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Minimate Photo Index

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If it's not too presumptuous, I ask that this be pinned.

We love our Minimates. We love to talk about them. We also love to take pictures of them. Here is a suggested guide for where your photos would have the largest impact.

I went back 4 years. If there are photo threads older than that, they're useless at this point. I will update periodically as more threads arise.


Collection thread

General/Action Photo thread

Funny Photo thread

Compatibility thread

Frankenmate/QC Photo Thread

Group/Team/Army Builder thread

Modifying Marvel Minimates thread

Story/Episodic thread

MAX Custom thread

Miniquotes thread

Movie/Stop Motion thread

Green Lantern Ring Construct thread

Marvel Army Builder thread (More discussion than pics. Cross posting photos in the Group/Team thread is recommended.)

Striking Diorama/Stands & Diorama threads

Proto Planet

Minimate Decal thread

Print Media thread (Photobucket needs to be updated to page 8)

Official MMMV Wallpaper thread

Tales from the Mini Bar

Shots from the Mini Bar

Minimate Theater

Portrait of an Addiction

I'mABarRoomHero's photo blog

Intot's photo blog

MoC's photo blog

Nate's Studio photo blog

Undeadpool's photo blog

Bob's Astonishing Minimate Finds.

Minimates Best and Worst Awards Shows









Best Customs 2011

Dr. Doomsy Christmas Special 2012

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Awesome Idea,

I'm not sure how to merge that last post i done called mini-fun into the old funny picture thread? I think maybe a mod should move it if it's in the way :wub:


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I'd like to take the time to thank you, TM2 Dinobot, for this photo index. Even though I'm a year late, it has brought me a great deal of joy on this otherwise slow and boring day at work.

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