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The project gained a huge amount of support to begin with. It'd be great to see it continue.

It's about 1/3 of the way to getting an official Lego review.

Please share it with any of your friends who may be legophiles or 'x'-philes.

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X-Mansion update:


So, support for this one has slowed a bit but it's still gotten well over the halfway mark to getting an official review by Lego.

If you haven't already registered interest in this set, you can do so here:

They're about 3,000 people shy of their 10,000 person goal. This is one Lego project that i think i'd actually be willing to throw some money at. If you know of any Lego fans or X-Men fans who'd be interested, please share this awesome project proposal with them and see if they want to sign up too!


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can someone who knows Lego parts better then I do tell me what pieces make up this custom Dummy (or Dum-E or D.U.M.Y. or whatever you like to call Tony Stark’s sad little robot arm buddy


I can figure out like 80% of them (assuming they’re the same pieces I encountered building the Sea Cow and that I’m not guessing wrong) but the rectangle brick in the middle, the pieces used to attach it to the base and the ‘arm' rod, and the rod itself have me stumped to no end.

and it’s frustrating dangit, because that Dummy looks like he’d go with a minimate Iron Man real nicely.

(I’d ask the guy buy... ugh, I don’t want to sign up for yahoo to post one question.)

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