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    I really enjoy Marvel minimates! My favorite heroes are Captain America and Hawkeye. Bullseye is my favorite villain.

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  1. Winter of 2020!? Wave 79 wouldn't be for another year plus!?
  2. I know a lot of people don't really like the MCU stuff. But with Black Widow's sweet new suits, Red Guardian, Taskmaster, Falcon as Cap, new Winter Soldier, US Agent, Zemo with his mask, a new Hawkeye series, and Moon Knight (I don't know what phase this will be a part of), I REALLY hope we get Phase 4 Minimates!
  3. Well, we've gotten our first look at Falcon and Winter Soldier's new designs and I'm feeling them. We're getting US Agent, the Hawkeye show, AND MOON KNIGHT!! I really hope we get Minimates for Disney+. If not, hopefully at least Hasbro makes the figures.
  4. I'm really loving the concept art! Both the Widow suits look great! We've only seen that bust picture of Red Guardian but I love the design. Taskmaster is a great addition to the MCU, though I don't know how sold I am on the design from those set photos. I'm super stoked for this movie!
  5. Angela, no. Gamera just came back but I don't remember her costume. The rest of them are accurate though! I'm all for this Gamora, but I would've much rather gotten current Groot or Beta Ray Bill.
  6. It makes sense if you're reading the current Guardians run!
  7. The Angela Mate still doesn't make sense to me. I would've much rather have seen Gladiator, Beta Ray Bill, or current Groot with a few little Groots as accessories.
  8. Well the Legends gave us quite a few characters we didn't have. Korg, Grandmaster, Skurge, Peggy, Ghost, Luis. And then the classic versions of others. Obviously, DST can't offer most of these but could definitely do Korg and Miek, Luis, and... I don't know! I haven't thought of anything else!
  9. I'm surprised DST doesn't jump into these things. Like the Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary and now the 80th. It seems like a good way to get some attention.
  10. I think it's already 2020. Wave 78 comes out in the fall and I believe that's it for the year.
  11. New Mutants is definitely not coming out anymore.
  12. Called it! I still want Hydra Supreme though! Also, would anybody else love some Great Lakes Avengers Mates?
  13. I guess if Endgame was the last movie to get Minimates, I'm okay with that.
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