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TRU Wave 13...IS OUT NOW!

Jatta Pake

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Yeah Zach, for you to read and pass on to everyone involved at DST... that Daredevil is the best. One of my favorite Minimates, ever.

I will also second any previous sentiments to seed SHIELD agents into the line wherever possible... The adoption of army builders has been an inspired decision since its inception, but there are a few core soldiers that merit repeated releases, primarily Hydra, AIM, and SHIELD. These guys are all core to the Marvel experience.

I really think DST should consider one box set with a high piece count, including the three most popular army builders. Make the pieces allow some customization that wasn't previously possible, making the set unique and desirable. And maybe one of the four "armies" would be one that hadn't yet been released, offering some newness too. Something like Hydra-AIM-SHEILD and [Dire Wraith/Ultimatum Soldier/Mandroid/Sons of the Serpent/Reaver/Moloid/Nameless One/etc.]

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i wish these were already out. i can't wait to get Dani, Magma, Rictor and Boomer! but i'm moving in a month and whereas right now Toys R Us is across the parking lot from where i work, the Toys R Us in Portland is completely across town! annnnd i don't drive. :wacko:

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Found them in Gainesville, fl.

I'll try to get pics tonight.

Is this for real? Hooray!

For those that follow the 'pics or it didn't happen' dogma

In Package


Rictor & Boomer



Little disappointed cause I thought we were getting a second head blowing a bubble gum bubble for Boomer.(Maybe I just dreamed seeing that head.)

Mirage & Magma


Daredevil & Kingpin



Spider-Man & Punisher


Just for fun




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Ah, crap. Is it June already? When did that happen? Oh right. Yesterday. Okay, not financially ready for this wave, but guess I can sell a little blood or something. Thanks for the heads up.

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I guess I'll be running to TRU on my lunch break every day til I find these and the ASM mates. These all look great!

Does the Spidey in the Punisher pack come with any Peter Parker bits?

No, he comes with only the webline and the pretty, pretty princess headdress only.

Hey, just thinkin'...

Can you throw that Spidey sense on Prof X and snap a pic?

I would love to, as that is a great idea, unfortunately, I am moving in 3 weeks and all my mates are stored in a giant tote. I tried digging through hoping he might have been easy to find, but alas, he was nowhere to be found.

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Nice find!

Now the 3-6 month wait for it to hit a TRU here in Hawaii...

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