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Found 2 results

  1. Update 9/23/2016 Hi all! This is a general thread for my Minimate Custom Collection: Previous threads show my X-Men Moviemates in 2008, Universal Monsters in 2011, and Resident Evil Series in 2011. Below is my Batman Collection. My massive Buffy/Angel custom collection on page 2 here. -------------------- August 2014 Back in 2012, I started to make a Batman Custom Collection after the DC Minimate License ended. Then school, graduation, and career got in the way. I decided to pick it back up and now here is my Batman Collection finally complete! The characters aren't based off one specific time period, but just outfits and looks I liked best. First up, Batman! He is a simple repaint of the released Batman, but more in line of the Arkham games: What is Batman without his family? Robin, Batgirl, and Nightwing are mostly just head & cape modifications. Gordon is done thanks to the amazing decal from Luke at Minimate Factory (perfect facial expression!). Lastly there's Alfred, the ever-trusted butler. Now on to the Arkham Asylum side and check out the villains! I never really liked any of the Jokers released, so I made my own. Catwoman and Two-Face are based off their Arkham City duel. Riddler is mostly based off his animated series look. Finally Harley, who is also based off her edgier Arkham City attire. Next up is Penguin in a modified look from Arkham City. I prefer my Poison Ivy to look more human... not a fan of the green plant skin. I cheated with Ventriloquist & Scarface and used a Lego for the sinister puppet. The Mad Hatter is more of his comic look, and Mr. Freeze borrowed his suit from Tony Stark. This group is the even more twisted of Batman's rogues. Professor Pyg is a newer Batman villain, but his combination of Leatherface, Norman Bates, and Dr. Frankenstein makes him an interesting minimate. Scarecrow and Black Mask are based off their comic looks. Zsasz is somewhat based off Arkham City without all the manacles. The ones in this set are the master manipulators of the group. Finally, these are the minimate villains done by DST. Aside from superficial modifications, they are mostly unchanged... I just thought I'd add them for completion sake. I just finished up the most recent Robin - Damian Wayne. I altered his body to make him a bit shorter and more preteen-like. His hood is removable for two different looks. Here's all the characters on display, I'm sad that DST couldn't continue the license, but satisfied with the end result. (click to enlarge) BONUS: While they didn't make the shelf, I also made Bruce Wayne and Vicki Vale from spare parts. They are somewhat based off their Arkham City looks. Thanks for checking them out! I appreciate any comments or feedback! --Joe Hill
  2. i'm always looking for cool new kitbashes for DC comics minimates. and i can't look though all the separate threads. so i would hope people can all post their own here and we can look at all the coolness.
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