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  1. Well its the choice between bland, unremarkable army builders that leave no impact in the film or people minds, or the definitive version of Cap
  2. Yeah it would, but that’s probably the way it’ll go unfortunately, I would much rather have the new regular outfit for Rocket, that look exactly like his comic look, but I know it’s incredibly slim odds with only getting 12 figures
  3. Nah, I think its totally possible from DSTs track record to give us an army building set, and then include one character who you can’t do anything with and everyone ends up with multiple doubles of that character, so in this case I figure it’d be hulk or rocket
  4. So lets specualte, Quantum Realm set - White suit Cap - White suit Iron Man - White suit Widow - White suit Rocket - Set includes alt heads for Antman, Hawkeye, Thor, and Nebula Walgreens -Scales Cap/Armored Thanos - Normal Iron Man/ Thor - Ronin/Rescue? (Seems like no companies got references for her in time, so maybe either the new comic looking Rocket or Captain Marvel) - White suit War Machine/ White suit Hulk
  5. Yes, finally a new closed suit piece that doesn’t make the figures look like a kid wearing their dads suit, also love the alternate parts
  6. Damn, guess I probably should have seen that coming, I wouldn’t contest any of the characters in this set, except maybe Fishburne, but I understand why he’s there, but Reddicks character is arguably the most recognizable and memorable character in the films besides Wick himself, and it would suck to not get him
  7. What do you think @DSTZach, are these a one off or is there potential for more?
  8. We’ll also need the original Beagle, now that we got his Pit
  9. Those look pretty good, hope we can get a set from the first movie, bloody Wick, Reddick, the russian villain and Dafoe would round out the series nicely
  10. Right here!/photo.php?fbid=10155777432731513&id=591846512&set=gm.1223559321144786&source=48
  11. It was on the minimate multiverse group on fb, I’ll see if I can link the page
  12. Pics are on facebook, 90s x factor havok polaris Wolfsbane strong guy multiple man archangel cyclops jean grey beast
  13. We got a feral like 8 years back in a comic con set, was my first minimate set, and I had no damn clue who the hell she was
  14. Probably because the overlap with tru waves made the specialty waves sell shitty, so they got boxsets so they’d only have to sell one set instead of 4, you would think that now tru is closed, it’d be a good time to bring them back, but I guess not
  15. Yeah that looks decent, especially since the new cape sculpt on the upcoming mysterio should cover up the little bit of red
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