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Found 1 result

  1. Yeah, yeah, I know, "yet another wishlist thread" but come on, the forum's been kinda dead after the update (lack of news and all, so I figured, what better way to pass the time than take a look at Marvel's even newer costumes! I mean, those old tights that debuted like, a year ago, are like, super-old now. Time for a change! Kidding aside, I spotted some designs that'd make for some fairly interesting mates, so yeah, here you go. Or, you can just bypass all that and just curse Marvel for having another relaunch so soon, I won't judge you (truth be told I'll join you)... For the complete look at the new titles, here's a link: Marvel NOW! 2.0 Titles | As a sidenote, it's been confirmed that certain series have just been ommited from this catalogue, and will show up in the October solicits as regularly. So, no X-Men cancellations. Anyway, I won't bomb this thread with pics, rather, I'll post just one. Mainly because it's one of the two or three titles I'm anticipating 9it's still Bendis writting, but eh, I'm either too optimistic, or too starved for a Doom solo that I'll take anything I can), and because I think it'd make for a good mate. As you can see, these are Maleev's sketches for Doom's armour. Not terribly excitting, as it's mainly the ANAD Armour with a hood & cape combo, a different paint-job, and a few minor touches. Just for the novelt of it though, I'd love a mate, because, even though it's a boring Iron Doom design, it's a darn good Modern Doctor Doom Redesign. And good as it may be, the MvC3 Doom has some serious issues. It's basically a small statue at this point. So, yeah,if I had to choose one fig from this new batch, I'd choose Vic. Maybe he can be packed with his ANAD look, the suit & tie one. Now, you might be thinking "what about the F4 ban", but dunno, I don't think Marvel would publish a Doom solo titled "Infamous Iron Man", while also putting Ben on the GotG, and Johnny in the Inhumans. Something tells me that come this year's SDCC, we're in for a surprise, considering the recent Fox & Marvel X-Men TV Show deal. Or I'm just day dreaming, who knows? But I'd surely take an Iron Doom mate... Apart from this one, there aren't many terribly new looks. There's Thor Odinson, the USAvengers, the Classic Thunderbolts with slight costume tweaks, Prowler, Mosaic, plus all the ANAD looks that haven't been made already. You could come up with a great ANAD/NOW! 2.0 Wave, truth be told. So, in the spirit of wishlisting, here's my dream wave: Iron Doom/Victor Von Doom (Or more like Vincent Cassel) Captain America (Steve Rogers)/ Black Widow Moon Knight (Mr. Knight or Super-Hero look)/ Black Panther Unworthy Thor/ Spider-Man 2099 So, yeah, there you have it' I'd also like Chulk and others, but these would be main wants. Yeah, it's A-List heavy, but I've got my reasons. ANAD Black Panther has a really cool Mass-Effect like Mask (it's from Hickman's run, but here it's used more often) and I think this plus his "weapons" would make for some great extras. ANAD Black Widow has a new look, with short hair, which I love, plus, the TRU 17 one was kinda wonky. Unworthy Thor actually looks cool, and Spider-Man 2099 could be a very fun mate. Iron Doom/Vic I already gave my thoughts on, MK doesn't need any more info, and HYDRA Cap, well, I like him, weirdly enough... Oh, and one more thing... Here's your reference DST, now get on that Moon Knight Wave! And yeah, that's Astronaught Marc Spector. It'll be debuting in MK #5, which is a collection of various "trippy" sequences from various artists.
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