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  1. Not comparable, IMO. They could easily pack an army builder with another army builder at retail. Packing them with name characters is a mistake. EDIT: I should note, I was referring to 2 packs, not 4 packs. But honestly even with 4 packs, Joe army builders are popular enough to support themselves. Anyone who thinks otherwise, doesn't understand the Joe property. DST should make sure not to make that mistake. Nothing annoyed Joe collectors more than having to purchase multiple Dukes and Snake-Eyes to army build. Hasbro eventually got that point and started packing army builders together.
  2. This line has tons of army builders, there is no reason not to make army builder packs. Even if it's 1 Cobra Trooper and 1 Viper, or 1 Officer and 1 (Insert 100 other Cobra ranks) etc. You get the idea. There is ZERO reason to pack Duke with a Trooper. Also hopefully the impending disaster failure of a Snake-Eyes movie better not screw these Minimates up. That movie will bomb, but hopefully this line can still thrive. Previous GI Joe movie bombs have screwed up other Joe lines.
  3. Good news - BHM is going to bankroll a new series of exclusive Minimates! Bad news - It's all variants of Chef Duff. THIS IS A JOKE... Just having some fun, ya'll.
  4. No interest in NBX for me, so womp womp.
  5. I'm excited there are MM exclusives at all.
  6. I hope it's translucent Tron Minimates.
  7. I need a Web-Man ASAP! The Marvel Legend looks great. Now get me a minimate!
  8. Yeah with all due respect to whatever Joe movies/TV shows are coming out... DON'T DO PRODUCT FOR THEM! Sorry, but GI Joe 25th was the best line ever, and it died because of the Joe movie figures. Anyway, these look great. Scarlett is an odd choice (not as a choice, but as in the first box set) but I'm here for it. $30 isn't cheap, but I'm all in. Exciting to hear about possible Walgreens figures too. Although that could become a headache, the possibility is exciting. I will order tons of these.
  9. Nice stuff on that Black suit Supes!
  10. I don't know if these posts are sarcastic or not, but I think the Hasbro thing is kinda like, a pretty big deal.
  11. I think putting Lady Jaye in the first box set would be a mistake. She should come later, with Flint. It'll be a while before that series gets going anyway.
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