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Found 2 results

  1. This is something I have been working on four or five months ago. Yes, some parts had to be custom-made and painted, but hey - it was better than nothing. Alias Smith and Jones was Glen A. Larson's first TV success in 1971 based on the runaway success of Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid in 1969. The series is also notable for Pete Duel's suicide on New Year's Eve that same year. After two years, it ended in January 1973 the same time Bonanza aired its final episode. My Bonanza minimates - well, sadly I had to part with them and recycle most of the parts generally because of cost and price. The hats were made from the Tony Stark Cowboy Disguise headpiece and the Rick Grimes hat from said figure from The Walking Dead line. Still, with the only parts I have with me on hand, I was able to recreate the main characters from the show. I haven't got the horses yet, but I'm sure I can find some in this scale, so please leave your thoughts, I'd appreciate that.
  2. Has anybody been watching The Strain on FX Network created by Guillermo del Toro? It's based off of three books by del Toro and Chuck Hogan, which are all available by the way. The season 1 finale is this Sunday night and I am loving this show. Highly recommended! If you enjoy Walking Dead or Monsters in general, you'll love it. I get a little bit of a Slither (James Gunn) vibe and some 1970's horror feel. So of course, I had to make some quick customs. The story is cool but the characters are what makes the show. David Bradley (Filch from Harry Potter and Walder Frey from Game of Thrones) is a badass with a grudge and a sword cane! Don't look at the pictures if you want to remain spoiler free because the main bad guy's look gradually gets revealed as season one progresses. I didn't add any weapons, but you could def find stuff like Guns, Machetes, and Grenade Launchers (to substitute as Nail Guns). Maybe even the heavy duty flashlight from the Fire Fighters minimates. Gus, Dutch, and Fet Abrahaham, Ephraim, and Nora The Master and Eichorst Mr. Quinlan and The Born I'm still figuring out some things and will probably change a bunch of their outfits. I think I may try and add a cutout cloth robe for the Master. Maybe I can make Abe's Sword Cane from a scabbard and something else.
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