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  1. Yes, finally a new closed suit piece that doesn’t make the figures look like a kid wearing their dads suit, also love the alternate parts
  2. Damn, guess I probably should have seen that coming, I wouldn’t contest any of the characters in this set, except maybe Fishburne, but I understand why he’s there, but Reddicks character is arguably the most recognizable and memorable character in the films besides Wick himself, and it would suck to not get him
  3. What do you think @DSTZach, are these a one off or is there potential for more?
  4. We’ll also need the original Beagle, now that we got his Pit
  5. Those look pretty good, hope we can get a set from the first movie, bloody Wick, Reddick, the russian villain and Dafoe would round out the series nicely
  6. Right here!/photo.php?fbid=10155777432731513&id=591846512&set=gm.1223559321144786&source=48
  7. It was on the minimate multiverse group on fb, I’ll see if I can link the page
  8. Pics are on facebook, 90s x factor havok polaris Wolfsbane strong guy multiple man archangel cyclops jean grey beast
  9. We got a feral like 8 years back in a comic con set, was my first minimate set, and I had no damn clue who the hell she was
  10. Probably because the overlap with tru waves made the specialty waves sell shitty, so they got boxsets so they’d only have to sell one set instead of 4, you would think that now tru is closed, it’d be a good time to bring them back, but I guess not
  11. Yeah that looks decent, especially since the new cape sculpt on the upcoming mysterio should cover up the little bit of red
  12. Thanes torso would also work decent for mysterio
  13. Well if we wanted to make a quick custom of movie mysterio, from a quick look at the database, either the gold ultron or red king would have the most accurate torso, only problem being that the older tru mysterio has a much more accurate color scheme, but the 77 one has better boot detailing, also the 77 ones dome/cape sculp is more accurate, and it would cover up the red bits on the torso better, but the tru one again has a closer color scheme, can anyone here throw together the tru one with the red king torso to see how it works?
  14. I feel you there, I’ve been collecting all the mcu stuff for years and have been relatively happy with it, and hey, I’m not the biggest comic aficionado, but I’m seeing stuff in marvels future like shang chi and the eternals, and its just like, I really don’t care about those characters, nor do I really care about having figures of them, especially with how much of a pain in the ass its become to get mcu figures, and the fact that far from home, which is a movie and wouldn’t cared to have figures for, gets nothing, so yeah maybe captain marvel and endgame will be where I cut it off, and even at that, I could survive without half of the captain marvel figures, and from what we’ve seen in leaks and such, I can’t think of anything from endgame I’d really want aside from ronin and maybe amored thanos or a new war machine
  15. There has to be some weird backstage shit going on here, the license has to be unavailable because there is no way dst would skimp on a damn spiderman movie, I may be grasping at nonexistent straws, but Zach only clarified no boxset or wave, in all fairness do we really need anything from this movie aside from the red and black suit and mysterio? I think this movie could be covered with a two pack but that seems unlikely
  16. The amount of ebay listings of this wave, while still insanely overpriced, makes me very hopefull this time around, considering the last animated wave and the second infinity war wave only had one or two listing a piece for months, I’m actually confident I can get these for a relatively okay price some time down the line, because if I can’t I’m only going for the regular marvel and jude law sets, I don’t see enough reason to spend $20+ on the other 2
  17. Like I’ve said, if you look at the design the skrull in the boxset is the main skrull, and the name is either an early concept that wasn’t changed, or just a typo
  18. Remember the fact that and presumably Scorpion will return
  19. Someone did, its not in this thread for some reason, but someone posted in hand pics of Rocket and Warlock like a month back
  20. I suspect the description of the boxset is wrong, if you look at the design its clearly Talos, he’s the only one with a tailcoat and the torso design matches exactly, I suspect a typo or last second name change that wasn’t caught
  21. Does the description have the wrong name for the skrull? It says Nuro but the main skrulls, which that looks to be, name is Talos
  22. You could try the head under the slipcover mask on Origins Blob
  23. these are starting to pop up in New York found a full set of series 9 today, along with some or all of series 8
  24. Bit late but i just wanted to point out that the only lcs within an hour of me has the minimate stock of well over 20 black and white dale twd sets, atleast 3-4 full sets of the dofp movie series, one or two best of sets and multiple universal monsters sets, and seemingly hasn’t gotten any new stock of minimates in 3-4 years excluding the aou blindbags
  25. This pop got leaked, looks to be about what we can expect for the Hank figure
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