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New Marvel Mini Muggs at NYCC

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New set of five Mini Muggs based on Maximum Carnage will be available.

Details right now at USA Today.

So when do we get our Minimate Maximum Carnage set?

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Blast - beaten to it. LOL.

I have been ACHING for a Max Carnage set of Minimates. If we went the Box Set route, i'd like to see Carnage (Cause . . . he kinda HAS to be in it . . . and is probably the most 'due' for an update), Shriek (Cause i love seeing villains & females), Demo Goblin & Doppelganger (See, they can sort of say it includes a Spiderman that way!)

For a wave, it'd have to something like:

Carnage & Shriek

Doppelganger & Carrion

Demo Goblin & Army Builder

Venom (Cause they kind of have to have either him or SM in it)& Army Builder

(I can Dream, Right?)

MarvelousNews has a pic of the Mugs set up:


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