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  1. Happy Halloween Folks!!! My partner and I are unable to celebrate Halloween together this year so I recreated us Minimate Style!!!
  2. Any chance for more iZombie mates?
  3. I think it is part of the playmobil city life/ rock star line. There's a light up stage, 2 guitarist, a singer, drummer, speakers and the instruments. I only wanted the drums so luckily I found it on ebay.
  4. Recently purchased this playmobil drum set and it looks great with Animal!
  5. I would love some official Stranger Things Mates! I actually painted an Eleven and made Dustin's hat this weekend. The rest of the kids were pieces thrown together. Going to add the bandana to Lucas and maybe change up Mike's outfit. I would want them to add Barbara and Steve with busted face, too.
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