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    I really enjoy Marvel minimates! My favorite heroes are Captain America and Hawkeye. Bullseye is my favorite villain.

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  1. I'm a little disappointed we didn't see anything at Toy Fair (yet) for this wave/set/movie
  2. Nailed it. But I didn't need a whole wave anyway. Though, I'm sure they could've made one. I would've been fine with a box set. But alas, the highest grossing Spider-Man movie will forever be missing from my collection. But enough about THAT Spider. Back to Black Widow. Are we thinking box set or wave?
  3. That's literally all I'd need lol. Personally, I don't even care if we get Ned. But if they wanted to do a 5 pack with all of them, then hell yeah!
  4. Facts. I won't get over this.
  5. Also depends on the quality of the media. Ant-Man 2 was very, VERY meh in my opinion. So I didn't care as much. Had the movie absolutely slapped, which Kick-Ass definitely does, it'd be a different story.
  6. I couldn't see a female chest block for Red Guardian, because that's not how the character is represented in the movie. You're right about the release date thing. I was totally over the Ant-Man 2 set because it was released in what? October? When the movie came out in June or July.
  7. All I'd need from this movie is a 4 pack. Taskmaster, Red Guardian, Yelena, and Nat. Her white suit is dope and new, so probably that. But the black suit that I've seen for the movie is really cool too
  8. I've been collecting Legends for a while, while also collecting Minimates, but I think it's time to move on to just one of these lines and it ain't Minimates.
  9. So we definitely aren't getting anything for this movie, are we?
  10. Honestly, she's all yours if you want her!
  11. My only complaint with this wave is Angela and that's only because her previous Mate is only a few years old and she hasn't had any major redesign since that release. Otherwise, I'm happy with this wave and I'm very glad it isn't actually cancelled.
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