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  1. Surtur was apparently shown in some sdcc footage that wasn't released to the public, but I'd assume there'd probably be a lack of reference for him
  2. Yeah I'd definitely say Heimdall, hes getting a funko pop and is the last main character that we've seen, the only other character I could think of is the director of the movie is playing a character, I forget who but I think its one of the kronans
  3. When/ where was Grandmaster confirmed, that'd be great if true, since Skurge and him were the only characters I was worried about not getting made in this assortment outside of the boxset
  4. The range is the same as a normal mate, even with the chest cap. Its definitely a major improvement over the last shoulder sculpts
  5. Some higher quality shots of the tru set, i ordered these online, but I'd definitely watch out for sloppy paint on iron mans repulsor and hands, Hogan is a significant improvement for sure, but it kinda sucks he doesn't come with any accessories, and with the new iron man i think dst has finally hit the perfect balance between sculpt and paint but he could've used an alternate Tony Stark head and for the record Iron Man has no paint detail under the chest cap, just plain silver from there up
  6. Zach confirmed a couple pages back that its an alternate look for a hero and a alternate look for a villain, so probably some kinda of final battle/ battle damaged vulture, maybe if we're lucky a more comic like shocker we've seen in some set photos and concept art
  7. I've been using origins gambits face with zangiefs mohawk, but the zombie hair might work better
  8. I guess, but if there's anymore guardians figures coming, kraglin would need to be there, hes kinda one of the breakout characters from the film, i don't know who else there could be, star lord had a lot of outfits in the movie, maybe the trench coat and scarf, or the zipped up jacket and jet pack from the beginning
  9. So assumably its a movir two pack, either from homecoming or gotg, if it's guardians maybe kraglin and stakar? Not sure about homecoming, maybe some kind of tony stark and some other side character
  10. The only problem would be the waist belt piece wouldn't match up with the smaller block, I'm assuming thats why dst decided to go with the normal sized, because if the belt were smaller it'd probably be more fragile in the plastic around the hole
  11. Heres mine hair is cap reborn face is secret war cap jacket is civil war cap torso is paine legs are asm curt conners
  12. Just threw together a quick Simpson Hair is cap reborn face is secret war cap jacket is civil war cap (carols from twd is much better though, same sculpt but a darker brown, and the one from cap has an avengers symbol on his arm) legs are asm curt conners
  13. Yeah with punisher war zones frank castle hair, and a different tie, harolds hair is cap reborn btw, unfortunately not that common of a piece
  14. Head is negan, hair is from one of the captain americas, wave 42 civil war i think
  15. Luckily Harold and Ward weren't too hard to qc, can't say the same for Gao, gonna need another jules and vincent set
  16. To be fair other than daredevils masks and s2 daredevils chain and duct tape hands, and i think elektras hairpiece, every thing else in the defenders box sets have parts reuses
  17. Well i just finished the series and overall the set really just gets more disappointing the more you think about it
  18. Predictions for defenders, definitely need two boxsets Set 1 Daredevil (not sure what could be done to differentiate it from the other one, angry facial expression?) Jessica( hopefully with a new sculp for her jacket and scarf this time) Alexandra ( Weavers character, presumed main antagonist) Hogarth (been on every series so far, definitely deserves a figure) Set 2 Luke (yellow shirt) Iron Fist (hopefully in costume this time around) Madame Gao (granted not confirmed but pretty much has to be there) Turk Barret (probably not gonna happen but come on, it's Turk Barret baby) Not sure who else we could use, most of the other characters confirmed for defenders (Foggy, Stick, Karen, Elektra(?), Claire, Trish, Misty, and Coleen) already have figures, maybe a hand ninja? They seem like they might play a big role in the series, maybe some other unannounced huge antagonist? Maybe a new Claire, as someone on here mentioned before, the Claire mate we have now is pretty scene specific, a new one wouldn't hurt
  19. Definitely hoping for 2 boxsets for defenders, not sure if gao is confirmed yet but if shes in the show theres no way they can skip over her
  20. Half way through the series, danny wears black suits in the series, they easily could have reused the matt murdock gimmick instead of the second danny hell I would've much preferred an alternate look of him in a black hoodie instead of the suit, and the whole situation is now infinitely more agitating since now we're missing an ass load of main characters, more than the other shows. Gao definitely should have been in this set, and one of joy ward or harold, lei-fung(?) hasn't done much yet, so I'll probably change my mind about him being replace with one of those characters, but suited danny is awful
  21. The gun rocket is holding comes with tazerface and gamora is holding rockets gun, i guess whoever set that up at toyfair mixed somethings around, probably because of that scene in the trailer where gamora has that giant gun( but it's definitely not that gun)
  22. All Doctor Strange minimates are 5.99 at TRU, at least at mine
  23. I think kraglin would be cool, and shouldn't be much more than an alternate decal for the torso on yondu and face decal + zangiefs mohawk, also angrier faces for gamora, drax ( not technically in the specialty series but still) and nebula would be amazing
  24. You should definitely include the alien star wars looking text on star lords shirt that he has in most of the promotional material, and dst didn't include for whatever reason, thats my biggest problem with the new star lord
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