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  1. Who's got an idea for an unmasked Prowler head?
  2. So... What are the chances we get Minimates for Marvel's Avengers?
  3. I'm happy to read both these things! I hope this means we're getting Spider-Man PS4 Minimates?
  4. I thought the same thing when I saw that Hulk Select with the Gauntlet.
  5. Set photos are starting to come out! I really hope we get a movie box set, or possibly a tie in wave? Maybe with characters linked to Widow or that just fit the movie. A new comic Widow, Taskmaster, Red Guardian, Yelena, a new Hawkeye, Winter Soldier, um....
  6. I have Marvel Munchkin and I've used Minimates to keep track of characters and their accessories and allies.
  7. This is the best comment I've seen. So I see Zach has been commenting on here, but nothing specifically saying that the line isn't ending, correct?
  8. I'm hoping we get a more comic accurate Zemo, but also, we should definitely be getting new looks for Sam and Bucky. The rest of the shows, I'd buy the sets if they released them, but Falcon and Winter Soldier is the show I'm looking forward to the most. I saw some dope fan art that had Sam in a Captain America costume and Buck looking like US Agent and I'm all for both of those things.
  9. Walgreens, on paper, should be a great retail option. Because every city has so many of them. I'm pretty sure there's 7 or 8 in my hometown, but the distribution to the stores is terrible and really hurts the line. @nandoninny That's a great idea! I think had there been some sort of exclusive Minimate given out for Endgame, DST would be able to get more people interested in the line! I can't tell you how people I see that collect other Marvel figures that don't know what Minimates are but are immediately interested upon seeing them. Also, why aren't Minimates more prominent on Amazon? Considering Amazon has taken over the world, getting items up on there just seems like smart business.
  10. Awe man, I'm gonna be so sad when Minimates come to end! I'm not ready for it. 😓
  11. I really want that Strange and Ghost Rider two pack, but it doesn't look like it's been released. There's nothing on eBay for it.
  12. I'll be honest, I've never read the X-Factor books, but I just really enjoy the design of the figures and suits. Especially Madrox and Havok! I bought the wave, an extra Havok and Cyclops set, and 2 of the Madrox packs. I'd love to see Luke get army builder two packs. Hasbro started doing army builder packs and I'd really enjoy it if DST continued this! Hydra, AIM, random guards like the Civil War waves would all make great 2 packs.
  13. I dunno that it's confirmed yet, but rumor is Zemo and Sharon Carter are returning for Falcon and Winter Soldier. And now I really hope we get a 4 pack. Falcon with his new post-Endgame look, Winter Soldier in whatever new look he'll be sporting a better Sharon Carter, and a Zemo. Likelihood is probably slim. But since these shows will be tied directly to the movies and feature actual costumes, I'm optimistic!
  14. That makes more sense! I hope so. I'm really looking forward to that wave.
  15. As in... Released before the end of the month?
  16. I got the wave today and overall, I'm actually pretty satisfied. I have a few minor complaints, but overall, I like em! 1. Thor doesn't have the scar over his right eye. 2. War Machine, Iron Man, and Black Widow all use the same heads that came with the 4 pack. And 3. Hulk should have glasses. Other than that, solid wave! Still wish we would've gotten their more prominent looks but it is what it is.
  17. Oh yeah! Definitely, but Hot Toys, for example, did those concept art versions of Cap and Tony for the Marvel Studios 10 year anniversary, those would be dope to have as Mates. Or the Infinity War concept art for Cap where he wears the US Agent. I'm sure there's other cool stuff that I could find looking through my books, but that's the first one that comes to mind. Good point! (Also, it was really dumb as to why he wasn't grey in the movie. Because "audiences wouldn't get it." I feel it wouldn't need to be explained. They should've done it.)
  18. Can I just say, I'd kill for some MCU concept art Mates!
  19. I'm looking forward to the X-Factor and Spidey waves too. They both look great. However, the movie Mates are what I prefer. Isn't the point of this thread and forum, to voice our opinions and wants for these toys? Our opinion is that the toys for this movie aren't the best and we want better ones.
  20. I'd say I'm mostly a movie collector, but Hasbro's comic figures have been killing it lately too. I love the recent Hercules figure especially.
  21. Wait no! Don't kick me out so soon! Wave 78 Looks Greaaaaaat.... (In my head that reads as if I'm falling off a cliff, but I have to explain it otherwise it won't make sense.)
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