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  1. FightTheDead118

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    The amount of ebay listings of this wave, while still insanely overpriced, makes me very hopefull this time around, considering the last animated wave and the second infinity war wave only had one or two listing a piece for months, I’m actually confident I can get these for a relatively okay price some time down the line, because if I can’t I’m only going for the regular marvel and jude law sets, I don’t see enough reason to spend $20+ on the other 2
  2. FightTheDead118

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    Like I’ve said, if you look at the design the skrull in the boxset is the main skrull, and the name is either an early concept that wasn’t changed, or just a typo
  3. FightTheDead118

    Spider-Man: Far From Home

    Remember the fact that and presumably Scorpion will return
  4. FightTheDead118

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    Someone did, its not in this thread for some reason, but someone posted in hand pics of Rocket and Warlock like a month back
  5. FightTheDead118

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    I suspect the description of the boxset is wrong, if you look at the design its clearly Talos, he’s the only one with a tailcoat and the torso design matches exactly, I suspect a typo or last second name change that wasn’t caught
  6. FightTheDead118

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    Does the description have the wrong name for the skrull? It says Nuro but the main skrulls, which that looks to be, name is Talos
  7. FightTheDead118

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    You could try the head under the slipcover mask on Origins Blob
  8. FightTheDead118

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    these are starting to pop up in New York found a full set of series 9 today, along with some or all of series 8
  9. FightTheDead118

    SDCC 2018

    Bit late but i just wanted to point out that the only lcs within an hour of me has the minimate stock of well over 20 black and white dale twd sets, atleast 3-4 full sets of the dofp movie series, one or two best of sets and multiple universal monsters sets, and seemingly hasn’t gotten any new stock of minimates in 3-4 years excluding the aou blindbags
  10. FightTheDead118

    Antman and the Wasp

    This pop got leaked, looks to be about what we can expect for the Hank figure
  11. FightTheDead118

    Infinity War

    @DSTZach any idea when the Walgreens series will become more widely distributed or is it just anyone’s guess?
  12. FightTheDead118

    Infinity War

    Its not even about the black order for me, that war machine is one of the only figures from the infinity war line I genuinely really want, and not just buying for completions sake, I’ve never liked any of the old war machine designs for the last couple movies
  13. FightTheDead118

    Infinity War

    Zach, was there distribution problems with this wave or are or they legitimately not supposed to be out yet like the first wave
  14. FightTheDead118

    Minimates price hike?

    The new MCU formula is annoying the hell out of me, I hate having to pay $25 for 4 figures when I can get double the amount of figures for $8 more and the same amount through 2 packs for $5 less
  15. FightTheDead118

    Daredevil Netflix (& other show) minimates?

    Wasn’t happy with how generic the Iron Fist mate looked, or the general look if the Jessica so I made some modifications. Iron Fist has the emo peter jacket painted green, and Jessica has Micheal Knights jacket