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  1. Oh... lovely. I finally get a Walgreens and this happens.
  2. Gonna need that 'Venomized' box set.
  3. W... what..? Already..??
  4. I've come to accept that 'never say never' is DST's way of saying "No, but keep your hopes up for something that won't happen"
  5. How are there so many people here who have connections?! ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ˜
  6. In the 'Insert other media' tab, choose URL. Open the gif you want in its own tab (open image in new tab) and post that url in.
  7. Okay, stop gaslighting/guilt tripping. It isn't helping your case.
  8. Just spoiled... The biggest plot point....of the past 10 YEARS of movies.... Coming here tonight was a mistake. I could've EASILY just left the notification alone... But no... I've managed to go 90% unspoiled for this movie.... Everything was going fine. I got early tickets, I shut off Twitter, everything....I check one fucking email....
  9. Bull-fucking-shit. Get out of here. AND STOP POSTING THE DAMN SPOILER JESUS CHRIST.
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