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  1. Thanks but that old kraven really needs a rerelease, that was a great figure i started collecting a little to late for
  2. God my kraven qc is the most use that figure has gotten in 3 years...
  3. yeah im new and dont really know how to upload pictures
  4. i made a qc kraven to go along with the deadly foes boxset but cant figure out how to post pics so ill just give the recipe .head: Expendables 2 barney ross .hair: Agent zero .chest and arms: Expendables 2 gunner .jacket: the one leather jacket logan from origons .legs:wave 9 brown wolverine .feet: mvc3 akuma and i also gave him the knife and shotgun from the expendables set now the only villain i really need for spidey is classic electro EDIT: i changed his arms to brown wolvie so that way i had some pseudo bracelets on him and also gave him a machete from a gi joe zartan figure that fits in almost perfectly in scale with minimates and some random straps and and holsters from deadpool
  5. im pretty sure that was the idead i have mysterio and its probably one of the best minimates made before 2010 but that also means his price tag is gonna raise and suddenly new collectors are missing one of the most important spidey villains in their collections
  6. Send a pic to customer service. i was going to but i mostly display that mate as bruce banner so i didnt really mind much but i may still send somethin to customer service
  7. Well my best of hulk has a baseball MIT for a hand, seriously though they forgot to sculpt his fingers on one hand so he just HSS nubs
  8. nice group shot i need this boxset along with kraven electro hobgoblin and kingpin and ill have the perfect rogues gallery
  9. damn ive been on a bit of a minimate hiatus but i need this set. i even tried to score a cheap electro to go along with it on ebay but got screwed at the last 5 seconds. ive been wanting that mate for years
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