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Walking Dead Minimates!


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Well I'll be. Nice! I just hope they keep this line's civilian:zombie ratio about even. Otherwise, I fear there might be too many civilians hanging out on the pegs out there, looking at us with puppy dog eyes whenever we walk down the aisle. Of course, Rick looks great, but from there you've got old guy, blonde chick, other blonde chick, little kid, other guy, etc.

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looks like RGB Louis Tully became a Zombie. I hope the rest of the guys are safe.

edit. Hey DST Zach, did you really have to delete my post?I was just quoting Tom Petty and suggesting people make customs in the meantime. sorry if I offended DST.

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Hell yeah! These look great, and Rick will be a welcome addition to my law enforcement 'mates.

(Aside from the simple fact that Walking Dead is a great license to snag on its own, I can't help but also think of the other possibilities that a successful Kirkman/Image/Skybound + DST team-up may bring... I'm ready for Toy Fair.)

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Honest truth, I'm not the biggest fan of The Walking Dead. I like the comics, am really rather bored by the show, and at this point I'm not all that big on zombies in general.

That said, I think these will be great. I honestly hope each wave is half named characters and half faceless husks of doom with loads of extra heads and things to make a monstrous army of the undead. I look forward to seeing what comes from this line.

Other thought, now that Kirkman's on board for these mates, get him to let you make Super Dinosaur minimates. He'd do it. I'm not sure how they'd work, but I know I would buy so many of them my wallet would scream in terror.

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