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  1. I need a Web-Man ASAP! The Marvel Legend looks great. Now get me a minimate!
  2. Yeah with all due respect to whatever Joe movies/TV shows are coming out... DON'T DO PRODUCT FOR THEM! Sorry, but GI Joe 25th was the best line ever, and it died because of the Joe movie figures. Anyway, these look great. Scarlett is an odd choice (not as a choice, but as in the first box set) but I'm here for it. $30 isn't cheap, but I'm all in. Exciting to hear about possible Walgreens figures too. Although that could become a headache, the possibility is exciting. I will order tons of these.
  3. Nice stuff on that Black suit Supes!
  4. I don't know if these posts are sarcastic or not, but I think the Hasbro thing is kinda like, a pretty big deal.
  5. I think putting Lady Jaye in the first box set would be a mistake. She should come later, with Flint. It'll be a while before that series gets going anyway.
  6. Could do a lot of different packs realistically. Would be a slam dunk license.
  7. GI Joe is not like other franchises. You do not need an "anchor character". Not trying to be snarky to anyone here, BTW. I think an "Undercover" option is fine as an example, but you'd be just as successful in my mind if you sold a 4 pack of troopers, with 3 troopers and 1 officer. To Joe fans, army building is half the battle (see what I did there) and there's literally NO other franchise that even comes close to the army building potential this has. Not even SW. There are dozens of types of Cobra army building characters. All well liked. I mean you could do entire waves of nothing
  8. Nah, Duke wears bright yellow. Point is, Army Builders should be packed with other Army Builders. License to print money.
  9. You Sentai customs give me hope for what DST could do if they do manage to get MMPR!
  10. Yup. DST has never had a line that has so many potential army builders as an example. Let's hope they don't do anything foolish like pack Duke with a Trooper.
  11. YES! The Transformers announcement left me kinda, "meh", but I was prepared to buy because I want Minimates to do well. But this? Man, this could be a major rabbit hole! Especially if they have classic looks!
  12. I'm confused why they would lose wrist articulation, as these just look like overlays,. but maybe I'm missing something. I think they look pretty cool. TF is not a property I care much about, but I could definitely see myself picking up a few of these because they're the iconic looks in nice mini form.
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