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  1. I'll bring this back because you weren't exactly peachy either.
  2. And yet, you continue to be one of the rudest people here. Maybe when more then one person tells you to quit it, you should.
  3. Take a look back at the chat over the past few hours and tell me with a straight face you weren’t doing just that.
  4. You’re one to talk about appropriate behavior. Lay off the bottle, breath. Step away from the keyboard.
  5. And I’m not above doing that. Piss off until you can behave like an adult and not have a temper tantrum about your fucking toys.
  6. Don’t bother. He’s always like this.
  7. Whoop-dee doo. Want a fucking gold medal?
  8. Could say the same, you miserable cunt.
  9. One of the many who’ve been putting up with your bullshit for more then 6 years. Scratch that. 8 Years.
  10. You need to calm the fuck down.
  11. Don't worry about it. I've basically given up.
  12. When I see pops and MLs announced as Walgreens exclusives, I come to terms quickly that I’ll never find them.
  13. News? Not like I’ll find them anywhere, but I like my hopes up before they’re dashed.
  14. As much as it pains me, I think this is where I get off the train… 😞
  15. So what…? I need to order one from the UK to get it at all? Cmon Zach..
  16. I’m just so tired of this run around….
  17. Don’t rush. We’ve known about them a few months and we still don’t know where they’re gonna be stationed. Hold tight.
  18. The one person who needed to order them to most… 😅
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