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2011 Minimate Hunt Official Thread


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The Minimate Multiverse Photo Hunt 2011!

It's back! There are a few changes this year, mainly this will be a marathon not a sprint (ends at the end of the year) with new challenges added each month. You can join in the contest at anytime you want. Good luck everyone and have fun!!

This topic is for entries only, for discussion please go here.


Honor, Glory & Bragging Rights!

1st Place

*C3 Mini Javelin

*Steel & Cyborg Superman 2-pack

*Wizard World 2005 Exclusive blanks - Blue, Yellow, White and Green

2nd Place

*Chun-Li & M.Bison AFX Exclusive 2-pack

*DC direct John Stewart

*New York Toy Fair 2005 blank

*Bad Apple Comics promotional figure

*BSG Starbuck promotional figure

3rd Place

*Retailer Summit blank

*American Red Cross blank

*BSG Starbuck promotional figure

*FCBD 2005 blank

Best Overall Picture

*SDCC 2005 Exclusive Red Blank

*BSG Cylon Elf (bloody) promotional figure

*BSG Starbuck promotional figure

Favorite Pick Picture

*$20 Online Toys R Us gift card

So what do you have to do?:

You need to read the rules below and then create a unique Mini-Team-Mate who will be your buddy for all of your pictures. This can be as simple just a headswap, we just want you to have a unique minimate for your pictures. Then you need to look at the challenges below and take a picture for each of them.

We'll have regular challenges worth 1-3 points, unless noted differently. Every completed challenge will get 1 point with possible extra points for effort and entertainment. Instead of all the challenges listed up front, they're going to be released over several months with the contest ending at the end of the year. There are also hidden challenges! Be creative, the secret to this contest is to have fun and just go with what you can do.

The winner is the person with the highest points total or in the event of a draw: the best collection of entries as decided by our judges.


By entering the contest you are confirming you have read and agree to the following rules.

1. MinimateMultiverse takes no responsibility or liability for any broken laws, damage or general mayhem caused in the process of getting these photos. You shouldn't need to but if you want to do something dodgy to get these pictures then you are totally on your own.

2. Unless noted, no digital photo manipulation (Photoshop, etc.). These pictures need to be taken and submitted 'as is', any signs of photoshop will mean disqualification.

3. Only one picture per challenge should be submitted and a different picture for each challenge.

4. All entries will be posted in this thread. You will make one post in this thread and then update it as needed with pics of your completed challenges. Keep all other discussion in the discussion thread.

5. Some challenges may be time related so will only get points if submitted within that time frame.

7. With the exception of the timed challenges, you may change your entries up to the end of this contest.

8. Since you will be able to see other member's pictures, do keep in mind the extra points for effort and entertainment. You may want to post your pics quickly in case someone else has a similar idea. Also, don't expect extra points if you copy someone else's idea. You're welcome to post date/time posted in this thread next to your pictures.

9. Remember when taking your pictures, safety first and that we are a family friendly site.

10. Any entries that do not post either due to timing or technical issues are not the responsibility of MinimateMultiverse.

11. The Judges will take into consideration artistic and entertainment value to decide if necessary the tiebreaker.

12. The Judges decisions are final and not subject to appeal.

13. MinimateMultiverse has the right to change the contest or rules at any time. This includes but is not limited to the completion date and prizes.

The contest starts NOW and ends on January 10, 2012 at Midnight PST.


1. Picture of your Mini-Team-Mate (+1) & write a short background bio for your teammate (+1).

2. Picture of your minimate working on the Comic Cover Replication contest entry (due by Saturday, September 10th at 11:59 PM CST). (+1 for entering Comic Cover contest)

3. Picture of your minimate getting ready to go back to school.

4. Picture of your minimate doing something to stay cool.

5. Picture of you and your minimate buying minimates.

6. Picture of your minimate online at,,,,,, or

7. Picture of your minimate taking the photo for one of the other challenges.

8. Recreate your favorite challenge from previous MMV Hunt contest using your minimate (Must be a new photo).

9. Picture of your minimate recreating a famous movie scene.

10. Picture of your minimate underwater.

11. Picture of your minimate doing something good for the environment.

12. Picture of your minimate doing something to the MAX.

13. Picture of your minimate shipwrecked on an island.

14. Picture of your minimate with a beautiful woman or handsome man or both.

15. Picture of your minimate doing something to keep warm.

16. Picture of your minimate assembling his/her own Avengers.

17. Picture of your minimate working on the Monster Movie Trivia Contest (due by Monday October 31st at 11:59 PM CST).

18. Picture of your minimate at a fair or festival.

19. Picture of your minimate in a music video.

20. Picture of your minimate doing something in the dark (have to see at least part of your minimate).

21. Picture of your minimate somewhere scary.

22. Picture of your minimate creating a monster/monsters.

23. Picture of your minimate getting ready for Halloween or Trick-or-Treating.

24. Picture of your minimate with a Muppet (+1 if it's dressed as a Muppet and/or +1 if you're dressed as a Muppet).

25. Create a motivational poster with your minimate (photo editing only allowed for framing and wording for the poster).

26. Picture of your minimate cooking.

27. Picture of your minimate creating a work of art.

28. Picture of your minimate in space or preparing to go in space.

29. Picture of your minimate celebrating a holiday.

30. Picture of your minimate giving a gift or donating.

31. Picture of your minimate partying like it's 1999.

32. Picture of your minimate getting ready for the end of the world.

33. Create your own challenge (write what it is and take picture of it).


1. Picture of your minimate being a law abiding citizen. ~hidden in rules thread

2. Picture of your minimate reviewing another minimate (+1 for written review from your minimate). ~hidden in mmc review

3. Picture of your minimate writing a list. ~hidden in list thread

4. Picture of your minimate pretending he/she's in the movie "The Hunt for Red October" dressed as Elmer Fudd hunting the Wumpus with Hunt's ketchup. ~hidden in discussion thread

5. Picture of your minimate working on a custom or quick custom. ~hidden in Minimate Factory post

6. Picture of your minimate going crazy with a highlighter. ~past hunt topics highlighted~

7. Picture of your minimate within six degrees of Kevin Bacon (be sure to post the description of the degrees). ~hidden in discussion thread

8. Picture of your minimate in a game show. ~hidden in discussion thread

Final Challenge #42. Picture of your minimate looking for the meaning of life ~hidden in discussion thread

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Bonus Points Earned

* Challenge#2 (+1): darkredshdow, Punisher, jcastick, blacksun1520, youbastards, The Geohound, vbpanizzi, maxcarnage, Bob Harris, Ivan

* Challenge#17 (+1): darkredshdow, blacksun1520, The Geohound, Bob Harris

* Challenge#24 (+1): darkredshdow, blacksun1520

* Bonus Challenge#2 (+1): darkredshdow, The Geohound, Bob Harris

* Minimate Jeopardy (+1): darkredshdow

* Super Extra Overtime Bonus Challenge:

darkredshdow vs blacksun1520 vs The Geohound :starwars:

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1. Mini-Team-Mate: MECHA THOR

  • The Mecha Universe needed warriors,So they created a line of warriors after mythical gods,The first was a prototype thor,With his hammer,electric gaunlets and armor he's nearly indestructable,Problem was he wasnt as power as other mecha like mecha hulk,so the mecha's sent him on his ship to space,he crash landed into a sprite bottle and now lives on earth with darkredshdow.

2. working on the Comic Cover Replication contest entry

3. getting ready to go back to school

4. doing something to stay cool

5. buying minimates

6. online

7. Taking a picture

8. Recreating a picture of getting eaten

9:Recreating the PSYCHO shower Scene

10:Yeah,my mate got himself in the toilet

11:Someone got stuck in the recycle bin..

12:Doing something to the max!

13:Lost In Antartica!

14:With a beatiful Woman

15:I think he thinks hes a bear,that should explain why he is hybernating

16:Amazing Cosaplayers,ASSEMBLE!

17:Just Another Reason to watch one of the best movies ever!

18:At Canadas Wonderland's halloween haunt!

19:In The Monster MASH!

20:He likes to pretend he is in tron...

21:In the scariest place ever,The storage!!

22:It needs more paint,But Then IT'S ALIVE!

23:Getting Ready To Scare Some Kids!

24:With count von count with count von count!{I know hes from sesame street,but hes on the muppets wiki so i guess he can qualify}

25:And thats why you always leave a note!Arrested devlopment ftw!26:COOKING!


27:Making a work of art,KANG!

28:Getting Ready to go back to space!

29Getting Lost In Presents

30:Donating Food To The Local Air Force

31:Partying like its 1999!

32:Getting Ready For Judgment Day

33:Edit A Photo Of What You Think Is Going On Inside The Mind Of Your Hunt Mate


1:These Mates Are BAD,Darn Those J Walkers!

2:Mecha Thor Wants To Get Back Into The Dating Life

Review{FROM MECHA THOR}:Geez this ghosteny girl looks like she came out of a ghostbuter movie!On the bright side her chest is slim and she has four freaking arms!Imagine all that multitasking!But what about her face,it's not halloween she can take off that darn mask!All in all she looks like a freaking alien!Ill send her a message to see if she can clean up darkredshdow's room,but that's it!

3:Sometimes I think he is a bit crazy o.o

4:He thought he would look cooler then elmer fudd with the outfit he stole from crossbones

5:This Quick Custom of random man costed mecha thor an arm and a leg!

6:I guess he really wants this minimate...

7:Mecha Thor Wanted to be close to kevin bacon so he just lied to get on the show...

8:This Time Traveller Set Equipped With A CrAzY Doctor Can Be Your's If The Price Is Right!

42:He Travelled all that way to find out he could not speak yet...

Super Extra Overtime Bonus Challenge:Showing Off His Dance Moves To His Fellow Mates

My Current Favorite:These Mates Are BAD,Darn Those J walkers!


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I have enlisted the help of COMMANDER COMET for this hunt.



Commander Comet is a pulp hero who fights evil aliens and sorcerers. He is armed with a laser pistol and knows karate. His greatest achievement is once listening to an entire Insane Clown Posse album and only vomiting once. He is also able to breathe in space.

Challenge 2: Workin' on my Comic Cover Entry

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Throwing my hat into the ring.


1.) Lexa Simmons: Starlight - New recruit to Stark Industries, Lexa is one of the team members who aids in the testing of all of Tony's armor pieces and electronics. She is also fortunate to have her own mutant ability, she is able to create and manipulate energy from her hands, which she can aid in updating the ARC Reactor technology. Unfortunately, she needs to wear specially made gloves to prevent energy surges, which was found out during a small lab "Accident".

2.)Mate working on Custom Cover Contest Entry


4.) Staying cool creating Lego Ice Minions






10.) We all live in a Yellow Submarine!



13.) SO ALONE!!!!!!!


15.) Toast-y!





20.) Let my Neon Shine!

21.) Oh God......What was that????



24.) MUPPETS........Muppets...Muppets....Muppets....Muppets!!!!!!!!!



27.) Gonna make the best animation!

28.) Gold Leader......Report in!

29.) Thanksgiving 2011 in Disneyland





Hidden Challenges:









Final Challenge #42

Edited by jcastick
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Well, I just can't resist.

Teaming with me again this year will be Skrunt, who would like to be called Chad from now on. He thinks having a normal name will help him to assimilate into society better, I told him to just ditch the mohawk, but hey, what do I know.

Chad currently works as a CPA at a major accounting firm. He was formerly a murderous alien hell bent on destroying planet Earth, but has since grown out of that stage and is trying to embrace his sensitive side. He now enjoys listening to smooth jazz and cuddling with his pet hairless cat, Justin Bieber. Chad's favorite color is blue.

1. See below.

2. Working on Cover contest

3. Getting ready to go back to school

4. Staying cool

5. Buying mates

6. Online

7. Taking photo of another challenge

8. Recreate photo from previous challenge - vs. ninjas

9. Recreating famous movie scene

10. Under water

11. Good for environment

12. Doing something to the MAX

13. Shipwrecked

14. With a beautiful woman

15. Keeping warm

16. Assembling own Avengers

17. Working on Monster Movie Trivia Contest

18. At a fair

19. In a music video

20. In the dark

21. In a scary place

22. Creating a monster

23. Trick or treating

24. With a Muppet

25. Motivational poster

26. Cooking

27. Creating a work of art

28. Preparing to go into space

29. Celebrating a holiday

30. Giving a gift

31. Party like it's 1999

32. Preparing for the end of the world

33. Running a daycare

Bonus 1. Law abiding citizen

Bonus 2.

Bonus 3. Writing a list

Bonus 4. Hunts

Bonus 5. Working on a custom

Bonus 6. Crazy with highlighter

Bonus 7.

Bonus 8.

Bonus 42. Looking for the meaning of life

Super Extra Overtime Bonus Challenge: Welcome to the Westminister Dog Show!


Edited by blacksun1520
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Say hello to Moon-boy, my Huntmate for 2011!


Moon-boy is a member of the "Small-Folk" tribe from an alternate-reality Earth. He has travelled through time, crossed dimensional planes of existance, and even encountered extra-terrestrials. He normally likes to hang out with his buddy Devil Dinosaur, but Devil wanted to spend the summer in the Savage Land so Moon-Boy hopped a flight to Ann Arbor, MI and decided to help me out with this contest.

Moon-Boy's Likes:

- Big red dinosaurs

- The Savage Land

- Godzilla

Moon-Boy's Dislikes:

- S.H.I.E.L.D.

- fleas

- clothing

Challenge #2 - Picture of your minimate working on the Comic Cover Replication contest entry

Edited by youbastards
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Allow me to introduce my new Hunt Buddy, Sergeant X!


#01 - Mini-team Mate, Sergeant X!


Born on a world in which mighty marvels do battle with capcom competitors, Sergeant X joined a man named Dante and the Merc With a Mouth Deadpool to defeat Galactus. It was something of a duplicitous alliance though, for as soon as the battle was won, X snuck into Deadpool's home and stole his X-Men uniform. Disgused as a member of one of the most well-known superhero teams in history, X went forward to rid the world of evil once and for all.

This lasted 13 days. He then got bored and quit.

Now X sits at home, hanging out with friends and playing video games. His future is uncertain and with no real goals, he my drift in mediocrity forever.

Only The Hunt can save him now...

#02 - Working on The Comic Cover Contest Entry Title: Just Get Up There and Do What I Tell You To.

#03 - Back To School Title: No! You Can't Make Me Go Back!!

#04 - Doing something to stay cool Title: Wilbur, Stop This Crazy Thing!

#05 - Buying Minimates Title: The Old Fashioned Way.

#06 - Online Title: Breakdancin' the World Wide Web, Minimate Style.

#07 - Picture of Another Challenge; Work of Art Title: Will You Hold Still, Please?

#08 - Past Challenge; Defying Gravity Title: How Do You Do This?

#09 - Recreate a Movie Scene Title: If You're Blue...

#10 - Underwater Title: No Filtration System Can Stop X!

#11 - Doing Something For The Environment Title: Recycle This!

#12 - Doing Something To The MAX Title: Shh! We're Stealthy.

#13 - Shipwrecked Title: Boats Are Stupid.

#14 - With Beautiful Women Title: Hulk Don't Understand Pick Up Chicks.

#15 - Staying Warm Title: Snuggie. Now in Minimate Sizes.

#16 - Assembling Your Own Avengers Title: Huh? Mine Look... Different.

#17 - Working on the Monster Trivia Contest Title: If You Ever Owned A Dog...

#18 - At A Fair or Festival Title: The Devourer Of Worlds Will EARN His Beads.

#19 - In A Music Video Title: We Are The O.M.A.X.! Though None of Us Know What It Means.

#20 - In The Dark Title: Oh, Come On!

#21 - Somewhere Scary Title: AGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

#22 - Creating Monsters Title: Step Right Up! Never Look At Yourself The Same Again. See, Herman Gets it.

#23 - Getting Ready For Halloween Title: I'm Winning The Costume Contest For Sure This Year.

#24 - With A Muppet Title: I Guess It Really Isn't Easy Being Green.

#25 - Motivational Poster Title: What Do You Want From Me?

#26 - Cooking Title: Why You No Make Fire?

#27 - Creating A Work Of Art Title: This Would Be So Much Easier if I Were Jackson Pollack.

#28 - Prepping For Space Title: You Don't Think Maybe This Might Be A Few Sizes Too Small?

#29 - Celebrating A Holiday Title: I Am Imbued With The Spirit of Clark Griswold!

#30 - Giving A Gift Title: Return For Same Item Only If Opened.

#31 - Party Like It's 1999 Title: Hey! No Button Mashing!

#32 - Ready For The End of the World Title: The Burdens of Apokolips

#33 - Create A Challenge; Pay Tribute to Bill Watterson Title: It's No Surprise to Me...

Hidden Challenges:

Bonus #01: Being A Law Abiding CitizenTitle: It's called the LAW of Gravity, Morons.

Bonus #02: Reviewing A MinimateTitle: You Probably Won't Get a Year End Bonus.

~~~~>Bonus #02b: The Written Review

Bonus #03: Writing A ListTitle: I'll Show Them. I'll Show Them All!

Bonus #04: The Elmer Fudd DebacleTitle: No.

Bonus #05: Working on CustomsTitle: Love Your Facemask? Hate That Painted On Mouth? Step Right Up!

Bonus #06: Going Crazy With A HighlighterTitle: What Do You Mean, You Didn't See Me!?

Bonus #07: Kevin BaconTitle: Remember Me? Huh? Huh? I Know You Do!

Bonus #08: Game ShowTitle: HollyWOOD Squares! Get It?

Final Challenge #42: Searching For The Meaning Of LifeTitle: Nope. Not In Here.

Super Extra Overtime Bonus Challenge:

Show Off Other Minimates In Your Collection Title: Show Me Your Moves!

Goodnight Everybody!

Edited by The Geohound
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Here's my Mini-Team-Mate- little b!


After having a thrilling time helping me with the Hunt contest in 2007, little b was filled with excitement about the possibilities of life. Encouraged by his wife pretty p, little b moved his family to Atlanta where he enrolled in the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts to pursue his dream of becoming a world-class chef. The hours were long, and little b was rarely home, putting a tremendous strain on pretty p, who had to juggle two jobs to support the family and take care of their teenage son Ampersand. little b struggled in his classes, and felt inadequate compared to the other students, so he began drinking heavily. With little b distracted by school and pretty p distracted by work, no one noticed when Ampersand began hanging out with the wrong kids and performing petty crimes.

After graduation, under pressure by pretty p to find a job, little b accepted started working at Applebee's. Working there made little b feel even more like a failure, and he began yelling and having horrible arguments with his family. After being fired from Applebee's for stealing drinks from the bar, little b came home to find pretty p had left to go live with her mom. little b blew up at Ampersand, who then stormed out of the house. Ampersand was arrested that night following a angst-filled rampage that included torching the very Applebee's he blamed for his family's woes. The news devastated little b, and in the following years he became a homeless drifter, lost in grief and booze.

Today, little b is sober and in therapy, taking life one day at a time. He and pretty p are trying reconciliation. little b hopes that competing in this year's Hunt contest will be a positive experience for his new life.

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BEHOLD Mecthulhu


After a bitter defeat in a previous Hunt, Dr.Thodt spent years researching how to harness and control evil powers. His previous research led him to believe that humans were too weak of a subject to be a conduit for his plans. The doctor knew that the greatest evil was that of the forgotten elder god Cthulhu but controlling it would be the most important aspect. After experimenting on unwilling geists, Dr. Thodt found that he could use the electrical field created by machinery to trap and control them. Finally, the day came to pull the dark lord Cthulhu from his slumber and into the shell the doctor had created for it. The equipment did what it was designed to and with surprising ease the transfer had been accomplished. The doctor realizes the success of the process is only partially due to his own effort and that had the dark god not desired this, it would not have worked. So Dr. Thodt waits for the god to break free from his hold, knowing Cthulhu is a patient god. Until then, the doctor is only too happy to control it and use it in hopes of winning the hunt.

Challenge 2 - Working on the 'Cover Contest'


Challenge 3 - Back to School


Challenge 4 - Staying Cool


Challenge 16 - Gathering the Avengers


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Mr white and I are back and ready for action!


2. Picture of your minimate working on the Comic Cover Replication contest entry (due by Saturday, September 10th at 11:59 PM CST). (+1 for entering Comic Cover contest)

the comic


my cover:


but who is the man under the mask?:


4. Picture of your minimate doing something to stay cool.


5. Picture of you and your minimate buying minimates.


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  • 2 weeks later...

It's on!

I have the privilege to hunt along with my avatar - that's Sean Connerpool, bub! - just like last time where we were pretty successful - which wasn't because of you, lamo!

Anyway, what can I say about my avatar - Sean Connerpool! He suddenly popped up a few years ago and is since then usually mocking me - I just think you're lame and I decided to help you out to get a little more popular here! I'm not sure why, maybe I have this thing for losers named Bob.

I must confess that he's pretty good at what he does and what he does is... totally tubular, dude!

I guess, that's about as much background as I can give.

Here's what we did so far. Click on the thumbs to see the bigger pic. Enjoy:


ICON-01.jpg ICON-02.jpg ICON-03.jpg ICON-04.jpg ICON-05.jpg ICON-06.jpg

ICON-07.jpg ICON-08.jpg ICON-09.jpg ICON-10.jpg ICON-11.jpg ICON-12.jpg

ICON-13.jpg ICON-14.jpg ICON-15.jpg ICON-16.jpg ICON-17.jpg ICON-18.jpg

ICON-19.jpg ICON-20.jpg ICON-21.jpg ICON-22.jpg ICON-23.jpg ICON-24.jpg

ICON-25.jpg ICON-26.jpg ICON-27.jpg ICON-28.jpg ICON-29.jpg ICON-30.jpg

Hidden Bonus Challenges:

ICON-B01.jpg ICON-B02.jpg ICON-B03.jpg ICON-B04.jpg ICON-B05.jpg ICON-B06.jpg

Edited by Bob Harris
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Ah, here we go.

Challenge 1. Picture of your Mini-Team-Mate (+1) & write a short background bio for your teammate (+1).


(Bio coming soon)

Challenge 2. Picture of your minimate working on the Comic Cover Replication contest entry


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  • 3 weeks later...

My official hunt buddy is Charlie Kelly from Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia!


Charlie is an angry individual unable to cope with daily problems and prone to emotional outbursts. He maintains poor personal hygiene, lives in squalor, frequently abuses inhalants such as glue and spray paint,and like the rest of The Gang, drinks copious amounts of alcohol regularly,Charlie exhibits difficulty reading and writing and has generally poor communication skills. Despite this obvious handicap, Charlie has on many occasions fancied himself to be a lawyer of superior skill, leading to disastrous results when he is actually forced to deal with legal matters.

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  • 3 months later...

This is my team mate, Miniman. He is a cool mate who can free run, he has almost made it to black belt

in karate, and can create energy blasts from his hands (thanks to his belt)

Challenge 16:

Picture of your Minimate assembling his own Avengers

Challenge 20:

Picture of your Minimate in the dark

Challenge 23:

Picture of your minimate getting ready for Halloween or Trick-or-Treating.

Challenge 26:

Picture of your minimate cooking.

Challenge 28:

Picture of your minimate

in space or preparing to

go in space.

Challenge 29:

Picture of your minimate

celebrating a holiday.

Challenge 12:

Picture of your

minimate doing something

to the MAX

Challenge 10:

Picture of your

minimate underwater.

Challenge 6: Picture

of your minimate online

Challenge 5: Picture

of your minimate buying


Challenge 3:

Picture of your

minimate going

back to school

Challenge 7:

Picture of your

minimate taking

the photo for one

of the other challenges.

& Finally:

Challenge 15:

Picture of your

minimate doing

something to keep warm.

That's all my entries folks!

Miniman, I think you are supposed to edit your existing post to add new pictures to it instead of adding new replies to the thread. :thumbsup:

Oh thanks for the advice. :biggrin:

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