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  1. As much as it pains me, I think this is where I get off the train… 😞
  2. So what…? I need to order one from the UK to get it at all? Cmon Zach..
  3. I’m just so tired of this run around….
  4. Don’t rush. We’ve known about them a few months and we still don’t know where they’re gonna be stationed. Hold tight.
  5. The one person who needed to order them to most… 😅
  6. Still no hope for GameStop? That would make getting sets…a lot easier (at least for me 😅)
  7. My favorite for as long as I can remember, and was one of the last minimates I bought. Hail Ivan. (apparently inserting images is broken. I was trying to post an image of Wave 28 Deadpool)
  8. Are there supposed to be images here, or...?
  9. Try out Gamestop again? Would very much appreciate the ease of getting them that way 😅
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