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Yeah, it's small, that's why I'm combining 3 of them (I won my second auction of just the mansion pieces since I posted last).

That's a smart way to get the pieces you're after. Kudos Tenime, Kudos!

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does anyone have the lego hulk helicarrier break out set? im planning to get it for my avengers movie minimates but im not sure if it's compatible.

Depends on how you mean "compatible." Honestly, it's not worth the money. It's just tiny overall and the main feature is the prison cell, which is wholly inaccurate and pretty pitiful. Looks nice with a bigger Marvel LEGO collection, but on its own it's not worth it.

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If I can find a couple on clearance, I'll buy some extras and try to make a better, more Minimate-compatible helicarrier interior.

Pics soon (as it's still under construction), but I've got my three Malibu Mansions together. Instead of just trying to make a Minimate-compatible version, I tossed the Lego instructions, and just adapted it into my existing Hall of Armor:


It's the new top floor (or the left half of it - and yes, that's now 5 floors & a roof). I transplanted the existing roof on top of it, and added the curved roof pieces from the mansion on top of that. I still wanted the hole in the floor/ceiling for easy entry/exit for Tony. I made a bigger kitchen, still have the windows, but it's not at an angle (or I'd have to rebuild the whole thing to be angled there for support, and there isn't shelf space for me to do that, nor do I have enough Lego or C3 pieces left even if I did have space).

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Dude, that's excellent. Nice work.

Hey Earlyfrost. Have a look at my pics in the collections thread. The Hulk breakout set is there. I don't mind it, cos it came with a SHIELD minijet too. But apart from the Daily Bugle set the Marvel Lego doesn't hold a candle to the DC stuff.

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I suspect he's meant to be more of a purple with a pinkish cape as ni the New Mutants days, and that the photo of the screen/box is just looking a little more indigo than intended...


I'm actaully surprised we haven't seen this version of Magneto as a minimate yet.
He's had about 10 releases so far. I wouldn't mind this as a variant :)

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I'm glad to finally see a Lego Sentinel - it did seem like a gimme.

I need to see how they scaled it compared to the regular Lego minfigs before I commit to buy one.

I have looked in the past for a Lego custom Sentinel figure on Lego mecha sites but always came up empty.

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GotG looks to be the next 'pet project' for the marvel marketing team.

They've been doing it with Hawkeye and to a lesser extent Black Widow over the past few years as they built up their presence in anticipation of the Avengers film. We saw a lot more comic book appearances, toys, cameos etc...

Coming up to the GoTG movie, we're seeing the Trial of Jean Grey, appearances in the Marvel Lego video game, and Marvel Lego sets of their very own. Marvel is clearly trying to really drive up public awareness of this group, and i am actually really excited. It's awesome to see a big push behind what would not normally be classed as a 'big seller' for Marvel (when compared to Avengers, Spidey, etc...)

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