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Squallworks - Grifter pg.15


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Just finished my kind-of secret project.

I love action figures with bases such as the Toybiz Marvel Legends and Marvel Select. Individual diorama bases make the figures look more classy when displayed on the shelf.

So I thought about doing some for Minimates too. I wanted to wall mount some of my Minimates the same way I wall mounted my MLs. To start, I made a Minimates scale diorama base based on the ML1 Captain America base. Then I thought about adding magnets to make it refrigerator mountable.

I'll be selling these bases soon. I'm still doing the initial batch ordered by some friends.


th_minimagbase-001-01.jpg th_minimagbase-001-02.jpg th_minimagbase-001-04.jpg th_minimagbase-001-05.jpg

th_minimagbase-001-06.jpg th_minimagbase-001-07.jpg

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Whilst this diorama base look great & bearing in mind I've never seen this CA base before, I was going to mention that the tank turret is way out of scale until I found a pic of the original .........


......which is way way out of scale .

I guess being honest isn't going to endear me with anyone this time but the hatch on a tank turret is designed as an entry point ....just saying :confused:

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Thanks guys! :D

I'll just inform you when these will be available. I work on the entire mass producing process alone though. And I also have a day job (and other hobbies) so I work on these bases if I have extra time.

@ buttheadsmate:

lol yeah. the tank base is way out of scale especially on the ML1 Captain America. but needless to say, I do love that base. :D

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