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  1. Movie trailer looks like a parody sketch of what Hollywood would do with Sonic the Hedgehog as a movie. Except, it's real?
  2. Really bummed to hear these were cancelled. Was about the only thing Minimates I was looking forward to. I'm not a huge Marvel guy, just pick up odds and ends here and there. I'm not used to this "if you want it you better pre-order" thing with MM. I guess in the future I'll stick to that formula, but kinda sad state of affairs.
  3. Since when is Mega Bloks dead? They were rebranded as Mega Construx and appear to be doing just fine. They just announced GoT and Ghostbusters among other lines. Unless you just mean Star Trek, and yeah the MB Star Trek line seems to have petered out, but only after getting a ton of product onto shelves. And best I can tell, the Star Trek line is still continuing in their min-figure line which has a variety of different licenses shuffled around a couple of releases at a time. Anywho, I'd still buy some Trek Minimates.
  4. I'll probably pick them up, but I am curious why Mecha Godzilla looks so on point and both Godzillas look odd in the head area. It was the same issue I had with the Minimates. Godzilla just looked strange.
  5. There's very little Minimate presence. Those Godzilla Vinimates would be cool if they were articulated. They almost look like they are, but I know Vinimates are notorious for that. On an unrelated note, ROBBY!
  6. I think this could be really cool for Minimates if they make them. Lots of fun Bruce options and could make some generic baddies if they can't get rights to move characters.
  7. I've bought some cool Minimates stuff from Shapeways. But I am guessing it would be cost prohibitive to design a bike or something larger.
  8. Is it me or do the Sonic Minimates look better? They all looked pretty wonky to me when first revealed, but now they look better. Did they modify the heads?
  9. I think there's still a Mego market. It's small, but arguably bigger than Minimates. It's been proven to have a pretty decent niche market and the figures must be relatively cheap to produce, which is why people keep making them. There's quite a few companies that make Mego stuff. ClassicTVToys has made a ton of stuff, including wrangling major licenses like DC and Adam West Batman. NECA does some Mego-esque figures, DST had some success, etc. I think the new Mego has a shot. But I am starting to question their choice of licenses. I realize they only have what's available to them but right now most of what they have announced is old TV show licenses. Which isn't really going to set the marketplace on fire, no matter what kind of figures they make.
  10. No, I don't think so, but I think Classic Who is an easy sell. With the first female Doctor on the horizon, there's really no way to gauge if the show will reach new levels of interest or plummet to the bottom of the ocean. And frankly, since Matt Smith's Doctor came on, new Who merchandise has struggled to make that connection with a lot of audiences. Even though there has been a ton of it. Much like Polarboy said, it's hard sometimes to figure out what characters from the new seasons would make good figures to have and often by the time toy companies do, the pegs are clogged with pointless characters. I think if you started with the 4th, you'd see great sales, you could do some other Doctors and villains and eventually work into "New Who" with Tennant and such if need be and by the time they got to the "current" stuff, we'd know if it was a hit and what characters to choose from. Let the 13th get a few seasons under her belt before trying to make characters from that time frame. But as I understand it, they're two totally different licenses as well. And I suspect Classic would work well, even though lots of places want to push what's new and current, I think with Who you should start in the middle and work both directions.
  11. Doctor Who does seem like a property that would do well for this format. So long as it wasn't current Who, but classic. But it seems like that ship has sailed. I wish Minimates could get into Target. Boggles my mind the stuff they sell there but Minimates can't get a foot in with something. Hopefully we'll get some kinda good news coming out of SDCC.
  12. To be fair, the new Mego is working with EMCE, so those "Official" Mego Sulu and Chekovs will be the exact same molds as the Mego Wannabe versions.
  13. Sadly none of my Walgreens have gotten any of this wave yet. They're choking on old product.
  14. Look at the insane stuff that Jon Peters was trying to do to Superman. Bay does that kind of heavy handed producing on all his big budget blockbusters. I think he's far more to blame than the director or anyone else, he's setting the parameters. And the director for TMNT is someone who works with Bay all the time, it's not like he was fighting for his own vision or something. Eastman's name being on the film is a paycheck for him. He had about as much to do with that (or almost anything TMNT aside from IDW) as Stan Lee does with Marvel. Edit: Had a larger response, but it's kinda silly to go over in such detail.
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