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    The Star Wars Bounty Hunters pack was pretty cool: I also like the Avengers Movie Hulk which has a bit of a classic Kirby Hulk vibe to me: And the Yoda 3 pack isn't bad either:
  2. Robocop would be lots of fun. Especially if we got some of the human baddies that we're never getting anywhere else. Some ED-209. I doubt it will happen, but back in the old days of Mates, this would have been one they could have easily done two or three sets on depending on how deep they wanted to go.
  3. Yeah I’m curious on the PR 6 pack as well. Kinda hoping now that we’ve seen Wave 2 that this is a villain set!
  4. I’m not blaming you, FYI. I’m just saying as we have seen far too much in the past few years. Factually wrong information seems to spread twice as far twice as quickly as the truth. And it has probably hurt sales of this set a bit. Little hiccups like not photoing the core weapons has caused confusion. Hopefully it doesn’t hurt things too much.
  5. I dig these but I do wonder how many sales have been lost due to the photos and descriptions not mentioning the swords and chucks. Everywhere this was posted on many sites from Twitter and beyond, people are commenting that they don’t have those weapons. And even if people get better information the misinformation is out there and spread. Blah.
  6. Ah yes, it's time for the yearly "Toys R Us is BACK" campaign, where a retailer, investor, consortium, necromancer, etc, props up the cold dead husk of a carcass of TRU complete with logos and tries to use the zombie brand onto whatever snakeoil they're selling, promises a larger rollout is just around the corner and tries to get you to buy generic overpriced toys that bare no resemblance to the TRU of old, while shackled and beaten Geoffrey is flogged for the masses as he is forced to prostitute himself once more and swear to you "I'm back kids" as he cries inside and whimpers "why won't they let me die?!" TRU isn't coming back. Not until someone actually buys the brand with the intent to create a series of brick and mortar retail shops and not just slap TRU all over whatever their normal toy section is and/or opens one "test shop" that just serves as an advertisement to redirect you to a website that's owned by another company. They've done this literally every year since TRU went under. Every single year. And it's almost always new owners of the TRU branding.
  7. I was not a huge MMPR guy, it was pretty much past my time but I did watch some of the original show because I am a fan of kaiju, tokusatsu and stuff in general. I could recognize that the show, you know, wasn't great. But neither was a lot of stuff. Filmation's He-Man for example. But the designs were cool, giant monsters fighting and I could always sort of see a cooler version in my head. Mind's eye and all that. If you're into Ultraman or Voltron or anything like that, I'd suggest giving these figures a try. Even if you never watch a MMPR episode. The basic concept should appeal to most 70s and 80s kids. And these are really well done.
  8. I could definitely see there being some good parts to mine in this line.
  9. That's good! Though sometimes knowing and doing are two different things haha.
  10. Yeah I mean, I hope whoever is in charge makes smart decisions when it comes to army builders. If the old two pack format is gone, there needs to be wise decisions made in terms of troop building. Don't pack a main character or someone who can't be repeated with army builders. It will frustrate people.
  11. I don't agree with Trekker's assessment. Most of MMPR's villains are no different than a generic mutant in the TMNT world. Which they easily handled all the time. The MMPR villains usually end up the size of a kaiju, but are never depicted as terribly competent IMO. The TMNT have had their own giant robots and such before, so one would assume if there were no MMPR but the villains attacks the TMNT they would find a way to handle them. But your question was on MMPR vs TMNT and I think if you're just talking Ranger vs Turtle, 1 on 1, the Turtles always win. The TMNT are supposed to be the best of the best in terms of ninjas and also they would presumably have some extra strength, jumping ability, etc, due to their mutation. Although that's never explicitly stated, given some of the things they do we can assume they don't just have the average skills of the average man. MMPR as shown to be competent, but not the best at their martial arts. Adding in some minor additional strength and jumping ability, etc, when in Ranger form (again never explicitly stated but one presumes the suits give them additional hit points and enhanced abilities) the Rangers are still below the TMNT. Of course it depends on which version of the TMNT we're talking about. Probably the weakest, most incompetent TMNT (Next Mutation) crossed over with the MMPR and were shown to be on the same level, if not stronger. And of course there are the recent TMNT/MMPR comics that show them on pretty even footing. But when you take into account all the other canons, it seems the TMNT are generally better/stronger on a 1-1 basis. The issue for the TMNT would be that there are dozens of PR total and the numbers game presuming you could get all PRs together to fight them... Of course, TMNT has clearly established that they have a multiverse with dozens of incarnations of themselves and their allies... So it's pretty even... And oh god, I've spent too long thinking about this.
  12. Yes. He never actually does anything. He just flails around all the time at the control center watching the Rangers in battle. He looks cool though.
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