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19 hours ago, buttheadsmate said:

I've actually just caved in & bought my very first Funkos.... the whole Dalek range.... including 2 that are almost unobtainable in the UK .  I think the main reason I bought them is because they do not have those. Funko-type  'eyes' . I'm now eyeing up the Funko Tardis .


They will always get you eventually. The breadth of their character selection is astounding, so there's always going to be someone you can't resist.

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I got Batman 01 as a gift years ago. I love Batman. The Caped Crusader is totally my thing. I'd be lying if I said the 80th anniversary Batman offerings from Funko aren't cool. I'm just not feeling it. 

If something Minimates-compatible turns up, I'll consider it but the whole reason I got into Minimates is because of their smaller size. Getting in Pop! figures that I'd probably never take out of the packaging is not appealing to me. I have space for 3,000 Minimates, not these things.

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