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  1. I still thinks its ridiculous that we could’ve gotten a spider ham figure but instead we got that stupid and useless spider girl figure
  2. Yeah, i think zach confirmed everett ross a while back
  3. Just noticed that sans the jacket that peter is wearing the same outfit as the "peter parker reading a book" meme Granted it should be a sweater vest but close enough
  4. Wait whats this about blue loki, shield agents and khaki Banner? I've seen the others you mentioned but I've never heard of these
  5. Welo that sucks but i get it, would've been nice to get Gao and weavers character, and a better Jessica ( the first one is horrible, thats not just me right?) and maybe Danny in the green hoodie and Luke in his yellow shirt, but at the very least skipping over this gives me some hope that Dst will skip over some of the unnecessary redos for Infinity War
  6. He's confirmed for Infinity War so hopefully
  7. The majority of the characters still look mostly the same as their last appearance so hopefully dst sees that and doesn't give us too many direct repeats, the only really essential revisits would be Cap, Tony, Widow, Spidey, possibly Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch since we can't see their full costumes and maybe a new normal Hulk, obviously we're probably gonna get a few of the guardians but we got 27 main characters on this poster without Ant-man, Fury or The collector, and we better get the collector this time (and please do not give us another identical Vision)
  8. Just noticed that Jessica has an avengers coffee mug, which is amazing, and the approach to the jacket on this one is miles better than the netflix versions. I would assume that comic quake and reyes probably means we still aren't getting aos figures anytime soon unfortunately. The rest of the ragnarok figures look great, but was 3 lokis really necessary? And I'm confused about the tru assortment, whats the third pack gonna be?
  9. Are we gonna see the defenders sets at all? And also will bafs be a norm from now on?
  10. So presumably Quake comes with Reyes for obvious reasons, so who goes with Daredevil? Theres 9 figures so presumably a tru wave so whose the last figure?
  11. Anyone else feel like neither spidey have nearly enough blue on the arms?
  12. Surtur was apparently shown in some sdcc footage that wasn't released to the public, but I'd assume there'd probably be a lack of reference for him
  13. Yeah I'd definitely say Heimdall, hes getting a funko pop and is the last main character that we've seen, the only other character I could think of is the director of the movie is playing a character, I forget who but I think its one of the kronans
  14. When/ where was Grandmaster confirmed, that'd be great if true, since Skurge and him were the only characters I was worried about not getting made in this assortment outside of the boxset
  15. The range is the same as a normal mate, even with the chest cap. Its definitely a major improvement over the last shoulder sculpts
  16. Some higher quality shots of the tru set, i ordered these online, but I'd definitely watch out for sloppy paint on iron mans repulsor and hands, Hogan is a significant improvement for sure, but it kinda sucks he doesn't come with any accessories, and with the new iron man i think dst has finally hit the perfect balance between sculpt and paint but he could've used an alternate Tony Stark head and for the record Iron Man has no paint detail under the chest cap, just plain silver from there up
  17. Zach confirmed a couple pages back that its an alternate look for a hero and a alternate look for a villain, so probably some kinda of final battle/ battle damaged vulture, maybe if we're lucky a more comic like shocker we've seen in some set photos and concept art
  18. I've been using origins gambits face with zangiefs mohawk, but the zombie hair might work better
  19. I guess, but if there's anymore guardians figures coming, kraglin would need to be there, hes kinda one of the breakout characters from the film, i don't know who else there could be, star lord had a lot of outfits in the movie, maybe the trench coat and scarf, or the zipped up jacket and jet pack from the beginning
  20. So assumably its a movir two pack, either from homecoming or gotg, if it's guardians maybe kraglin and stakar? Not sure about homecoming, maybe some kind of tony stark and some other side character
  21. The only problem would be the waist belt piece wouldn't match up with the smaller block, I'm assuming thats why dst decided to go with the normal sized, because if the belt were smaller it'd probably be more fragile in the plastic around the hole
  22. Heres mine hair is cap reborn face is secret war cap jacket is civil war cap torso is paine legs are asm curt conners
  23. Just threw together a quick Simpson Hair is cap reborn face is secret war cap jacket is civil war cap (carols from twd is much better though, same sculpt but a darker brown, and the one from cap has an avengers symbol on his arm) legs are asm curt conners
  24. Yeah with punisher war zones frank castle hair, and a different tie, harolds hair is cap reborn btw, unfortunately not that common of a piece
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