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TV Shows We Would Like Minimates For

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I totally agree that Game of Thrones would work great with Minimates. It has a huge cast of characters with a large variety of costumes and seems to be the right genre for collectors.

My current favorite tv drama is Justified -- not sure how interesting the characters would be in Minimates form.

Despite the possibility of Firefly Minimates having been shot down in a Q&A, I will reiterate that it's at the top of my Minimates wants.

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i totally agree with Land of the lost mates(in fact quite some time ago i made a group of Sleestak and Enoch)but a Sleestak arny builder with Enoch variant is a must.

id also like some mates from

True Blood

Breaking bad with mr white with hair, cancer(bald) mr white, Heisenberg(hat and glasses), mr white in chem suit

Thundarr the barbarian, Oookla and Princess Ariel

Space 1999


and how about a Conan Obrien and Andy Richter set

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For the sake of argument, though, my choice? Fringe. Two box sets, one for "here" and one for "over there". Box one: Olivia, Peter, Walter, Astrid; box two: Faulivia, Walternate, Lincoln Lee, and Broyles. I realize, if you don't watch the show, that's probably gibberish. :biggrin:

For a Minimate I'd go with alternate Astrid over Walternate, just because she looks more substantially different. Then William Bell in an exclusive 2-pack with Gene the cow. Oh and for an SDCC promo, a bronze version of the Ghostbusters Statue of Liberty mate! :)

I know one way they could produce fewer sets, but make more money:

Give accessories (hairpieces, jackets & different arms to match) to some of the characters like Liv or Walter to make them either our universe or alt. I guarantee I'd buy two of each so I could have one of each (if that makes sense).

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Being human.

Which one:

Being Human Original UK Version,

Being Human US Version,

or both?


US version would give us plenty of custom options... Battle star fans get a crashdown, star wars fans get a galen marek, being human fans get a vampire. Win win win. And smallville fans get a doomsday...

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