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Star Trek - Reincarnated from the Genesis Planet!

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I've been meaning to ask, what exactly is the thing on Janeway's wrist?

I think it's supposed to be one of the forearm-mounted double flashlights they often used on the show.

I think its the thing they used when they boarded a borg cube or when Janeway rescued 7 of 9 from the borg queen, so they wouldn't be detected, some kind of shielding device they had to keep adjusting once the borg sensed them...I think. smile.png

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Keep checking West Coasters! I found some in Dublin,CA today.

One accpetable Seven of Nine one weird spaced faced one (who I’ve elected to call 'Derp Space Nine', I know wrong series, but she looks Derpy and her name has Nine in it so it works, dammit!)

I tracked them down in the Bay Area as well - Pittsburg if any of you are local and looking

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I found these yesterday while visiting my grandma. The only sets missing from the case at the TRU by her where the two with the TRU sticker. According to an employee there, the truck delivered them Thursday.

Upon examining the paint apps, two if the four Kirk sets were messed up. One had a chest block that was at least 5 shades lighter yellow than his arms. A second had the outline for his chest insignia about 4mm off from the paint for his insignia.

When I got back home last night, I hit up my TRU (deliveries out Saturday morning) and they had a full case on the shelves. I just finished reading this thread, so I hope my 7 of 9s have good face apps!

As a non-Trek fan, I think these look great! I love all the customizability. :thumbsup:

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Okay so I really examined my trek mates I purchased over the weekend. I have two Seven of Nine mates that have the altered face and one of those two has a faulting the plastic that is likely the part from the molding where the fill the mold so it looks like she has a coldsore next to her mouth. I have not noticed anything else wrong with any of my mates thus far.

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I was just re-examining the new Kirk TRU minimate.

I am not sure about the legs with then new cuff at the top of the boots. The little parts keep sliding down on the one I have opened for customizing that I am afraid when I open the set I have for display purposes, they will do the same thing and not look right.

I am happy to have this TRU wave of Star Trek Minimates and I am so hoping this wave does very well as I really want the future waves we are so due with more of crew members for those of us that are wanting more TNG, DS9, VGER and ENT mates.

I am so looking forward to the date Luke gets his order so he can ship me my case and I will have my Archer mate to complete the captains. I am also really looking forward to the Borg Queen and I am really impressed with Hugh.

I have an army of borg that I have customized for a friend who then gave them back to me when he moved to the west coast and lost all touch with me.

Anyway, I am happy that we have this wave of mates and the detail that we have in them. I am still not sure about the changes in the faces/heads of Picard, Sisko and Kirk but I am still liking them none the less.

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Aside from the tampo issues on Seven of Nine and the belt peg in the TNG-era figures, the only quality control issue I've noticed are loose feet. A couple have slipped off pretty easily. I'll probably shove something up there to pack the peg tighter or maybe coat the pegs with clear nail polish to add thickness. Otherwise these 'mates are pretty tight.

And I like that Janeway's flat-chested. Makes the quick customs that much easier. timbo.gif

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The Wave 5 Sisko from the original release of Minimates has a lighter shade of grey than the new Sisko in the vest which is darker grey. However, the skin tone on Sisko is darker as well.

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With the rash of bad faces on 7 of 9, do you think DST will make a batch of new heads to hand out through customer service? Or possibly include a head in a future pack, a la Thundercats?


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