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  1. I really like the Minimate Zord designs. It's a shame they're struggling. Concerns me.
  2. I'd buy a ton of 2 packs of LTS Foot. Just saying.
  3. I definitely wanted the MMPR Vinis, but I'm not huge on pre-orders these days. Guess I'll pre-order to try and make sure they go through.
  4. Those Bucks are just like the real life counterparts, not gonna sell. I see the Punk stuff is being phased out.
  5. It's not supposed to be a parody and never was. Fox tried to market it like that because they assumed that people wanted that from MacFarlane and Fox has never known how to market sci-fi, but instead he did a very serious Trek show that is better than any Trek modern show. The stuff in season 4 is as good of sci-fi, as well, has ever been produced anywhere, Trek or otherwise.
  6. If you like Star Trek, watch The Orville. It's the best Star Trek show to date. This is not a joke.
  7. This was the set I saw (and a couple other little mini sets I can't seem to find online) but it was just the train: Anyway, the scale on this looked to be pretty spot on for Mates. To be fair, I didn't have one in my pocket at the time, but the scaling was much closer to MM than the actual figures included which look to be 3inches or so. You can see how some of these figures are too big for their intended spots, which means MM should scale nicely. The castle looks fun too:
  8. I just recently saw some Harry Potter mini figures in the girls doll section. Not sure of what exactly their branding is, but they had a train playset and a few other things. They looked to be pretty perfect minimates scale. Not the train itself but the interior bits. MIGHT be of some use to someone.
  9. Invisible accessory jokes? I see you guys are horsing around again.
  10. If not too late, add me to the AEW Promo list. My entire persona here was created on my custom wrestling mates, so it would be spiffy to have the first official wrestling mate, even if it's a promo piece. Thanks!
  11. Sounds like a lot of fun. Stuff like this sets DST apart. I'm definitely interested in submitting some stuff, but must confess I know there are some AMAZING Minimates photographers out there, so this won't be easy.
  12. IMO even though the chest is less pronounced in the film, the way it's designed it does look to be a raised piece. Slightly more so than the other rangers. Could be an optical illusion with the way the trim goes around it or whatever, but it might not be. Either way on the Minimate it looks, awkward to me. Especially when there is a piece already sculpted that could have been used. Could have easily painted the chest and included the chest piece as well, so people could use both or choose how they use it. As for the weapons, again, it's less about being "movie accurate" to me (I mean, who cares about movie accuracy it's not officially a "movie" set) and more about value. The set looks barren and it carries the highest price point of the NYCC MM sets. I get that there are more figures, but it just feels a bit light on accessories. Even if they'd just thrown in some of the Ranger's weapons (even though they aren't used in the movie) it would have made the value feel a bit more substantial. Perhaps they didn't want to spoil the MMPR box set 2 by including the weapons. And yes, the regular Ranger sets come with tons of weapons. That's cool. But this "movie" set just feels a little light to me. I'm sure I'll probably end up snagging it because the MMPR stuff has been quite nice.
  13. I think it’s probably more common for stickers to be on the cassettes but certainly plenty of video stores also put them on the cases as well. Just depends on what the store did but cases tended to be more bare in my experience.
  14. Ah, as for the DVD, that's fair. Good sticker I suppose. It looks like a legit DVD. As for the weapons, been a while since I watched the movie but I don't recall them really using them. But the set feels light on accessories regardless.
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