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    I really enjoy Marvel minimates! My favorite heroes are Captain America and Hawkeye. Bullseye is my favorite villain.

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  1. Has anybody made the Cable and X-Force? I absolutely love the design and the comic. I wish they would've made them in Minimates form!
  2. After reading it on here, I hopped on Instagram and saw it lol. He certainly doesn't fit the role of Taskmaster. But he does fit the role of Red Guardian!
  3. David Harbour? When did that happen?! I wanted him to be Beast!
  4. Is it too early to speculate about this movie? If so, my bad. If not, I hope we at least get a two pack considering is supposed to be the villain. I hope Red Guardian is in the movie too, but who's to say for sure? Are you guys looking forward to the film? Any characters you'd like to see in it?
  5. So... Anymore guesses?
  6. This actually makes the most sense. Do Cap and Thor in their individual costumes, that's a sale. Then people who want them in the Quantum suits as well have to buy that two pack and another box set.
  7. Aaaaah! Don't get me started on the FFH suit!
  8. That definitely seems to be the case. The movies have either moved to box sets or Walgreens waves. Infinity War got a specialty wave but if I remember correctly, that was only because that wave was supposed to go to TRU.
  9. Doubtful that they'll have a BaM. That seems to be a comic book/specialty store exclusive.
  10. I totally overlooked that for a second, but you're right! It looks really good. (The hair could be better, doesn't represent his sweet ass mohawk that well)
  11. Hopefully Hulk has the Quantum Realm suit under his big pieces so I don't have to buy 3 of these sets. But if not, ah well! I'll just buy 3 of these sets lol.
  12. Aaah. Just the 4 pack though? Where's the wave? I'm glad they put all the Quantum Realm suits together though. That was a good choice.
  13. Sorry. 🤷‍♂️ Have better ones, I guess.
  14. I mean, that's definitely not accurate.
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