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  1. @DSTZach any idea when the Walgreens series will become more widely distributed or is it just anyone’s guess?
  2. Its not even about the black order for me, that war machine is one of the only figures from the infinity war line I genuinely really want, and not just buying for completions sake, I’ve never liked any of the old war machine designs for the last couple movies
  3. Zach, was there distribution problems with this wave or are or they legitimately not supposed to be out yet like the first wave
  4. The new MCU formula is annoying the hell out of me, I hate having to pay $25 for 4 figures when I can get double the amount of figures for $8 more and the same amount through 2 packs for $5 less
  5. Wasn’t happy with how generic the Iron Fist mate looked, or the general look if the Jessica so I made some modifications. Iron Fist has the emo peter jacket painted green, and Jessica has Micheal Knights jacket
  6. Glenns hat might work but its not really the right color or style
  7. Its jigsaws from war zones with the black details painted on
  8. Well as long as we’re probably not getting Luis, I figured I might as well make one, definitely not perfect but the best I could do with what I had
  9. Damn, other than Wasp Luis was pretty much the only figure I would’ve wantwd from this movie, guess thats not happening now
  10. I’m really kinda tired of Rockets giant guns, he never really uses anything that gargantuan in the movies, the 6 inch scale marvel legends one comes with the same designed gun and the minimates one is probably bigger, they’re impossible to get him to hold or at least display nicely with them, i’d much rather have the tooling for that thing go into a smaller gun or maybe two pistols
  11. Anything on John Wick or the returning liscense we’ve heard hints about?
  12. Did cap look like he had the shields or a new hairpiece?
  13. Happy we’re getting War Machine, if theres a new armor sculpt, but if not then... thankful we’re not getting another damn vision, and happier I’ll be able to skip out on a Walgreens set eith Drax and Gamora, my one Walgreens does not get these sets at all and its really killing me paying 15-20 dollars a piece for these, unless this set really blows my mind which I doubt, kinda weird no new SW, I don’t mind since I have the civil war one, but that was an exclusive and she actually has a vaguely different look with her hair color, so it’s weird we’d get Drax and Gamora who we just got last year widely available and wearing identical outfits, Hulkbuster, Cap, Falcon and the Black Order members all sound great, assuming Obsidian will be packed with HB, also kinda sucks we’re getting another Black Panther, especially as these were planned for tru which just got identical BP mates
  14. I’m more bothered by the fact that bucky should have brown pants, that might be 4 for 4 on mcu buckys having the wrong color pants
  15. Anyone think we could get a Tony Stark with his arc reactor hoodie and glasses, its an interesting look and somehow except for the IM2 figure we haven’t gotten a Stark with glasses
  16. I’m sure if hulkbuster and cull were planned and probably designed at this point for tru they would be folded back in, that a lot of new tooling to go to waste, and I’m sure they’d realize that people would want these over a 4th identical vision, I would assume scarlet witch and vision were the tru pack
  17. Made a quick mockup of the ultimate hammer with jarnborns handle if, probably the easiest way to make stormbreaker especially since they both come with unworthy Thor
  18. I think if you got the Unworthy Thor and cut the hammers and put the ultimate hammer head on the jarnborn handle it would work okay for stormbreaker
  19. Not sure where this came from but found an inbox pic of the tru pack, really hope this can get out in decent quantities before the liquidation, or just straight up released somewhere else, SDCC maybe?
  20. Who posted it? Been looking for it and can’t find anything
  21. Does the IW Panther at least have the exposed eyes in the mask?
  22. Great, really not a fan of the slipover mask on the IW version, much prefer the plain head, not really too big on the weirdly underdetailed chest piece but I can live with that
  23. Can anyone who has these tell me how the reds match up between the mk 50 and the homecoming version
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