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  1. It just dawned upon me that that Vulture is never going to fit in my display case
  2. Curious as to whether or not vulture will have any knee articulation with that rig
  3. Possibly but I'd doubt we would get an x-men based character even if he was on the show
  4. Highly requested re-do villain, Abomination? Kraven? Shocker?
  5. Oh yeah rocket looks great now, groot is a simple paint fix, but I'm still not feeling yondu's mohawk
  6. Star lord, gamora, taserface, mantis and gamora all last look ace. Yondu looks good too, but I'm not sure why his mohawk is so short, rockets arms and legs look better than the control art, but now he looks a little pin headed, and groot should be a darker color, and I'm glad they ditched that massive chest pieces for drax
  7. I'm not sure about that, i just remember YB posted pics around 2 years back, thanks though
  8. Hey YB, i was wondering if you still had pics of the decals for casual jules and vincent, i just got the set, but the photos aren't available anymore, it'd be much appreciated
  9. I honestly don't understand why they wouldn't have done the full on yellowshirt cage, they could've given him blue jeans, and a waist cap to hide the chain belt, if they were going to include an alternate torso and arms they should've went all the way
  10. Also an sdcc two pack with bullet hole hoodie cage and method man
  11. Luke cage really could use a second set, moreso than the other netflix show in my opinion. I'd like full on yellow hoodie power man, shades, diamondback, and either turk or bobby fish
  12. Luke looks good, the hood really sells it, misty looks good too, really like cottonmouth, hoping he comes with an alternate vest look, hopefully bloody from the first couple episodes, and probably gonna track down a second so i can qc an alexander pierce. Not liking dillard though, the likeness isn't that good, i think diamondback or shades, or even turk would've been cooler
  13. I've seen them all those places except for Walmart and walgreens, they mostly pegwarm or get clearenced out, they're pretty garbage honestly
  14. I can see the sculpt, i meant is the paint detail just one solid color with a little face like potted groot or nothing like the antman figs, or fully detailed out like gotg 1 rocket, I probably didn't word it too well
  15. Wait, does rocket have the same legs as mr krabs, they look the same length, they don't have feet that so i don't know
  16. Hey zach, will groot be normal tree patern or have his tiny ravanger jacket, also will the detail be like the microfigs, or more like the original rocket
  17. Eh, theres a fine line, the puppets look like minimate sized minimates, while this groot actually looks like a small character, not just a figure
  18. Yeah but yondu, has his comic mohawk now, plus he was a tru exclusive the first time round, so i think he warrants an upgrade
  19. Well now we know what zach meant when he said they were doing something with hand ninjas soon, these could double for netflix dd ninjas too
  20. This looks like the reference for tactical wolvie
  21. Yeah, if you look you can see the red x logo belt sticking out from underneath, so this could double as normal brown wolverine (+stubble)
  22. Its on the minimates for you and me facebook page
  23. Can't get the pic on here but tru exclusives are tactical wolverine ( brown suit with belt, vest and bandana) and black suit marvel now magneto
  24. Oh shit, kaine comes with thwip hands! Are those new?
  25. Does cage come with 2 different shirts? The packaged pic still looks like the blue shirt
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