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Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

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Possibly one of the more under rated shows lately, Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego saw a season 1 release from Shout! Factory, and a single Dr Malestorm DVD direct from dic. I love this show, really I do. Carmen was the first girl I ever had a crush on (I know, explains a lot, right?) and Rita Moreno voices her beautifully.

There's not much merch, though a number of people (myself included) customized a Carmen from the Paris Pursuit Barroness from RoC a few years back. That's as close as Carmen Sandiego has ever come to having a real figure. Which is ironic, because I always pretended Carmen sold some of her stolen stuff to Cobra. :P

Anyways, I'd love to see, heck, any figures really, but Minimates would be the bees knees. But here's my question. Who owns the merchandising rights to the show? Last time I checked the owner ship was cloudy at best. I'm sure Shout would know about the show, but how does that relate to merchandise?

Also, it's a bit late and I'm little woozy. I'm sure this will all seem very foolish in the morning.

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Stumbled across this post, thought I'd add my two cents.

I don't know who owns the rights. I did hear however that a live-action movie was in the works with Jennifer Lopez playing Carmen. If that's true, I'd expect BOTH series to show up on DVD in one way or another.

As far as minimates? I always wanted to make a custom Carmen Sandiego using Trenchcoat Thing as a base.

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