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Dengar-Painted Adrian from Rocky Hair/Hat with Hair cut off

Kidpool Scarf Painted

Arthur Shoulders,Terminator Chest, Classic BSG Cyclon

Greys and Off White Colors

Bossk-Star Trek Gorn, Yellow Clothes, Halo Chest

Sailor Zombie Scarf that's been cut

Amazing Spiderman Lizard Lower Torso with SFTekken Rufus Yellow Thighs

Wedge and Biggs added with Luke X-Wing using BSG Galen or Cally Tyrol

Biggs-Phoebus Hunchback Face

Slave Leia-Princess Anck-es-en-Amon and Star Trek Marlena Moreau for Hair

Grand Moff Tarkin- Grey M Bison with Hannibal Lector Face, may need different Grey arms

Wicket- Smaller Body with Kuma Parts,Vintage Wicket's Hood

Emperor still figuring out- Molecule Man face, Taskmaster hood painted black,

Western Man in Black Coat, Blue Lightning from Snowbird Alpha Flight, need 2 sets for 2

Was going to paint a MODOK chair black but the Emperor can't sit wearing that coat

Royal Guards are Kubricks which fit well.

I'm using Star Wars Galactic Squad for the rest of the Bounty Hunters, have IG-88 and Zuckess already.

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Dagobah Luke with Yoda

Still toying with things but figured out some stuff. Yoda is the bottom half of a Lego. Chris Redfie;d's Knife with the end cut off, stuffed into Walking Dead Glenn's Backpack and the other end into Yoda. Gladiator Kirk chest with bare arms.

I will upload an updated Star Wars Customs video soon. The only character besides r2-d2 and regular Yoda I haven't figured out is a Bespin Leia; not sure about hair and outfit. 4-Lom is another character I have no idea on, don't even have a stand in for him.

**How do I get my pictures rotated the right direction?**

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Squirrel Girl from Marvel

Ghostbusters Janine Hair

Femme Fatales Tarot Face

Wolfsbane Chest

Thunderstrike Boots

Grey Arms and Legs

1st App Sabretooth Claws

Wrist Gauntlets

Thin Belt with Pouches, Taskmaster's might also work

Peter Pan Toodles Tail

Battle Beast Zik's Tail/Belt

Paint or Whiteout those pieces White to prime them, then Sharpie Brown or use a Brown Paint Pen like I did. Superglue the two pieces together.

RAY DONOVAN from Showtime

The characters in below pic. Left to Right

Avi , Ray Donovan, Mickey Donovan, Terry Donovan, Bunchy Donovan, Daryll "Black Irish" Donovan

Avi is Ray's right hand man who is played by the guy who was
Scarface's right hand man Manny. DC Sgt Rock Face with 24 Jack Bauer

Ray is Liev Schreiber so it's Spec Ops Sabretooth from Wolverine
Origins for face and then Bruce Willis Expendables shirt with ASM Parker
jacket. Ray wears nice clothes.

Mickey is Jon Voight. Silence of the Lambs Buffalo Bob Face on Back
to the Future Alt 80's Biff Body. You could also use white
t-shirts/undershirts.He wears a chain.

Terry is Eddie Marsan from World's End and the bad guy from Hancock;
he is in the Sherlock Holmes movies too. For his face i chose Willem
Dafoe Platoon with some Curly hair. Body is from new Tomb Raider under
the armor with bare arms. You can use Marduck from SFT for tattoo arms.

Bunchy is Dash Mihok, IMDB him. For his face I chose Hulk Movie Emil
Blonsky, I may change his hair up. Body is from BSG Leoben. He wears a
lot of track suits, so maybe Rocky when i get him.

Dayll is Pooch Hall, nicknamed Black Irish and the newest Donovan
brother. Iron Man Movie 1 Jim Rhodes face. Waling Dead Glenn's Hoodie with bare arms. This outfit would also work for Bunchy or Terry.

The wife Abby would also be a quick custom using some long red hair

Potato Pie is another character I want to make.

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I commissioned TonyStark to make me Mother Russia from the Kick-Ass comicbooks. He also made me a couple Sting the wrestler from WCW faces. I used Loki's hair and some black parts to finish him. TonyStark is selling a similar looking version of his Sting on ebay. I like mine better. Mother Russia is especially impressive. Decals on front and back, the eye patch, Stars tattoos on her forehead and all the way up and down her arms and legs, boots and an extender to make her taller. Finally, my Hit Girl custom has a decent sparring partner.

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Warrior's Three Fandral and Hogun

Movie Versions sort of, I wanted to have them because they are my team in Marvel Avenger's Alliance.

Fandral is Ultimate Thor face which makes him look older, but there are not many head choices for him other than this or GB Walter Peck. Adam Warlock's hair, Some Dr Doom parts for armor and some green. X3 Storm Cape, you could also try some parts from the different movie Lokis. Hook's Sword, En Garde

Hogun is a Kor from Star Trek face with Iron Man 3 Mandarin Beard sharpied Black. Loki movie arms.Mace from Battle Beasts. Boots from Calico Jack line. Iron Man 2 Whiplash "dress" piece. Cape from Original Battlestar Classic Adama. Probably will switch out a better cape later on.

Nico Minoru I used Black Queen Selene for the Black lipstick. I tried some SF Chun Li faces but I think this works better. XForce Warpath hair, Staff from DC Ocean Master. Movie Nick Fury for shirt. Battle Beasts Bliss Reynolds for Dress and feet. Puppet Master or Cap for hands. She normally is purple instead of red so I will probably switch or try different stuff out.

Star Lord aka Peter Quill, Using Civilian Thor from first Thor Movie for face. XMEN First Class Havok for Hair. Battle Beasts Bliss Reynolds Jacket. Cap America 2 Movie Pants with Boots. Gloves. Plain looking shirt. I have the lego set but his guns don't fit minimate hands well and while the helmet is big for a lego, it will only fit on a modded minimate head. Couldn't wait for the real minimates, needed me some GOTG.

Gambit, an alternate look or another way to get him with extra parts if you can't track him down.

Stormbreaker Loki for the Face, which you can find cheap. Hair from ASM Peter Parker, new Green Goblin or other Spikey Hair options also readily available. Also, you could use long hair, like Gambit's from Wolverine Origins if you want to go with a more Ultimate Gambit look. Annihilus for his chest piece. Multiple Man for his jacket, other Jackets may work, but this is the best Brown option. Gloves. Black legs. Boots from Walking Dead Riot Gear, there are some other options you could play with for that as well.

And of course a Staff, which I couldn't find so I used Haggar's pipe. Luke may have a Staff for sale used in his store.

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Haven't posted on this is a while so first I'll post what I have pics of and add some more eventually.


Marvel's Bonebreaker



Marvel's America Chavez and Elsa Bloodstone



Marvel's Phyla-Vell



Marvel's Captain America Falcon Sam Wilson



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Deathpool, daughter of Deadpool and Death. Original character from mobile game Marvel Strike Force.

Zenoool for head with eyes markered new color. Leliana dragon age hood, movie magneto cape. Ebony maw torso backwards, wave79 Gamora arms, mass effect Lawson legs, DP belt, daggers on legs. And my first Shapeways for the Scythe that I made smaller and still may shorten. Thanks to RetroRobotRadio 3D Printing for the weapon. 

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DC quick customs



Bloodsport comic version, Polka-Dot Man, Peacemaker, Ratcatcher 2, King Shark, Harley Quinn, Rick Flag. Some of these are quick swaps like for Amanda Waller I would just use Mariah Dillard from Luke Cage Netflix. 


Weasel, Blackguard,Mongal, Javelin, Captain Boomerang, TDK, Savant, Rick Flag.  


Deadshot comic costume  



Harley Quinn hbomax cartoon:

King Shark,Poison Ivy,Doctor Psycho,Harley ,Clayface



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I will need to steal a few of these DC customs. Amazing! My plan is to use Kermit for Psycho.

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