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  1. The second head is awesome!
  2. I preordered and subbed, but haven't gotten a PayPal order form yet. Anyone else? Just want to make sure mine didn't get lost or something. If it's taking a bit to process all the orders, I'm cool, just don't wanna miss out!
  3. I think there's room in the market for a K*B return, but I have absolutely zero faith that guy is selling anything other than vaporware. But I'll be happy to eat those words if stores pop up across the country.
  4. SCW

    Predator Minimates

    It's almost like they don't realize that the only reason the ONLY good Predator movie worked was because it was the Predator versus a bunch of absolute badasses that in any other movie would have been unstoppable and yet this crazy hunter alien was able to take them out. Predator 2 was okay because it was at the height of Danny Glover's "action" career, but even it was a pale imitation to the original which really set the tone. Everything else has sucked. This looks to continue that trend. It looks like an okay "alien" movie, but doesn't feel like the Predator at all. It's such a shame that this really unique, absolutely awesome creature has been continually watered down in so many bad movies. I guess there's no reviving it at this point. Once Dr. Olivia Munn and the Hardy Boys are fighting the Predator, it's pretty much past the point of no return... Then again it's kinda been that way ever since the "spear" scene.
  5. I had faith in him, but that crowdfunding thing kinda soured me.
  6. SCW

    The Kickstarter Thread

    The good news is that Boss Fight is making it. So you know it'll be good quality and will actually happen. The bad news for me is that it's another Kickstarter and I probably have a grand worth of toys in Kickstarters that have yet to deliver, most from trusted companies, but the constant delays, changes, etc have put them months to years behind. So I'm kinda done with KS as well at least until I start getting more stuff. I've had some great KS experiences, but I've also had some that have left me kinda "blah" to the whole thing.
  7. Super sad I missed this one. Looks AMAZING. If anyone drops out for some reason, please put me on the backup list!
  8. Awesome! These sound great.
  9. SCW

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    Does this Hobgoblin not use a glider? (Not a critique of the pack, I have no idea info about this character)
  10. Went to 3 different TRUs over the weekend. Stores are basically a wasteland now. Nothing left, crap all over the aisles. And yet incredibly... No deals to be had. Almost nothing is more than 10% off and with their prices raised, it's more expensive than it was when they were in business and running sales. When people hear a store is "going out of business" they come in and buy everything up, demolish everything else and rip packages open. I was hoping Minimates wouldn't be effected, since they are such a niche item, but sadly outside of a few Dark Tower sets or other less popular sets, nothing is left.
  11. SCW

    Pacific Rim: Uprising

    That makes sense. I am curious, did you guys ask for the option to make SD Godzilla figures? I know Bandai released some in the states, so maybe you were blocked, but it would have been cool to see what DST did with those.
  12. SCW

    TRU Series 26

    Always boggles my mind that wooden pinmates and such have landed at Target in their collector aisle, but Minimates aren't there. Seems like everybody can get into Target but DST.
  13. K*B story looks like BS. Just another vulture trying to cash in on TRU's demise. Call me when they start opening some stores... Or even own the KB IP. Until then, I'll steer you guys to my upcoming press release on how I'm going to save the Retail Industry by reopening Sears as soon as they close. I'm also going to save Disco.
  14. Great shot. Was just watching the old 60s Spider-man cartoon and an episode that featured Rhino had a bunch of scenes just like that.
  15. Someone could buy several hundred stores and keep them open. Presumably purchasing the name as well. Right now it looks like the group in charge of TRU Canada very well may do that.