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  1. Didn't the same happen with the Captain Marvel mates? I don't even remember seeing official shots of the Captain Marvel mates. DST just slacks on the movie waves in that sense.
  2. I love the Red Guardian and Adaptoid!
  3. Would it be too much to ask for a black and white Punisher too? We've got t-shirt and trench coat, we've got two of the 4 live actions we've got the classic black and grey, and we've got blue and white. But no black and white. Which sucks.
  4. Is this Super Adaptoid? Cause I was thinking that!
  5. Now that we've been talking about new Captain Britain and Red Guardian, I want a Captain America wave. 1. Hydra Cap 2. Captain Britain Or 3. Red Guardian 4. Union Jack 5. Falcon 6. Frank as Cap 7. Nuke 8. Patriot. Either of the two versions. Or BAF: Um... I don't have a BAF idea. 😓
  6. Would love to see a modern US Agent. With a really angry mug. I'm a big fan of this design for Beast. Wouldn't mind Falcon's post-Cap look. Captain Britain. Either of these two suits. Or Also, I wasn't looking for it but I really like this design for Union Jack.
  7. And considering she got 3 for her movie, I don't really care to see a new one. Especially since I didn't care for her character.
  8. My bad. I was including the Super Bowl teaser as a trailer.
  9. So: 1. Scaled Cap 2. New Iron Man Armor 3. Armored Thanos 4. Thor with Stormbreaker (and even though it's dated at this point, throw in an eye patched head) 5. New Rocket 6. New War Machine 7. Smart Hulk 8. Ronin 9. New Widow 10-12: Quantum Realm suits in a 4 pack with alternate heads.
  10. Alright DST! We've got our third trailer, now show our toys!
  11. Don't say that! I want Red Guardian!
  12. I wouldn't mind a new Captain Britain. Can we get him in a pack with Red Guardian? That'd be awesome.
  13. @DSTZach When do we get Endgame reveals?
  14. Totally forgot about I definitely need that new look.
  15. I would buy the 🤐 out of the Spider-Buggy!
  16. Cosmic Ghost Rider, comic Guardians, Adam Warlock, Hyperion. A few cosmic characters I'd like to see. Does Hyperion count as cosmic? He is an alien.
  17. Captain America too. The long hair with no beard and the scaled armor.
  18. Oh wait! I forgot Nebula and Scott. But Ant-Man's look hasn't changed since his movie. From what I can tell. That's off topic though. Um... X-Factor! WOO!
  19. Any update as to when we'll being seeing these?
  20. 12 seems pretty low for Infinity War, but I guess with the box set (possibly) having multiple heads for the Quantum Realm suits, it makes sense. The original 6, War Machine, Rocket, I'd assume a new Captain Marvel and Okoye, Thanos, that's already 11. Am I missing someone that didn't get dusted? Or I've heard rumors of another villain, could be that.
  21. This sounds amazing. I need this.
  22. I'm hoping for a cosmic wave with Cosmic Ghost Rider and comic Star-Lord.
  23. Hopefully this doesn't mean they'll start skipping more MCU movies. I just saw that Emma Watson is in the lead to star alongside ScarJo in Black Widow. I'm not sure who she could be playing, but it'd be cool to get a Minimate of Emma. And if it's a prequel, hopefully we get an MCU version of Red Guardian, which would be an awesome Minimate. @DSTZach work some magic for us! I need a Gyllenhaal Mate. 😭 I know the suit is basically identical, that's not what I care about. I care about getting Jake Gyllenhaal as a Minimate! What about a 2 pack for Comic-Con? Red and Black Spidey suit with Mysterio PLEAAASE?
  24. Any word on a release date? Or when we'll see these pop up on Luke's for preorder?
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