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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, Somehow I missed the forum towards the bottom for customs and artwork. I do a decent amount of customs and repaints. I primarily started just doing Battle Beasts (the classic line), but have begun to branch out to several different lines of toys, including minimates. I'll begin posting pictures of some of the figures that I have done. Please let me know what you think. The first couple figures that I am going to post are some minimates Battle Beasts customs and repaints that I have done in the past several months. Death Leaper (made for the Create a Battle Beasts contest) Name: Mystaceus “Death Leaper” Aranea Species: Jumping Spider Homeworld: Unknown Bio: Most beasts don’t know of his existence, but to those who do, he is simply known as the Death Leaper. He is an assassin, a hunter of extreme skill and patience. According to rumors that spread as whispers, those who have been marked by him know they have but eight days to live. Methodical as his nature is, he stalks his prey, learns their movements, and always strikes on the fateful eighth day. If his prey knows of their own mark, fear and paranoia drives them towards their own demise. The Death Leaper’s location is constantly shifting. No one has seen any base of operation. No one knows where he might be next. He has a small, but capable ship, the Baltic Amber. This ship, crystalline in form, contains a multitude of sensors and arrays, constantly scanning the void all around him. Deep with in the command center of the Baltic Amber lays the Death Leaper. Advanced monitors spread about him from all directions. From a source unknown to him, he receives his next target. Unquestioning and unyielding, he will set forth on his mission, relentless until he has captured or killed his mark. Until this time, he waits patiently aboard his ship, traveling from system to system. While on the hunt his skills become most evident. His agility and jumping strength, moving freely within almost any environment, has earned him his nickname. His intelligence and patience when tracking his prey has given him invaluable insight to the mind of his target, anticipating their every movement. But perhaps his greatest asset is his vision. His forward predatory vision is the equal of any hunter, allowing precise tracking across multiple light sources, including ultraviolet, allowing him to see in environments that would leave most next to blind. Additionally, he has sets of lateral eyes stretching his peripheral vision to a 360 degree field all around him, allowing him to track movement and environmental changes all around, while keeping his sight on his prey. When a job is done, he quietly returns back to his ship, to await a new order. But even to the Death Leaper, the source of these missions is unknown. He does not question. He simply hunts his next victim, whomever they may be. But to those few that know of him, they wonder what larger plot he may unknowingly be a part of. Perhaps he is one piece of a larger machine, yet to show itself until it’s ready. Hiding Strike! Catching Cheetania Lunch! Vorin (repainted for 10th Anniversary of Minimates Contest) I love the original Triple Threat Snake Battle Beast. He was always the evil ninja trooper in my storyline as a kid. Sort of like the foot clan for the turtles. Anyways, I loved the idea of a whole clan of ninja snakes, that I built an entire army of them, at about 150 snakes total. Now, with the new line of Battle Beasts minimates, I have started to collect the snake from series 1. However, being that the sculpt is of a rattlesnake, but the original figures are green, I decided to do a quick repaint of the snake to make him an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake. His name is Crotalus. And here's a group shot of the minimate snakes that are proudly joining my Snake army.
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