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Despite all that is going hectic in my life right now, I did take some time for myself to keep up on my hobbies, namely customizing minimates.

Here's my in the works Blob custom- using the boots from Thing, the arms from Hugo (Tekken) and the gut of Rufus.Thanks to Squall for the idea! thumbsup.gif


And here's those same boots in white for my 90's bucket head Thing- and my Avengers wave She-Hulk in the FF suit:


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And here's my forgotten project- turning the Lego TMNT into Minimates. I only half finished Leonardo.


And I was going to wait on posting this next one- but I'm terribly happy with how it turned out. My attempt at sculpting a TMNT body onto a minimate:


The back:


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Really like the Sliders mates.

I really liked that show and I was surprised is lasted beyond the first season. It got wierd when Wade, Arturo and Quinn left the show but I liked it none the less.

Your Rembrandt and Arturo look very good. Rembrandt is Ver Darn Good likeness. I think the face used for Arturo looks good. Wade and Quinn are in the parts you used for them.

Thank you for sharing them with us. I am surprised I never thought of making them.

I only wish I had a lot more funding for my minimate habit. Then I too could make nice customs like these.

Thank you.

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On 8/27/2016 at 11:46 PM, mikecook25 said:

Great customs!!! Can anyone tell me what the recipe for Dazzler's hair and hood thingy and Exodus's hair, head, and metal things on the sides of his head is. Maybe some of them are sculpted parts?


Dazzlers hair is the shadowcat hair piece, it was reused in the days of future past boxset, I would guess the hood is a cut down hood peice that has been used on a few figures, Betsy braddock, cloak, moonknight and probably some more readily available ones. As for Exodus no idea!

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