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Walking Dead Minimates!


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This page is also initiating an automatic file download when I click on it, which makes me a little nervous...

Accessing from android device? If so, it's because of the YouTube video. Nothing to worry about.

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Eh, I don't know if you want to put yourself through that stress. tends to put them up with no pictures and then send the wrong items. It's kind of a hassle. It's easier to have people on here hook you up at cost + shipping if you can't find them in your own local TRU (or if you don't even have a TRU near you).

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An ideal next wave, in my opinion-


Sophia/Another Rick as he's got to be in every wave I guess. (Although I'd prefer somebody, maybe Spencer, or another zombie)


Army builder two-pack of a Whisperer and a zombie.

Edited by Pedro Pablumo
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Not an either/or situation.

So, it's Neither/Nor? :confused: Edited by Onyx_6
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