) unreleased designs at the link too.

I didn't know Iron-Cow had such a history with minimates, and looks like we have a lot to thank him for! Shame DC ended, both Plastic Man and Two Face would have been incredible.

The site also has lot's of cool tid-bits and pics about each mate he helped create. Definitely a good read!

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I have long wondered whom was to be in the "lost" wave nine; we know that Art Asylum had that wave planned when official "enemy of the MMMV" Georg Brewer decided that Minimates had sold well enough to continue, but... that was enough. :angry:

Seeing design sheets for Plastic Man and Two-Face... that just hurts. :wallbash:

Beautiful work, though, Iron Cow.

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good find Pun

kind of makes you want to be a little sick, aye? Plastic Man looks ace, real shame there. Ohh, Patch jacket on Lex there, right?

These look very preliminary, I'm sure there must be loads of similar beautiful designs out there... what could have been *sigh*

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Those would have rocked. Hard.

In theory Iron Cow, "Julius Marx", and AFX hierarchy know what the next two waves would have been, but are sworn forever to secrecy. Which at this point is a little silly, and probably for the best anyway. Old wounds and all.

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Damn! Two Face was one of my most wanted minimates! That penguin looks great too. I think we got the better Supergirl though. I love the hair sculpt on the actual release.

Next they'll show us that Ivy & Freeze were going to be in the next wave <_<

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WoW i wish we could have got those!!!

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BTW, if you haven't gotten beyond these designs yet, you should. Iron Cow designed a lot of the DC Minimates, and there's some interesting tidbits to be had. For example, the Flash was originally to have snap-on energy trail accessories, but these were dropped right before production. Oh, and he's got design sheets too, which are worth their weight in gold for those of us that make decals..

But still, I repeat: :wallbash:

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The only issue that i have with DCD Mates is how thick the paint was applied; they all feel soft, and figures like Dr. Fate and Superman feel rather odd. That and the thick black lines, even on the faces, that made them look rather too cartoony even for Minimates.

I actually like quite a few of IC's designs more that Uriel's.

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