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  1. Gary Busey (Predator 2) also ran for governor against Arnold.
  2. I really liked the Jeff Goldblum L&O and I quite enjoyed Criminal Intent overall. If we're getting L&O, I think Michael Cutter is underrated. Also you gotta have a Jack McCoy. Goldblum's Raines was also a wildly underrated show. Also I know we're not getting L&O.
  3. You'd think that, but that mandate is so well known there's no way DST tried to slip that by. I'm going with Bobo the clown.
  4. ROFL. Promise a bunch of really cool announcements, then only deliver one (a pretty bland repaint set) and now we hear we may not even get the other reveals anytime soon. I know, not your fault man, but this is just a kick in the pants. Also having to remove an entire figure from the Joe lineup. Are there Joes that are off limits now?
  5. Rita, Zedd, Goldar, Finster and 2 putties!
  6. Exciting, although what's not being revealed is more enticing to me. But all the new stuff is exciting. PLEASE BE GOOD STUFF!
  7. Hasbro has Sgt. Slaughter back under contract. Now's the time to strike DST! Get me a Sarge figure!
  8. A valid point, but I doubt it's those. Rise's movie is only still coming out because it was already moving along when Rise died off. I think Nick is done with Rise overall and are already working on what the next iteration will be. Rise was pretty much a flop overall so it would be a real risk for DST to go that route. I think the video game tie-in would be more successful than Last Ronin and the 80s designs already shown to use the most successful, but I think the IDW Last Ronin stuff might be the most likely. I'm stoked for the hopes for more TMNT though.
  9. I still say released the retro turtles as designed would be more successful than anything IDW or otherwise (there's a ton of Last Ronin stuff solicited and I doubt it's all gonna sell) despite whatever previous lackluster solicitations there may have been. At the time Minimates was cooking pretty good and I don't think everyone realized they had to pre-order or the line would be canceled. It was a different era when lots of stuff was making it to shelves. And the retro TMNT boom hadn't happened, there was a bit of TMNT fatigue after the terrible movies, the end of the Nick show and Megabloks flooding the market with niche TMNT stuff. Now I think a set of retro 87 TMNT would sell very well.
  10. SERIOUSLY?! Please say they're coming back. I wanted those classic TMNT Minimates SO bad. C'mon DST!
  11. I mean with MMPR there are a ton of villains and things you can do. I'd like to see them do that. That said, with the core team out of the way, it does make me wonder just how deep they could go without adding in another ranger team. There's a few variants you could do of the main MMPR team, but eventually it's just villains.
  12. One wonders if white Ranger Tommy will also get an alternate head, since they don't even show him with a human head at all.
  13. Second wave looks good. It will be nice to have the full crew together. I do hope we get some villains though.
  14. I mean I guess he's always technically a "guest appearance" but I just wanted to inform people, it's not like Vader on BMW or something, he's on there fairly regularly, sometimes in bits, sometimes a bit more. Anywho, nice work!
  15. Not to be obtuse, but Goldberg was not just a guest star on the Goldbergs... Dude has a recurring role that he continues to this day. He's been the focus of a few episodes and the Plot B or Plot C in several others. He's pretty grand on it.
  16. Hopefully it's Roadblock in a chef's hat.
  17. Is the SDCC exclusive Minimate related?
  18. Happy belated! You don't look a day over 99!
  19. Seeing this topic makes me sad. I'm still quite bummed we never got the Bruce Lee minimates. In fact I went out of my way to make a bunch of Bruce customs. Someday I'll finish them. But a minimates line like the Temple of Kung Fu line could have been epic.
  20. Plus DST is still finalizing some things with Bea Arthur's estate for the new Maude Minimates collection.
  21. Got mine, just wanted to say thanks!
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