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  1. So you're saying it's possible we might get a Rocketeer?!
  2. I mean, would it be THAT hard for them to slap together a Rocketeer and Jenny 2 pack? C'mon DST! Make it happen!
  3. I still find it hard to believe that Minimates aren't useful to them. They were always relatively cheap to make and just helped them spread their licenses out to be more robust. It seems like that would still be the case. I guess I don't know what has changed.
  4. Pains me to see Vinimates got Rocketeer, as well as DST making a standard figure, but still no Minimate. Boooo.
  5. SCW

    Godzilla Vinimates

    Yeah, I mean the neck is better than nothing. They just remind me a bit of Bandai vinyls, so I wish the arms and legs had rotation. Not the end of the world. Happy to hear that there are more coming though.
  6. You could always make the evil Nazi Rocketmen that appeared in the animated film segment. Would love a Rocketeer, Lothar, Jenny and Dalton. I'd make sure it got solicited cause I'd order a ton myself! Rocketeer merch has increased in recent years, but it's still relatively rare in the grand scheme of things.
  7. SCW

    Godzilla Vinimates

    I'll pick these up. Sure wish they were articulated. Those simple sculpts just scream 5 POA. Of course I also wish these would lead to some more Godzilla minimates.
  8. I think the timing has been off on a lot of releases. This is not DST's fault, but it's been kinda odd. Godzilla line starts and dies before Godzilla's latest movie hits theaters. Sonic line starts and dies before Sonic movie hits theaters. It seems like there have been at least a few times that things like that could have provided a little boost. I'm sure there are other examples. Just bum luck on a few of those.
  9. Still can't believe these made it out and not those awesome 80s TMNT. Sigh. Sets undoubtedly would have sold better if Knuckles had been included, but truth be told the wonky designs on these never made them must buys. It just never quite clicked.
  10. When does the "Year 1" subscription end? I gotta make sure I don't miss out.
  11. Movie trailer looks like a parody sketch of what Hollywood would do with Sonic the Hedgehog as a movie. Except, it's real?
  12. Really bummed to hear these were cancelled. Was about the only thing Minimates I was looking forward to. I'm not a huge Marvel guy, just pick up odds and ends here and there. I'm not used to this "if you want it you better pre-order" thing with MM. I guess in the future I'll stick to that formula, but kinda sad state of affairs.
  13. Since when is Mega Bloks dead? They were rebranded as Mega Construx and appear to be doing just fine. They just announced GoT and Ghostbusters among other lines. Unless you just mean Star Trek, and yeah the MB Star Trek line seems to have petered out, but only after getting a ton of product onto shelves. And best I can tell, the Star Trek line is still continuing in their min-figure line which has a variety of different licenses shuffled around a couple of releases at a time. Anywho, I'd still buy some Trek Minimates.
  14. I'll probably pick them up, but I am curious why Mecha Godzilla looks so on point and both Godzillas look odd in the head area. It was the same issue I had with the Minimates. Godzilla just looked strange.
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