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Found 2 results

  1. I think it looks great and has loads of sculpt detail. Perhaps the turtle license is safe after all?
  2. After reading Valo's proposal for a Marvel Advent Calendar I got to thinking about how much fun a seasonal MAX line would be. While an Advent Calendar might be expensive a blind bag 12 strip could be a good avenue to consider. Still I've been thinking about seasonal mates since the Pirate Santa was shown so, with nothing better to do, I spent a bit of time working up an Advent Calendar line up. Day 1: Reindeer (Giraffe Battle Beast with cheetah's fur cape/shoulders and new head sculpt) Day 2: 2 Horn Axe Weapons (Cheetah Battle Beast) Day 3: Red Harness (Sarah Connor) and Trans Blue Ice Shield (Giraffe Battle Beast) Day 4: Dash Base (quicksilver) transparent with gold flecks or metallic gold Day 5: Alternate Reindeer head molded in transparent red and then painted so that when held up to the light the nose glows red Day 6 Max Arctic Trooper Day 7: Arctic Trooper heavy jacket and gloves Day 8: Arctic Trooper skies and boots Day 9: Arctic Trooper helmet and rifle Day 10: Elf Hat (Elf Spock hair and hat) Day 11: Snow Man (Stay Puffed with a new snow man head sculpt and Gruntos hands) Day 12: Transparent blue ice sword (Pathfinder Konkrud) & snowball launcher (Plants vs. Zombies football gun) Day 13: Ice tomb (Iceman) Day 14: Giant Mallet (DC Harley Quin) Day 15: 4 Snow Balls (Energy balls in solid white) Day 16: Toy Robot Soldier (Iron Man Heartbreaker Helmet, Mass Effect Garrus Armor, Hulk Buster hands, Mecha Hulk hip armor and legs) Day 17: Reaper scythe hand, Marvel Warlock gripper hand, Lost in Space Robot claw hand, and Sentinel glove with long tentacle Day 18: Cylon Feet and Lost in Space Robot treads feet Day 19: MAX Pilot armor and 2 Halo Kat pistols Day 20: Polar Bear (Battle Beasts Bear) Day 21: Battle Beast Bear Axe/Sword and Universal Monsters Dr Reed spear gun Day 22: Ice hammer (Hammer of Angrir) and Snowball cannon (PvZ plant grenade launcher) Day 23: Christmas tree Day 24: Red Bag with small block packages Day 25: Santa (Pirate Santa concept) Perhaps put out a slightly stripped down blind bag series with 3 Reindeer, 3 Snow Men, 2 Arctic Troopers, 2 Toy Robots, 1 Polar Bear, and 1 Transparent Blue Frozen Santa. That would leave Santa as a box set exclusive along with many of the extras. As for marketing have it set up like the Best of where stores can re-order the Advent Calendar every year with the blind bag assortment having color changes to armor and fur with a different exclusive transparent character.
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