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  1. Ok fine. This is my offer. It is going to be a cheeky one but Meh lol. £50
  2. Bloody hell that's alot lol. Would take me a while to convince the missus that a spend on one item was a good investment.
  3. What I could have said is "I am in the UK.... I have a spare boxed Galactus .....make me an offer " Well I have literally no idea what sort of price guide there would be on these mate so give me an idea of how much you would want
  4. There is an articulated version Of the same size?
  5. This seems so hard to find. I'm unfortunately new to minimates and so am way behind but I love silver surfer have one and now just need the giant galactus. Do any of you know of any for sale. Btw I am in the UK
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