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New Minimate Stands and Display Items

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My new year's resolution was to learn molding and casting. My previous efforts were not very successful, and I gave up on it for a while. But I kept running into situations where it would be a very useful tool. And more importantly for all of you, I kept thinking of cool minimate items I wanted to make. :)

I have been working with Spy Monkey Creations, the makers of some amazing weapons packs for MOTU-sized figures, to learn the specifics of this craft. I already had some sculpted items ready to go, so after some guidance from them, I have been hard at work on my first releases, the Launching Flight Stand and the Ice Sled!







These two items are now available in our Accessories section. Since I don't have a pressure pot (and can't afford the $500 in materials that requires), any translucent sculpts will have tiny bubbles visible inside of it. You can see these in the larger picture of the flight stand. For these two stands, I don't think the bubbles distract from the appearance at all, and I will keep it in mind for future translucent releases.

I am already working on more stands and display items, including some that will incorporate LED lights.

These new materials have been working much better than the other brands I tried before. If anyone is curious, here are the brands that I have been using that Spy Monkey recommended:

For mold making: Smooth-On Mold Star 15

For casting: Smooth-On Smooth-Cast 325

For pigments: Smooth-On So-Strong Pigments

For mold release (which is essential): Mann Ease Release 200

Feel free to share any requests for other items! Without a pressure pot, it might be difficult to do smaller accessories, but I am going to try it and see how it turns out. I will let you know. :)

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I don't yet have Iceman, but he's on my wants list and i'll be ordering some of these accessories and brickarms from your store at some point.

As far as the casting and molding goes on the accessories and ideas to put forward, how about these:

On the MUA game, one of Spider-Man's specials is firing two single webshots to the floor and then launching himself like a sling shot into his foe, there is already a Spider-Web accessory on your store but i am referring more to individual web based projectiles, maybe one end could be flat with the other end fastening around the wrists of the opponent? you could then have 1 on each hand :)

(I might have to sketch this out to show you what i mean).

Also how about some Iron Man repulsor beams? :)

And although they might not be everyone's favourites, i've always wanted a hadoken and shoryuken accessory for Ryu. :biggrin:


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Feel free to share any requests for other items! Without a pressure pot, it might be difficult to do smaller accessories, but I am going to try it and see how it turns out. I will let you know. :)

They are probably too small at the moment, but ice-like weapons for the Frost Giants would be fantastic. A little pack of 3 or 4 different weapons would be ace!

And - i know this one might be near-impossible . . . but i am absolutely hanging out for a translucent pink butterfly effect for Betsy. But again, this might be too small without the pressure pot. But it may be something to keep in mind if you ever do get one.

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Take it.

Take it all!


Those stands, especially the ice-sled, are just fantastic. I'll be adding those to my next order. Great work Luke :thumbsup:

silly Nessex, Luke can't take Monopoly money!

I'd just placed an order, wish I'd seen these first. The Iceman base is a brilliant idea.

Expect an email about adding one to my order!

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silly Nessex, Luke can't take Monopoly money!

Australian dollars seem quite apt... bearing in mind they are plastic :biggrin:

Loving those flight stands Luke.

I had no idea. Just checked with the girlfriend, she looked at me like I was a nonsense.

Brilliant, really.

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totally buying both those stands :D

a few requests/suggestions:

Blast stand for MAX jet (may need to be big but i think everyone can agree this would be epic)

Mini Gargoyle stand (like a gargoyle on the side of a building)

crushed concrete stand (for hulk or other bruisers)

hard water blast stand

if possible, some sort of laser blast accessories to stick to the end of minimate fire arms.

my last idea is some sort of energy stand, something that the mate stands in the center of and looks like energy is flowing around them, could look cool for ironman, doctor strange, doom and many others

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Now why you go and do that right after I place an order, huh?

Those look awsome.


For Bases

  • a fire blasting base. We've got a lot of boot jet blasts, but they don't really say fire wielder flying.
  • Sand base, a flowing, animated sand form, maybe with multiple connection points, one for feet standing on the flow & and another for attachting someone's upper torso.
  • Water base- similar to the sand base This wave-like shape could be designed to used either attached to a torso like Hydro-Man, or a swimming character bursting from the water like Namor.
  • Tornado/wind base. You know a swirling design that implies flight on the winds. also available in red.

I guess any of these bases could be done in the colors of the other elements, creating a sand tornado or a wave of fire, but that would cost extra.

And then it's just a matter of how small an item you could make with what you have. Like others have suggested, ice weapons for frost giants would be great. If you could replicate some of the weapons and accessories from previous releases, then you yourself could be the source of the minimate accessory pack we keep asking after.

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Thanks for all the suggestions, and please keep them coming! I was actually considering a water base, but I wasn't sure if anyone else would be interested in it. I will add it to my list, and I will consider all of your other suggestions (gargoyle and fire base were on my list :) ).

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These bases are great Luke! I will definately be picking some up.

I was actually planning on getting some of those weapons packs from Spy Monkey as well for my DCUC.

I'd buy a Gargoyle base like there was no tomorrow. Batman, Dare Devil, Spidey.

Exactly what I would use these for as well.

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Must control the urge to order, at least until I've got the money to spend again.

As for suggestions

A coiled snake base that inserts into the body block to build an army of gorgons

An Inhuman's Medusa Hair stand

Throne base for Loki or just about any would be world conquer

An earth rising base for use for earth elemental characters

A plant/vine base

A glue trap base

Finally perhaps the most important and iconic base the character surviving an explosion right behind or in front of them depending on the direction the minifig is placed.

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