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Walking Dead Minimates!


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I scooped up WD series 2 at a TRU in Northern California a couple days ago. I like the set, but am also a little put off by the fact the "arm meat" doesn't stay on

Super glue?

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So today is Yule in our home, and we opened half our gifts (the other half to be opened on Christmas for our christian side of the family). I was surprised when my wife gave me the comic-con Rick and Zombie, as well as the two Wave Two exclusives. Apparent;y she ran into my friend at TRU before he had a chance to call me, and she picked them up earlier this week... YAY WIFE!!!

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Found Series 2 at TRU in Milwaukee, WI this morning (27th street), love the 6 AM opening time, can stop on the way to work! Picked up the two exclusives

Morgan and Zombie Mike - UPC 699788100653

Lori and Zombie Terry - UPC 699788100646

Same number shows on the receipts.



THE GOOD NEWS : The second wave of Walking Dead minimates are up on

THE POTENTIAL BAD NEWS : Check out the UPC #s that JeffBohn gave us & then check out what they correspond with on the site :rolleyes:

Even I've gotten fed with my own whinging this week but I just don't trust this shower of shit at all .

I've ordered what I believe to be the 2 exclusives ....I see the pictures,I see the names & I've ordered them but WTF will I get ?


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TRU almost have their info 100% right for this wave, they just have to change the picture of the zombie with Michonne. I hope these stay available for everyone :)

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Found the TRU exclusive set with Lori and Morgan, I'm trying to build up my zombie-mates, so Lori and Morgan are up for trade or sell. I tried picking up more sets for some peeps that I know, but those were the only two they had, dang these exclusives.

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