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  1. Gmonkey2k

    Marvel Legends discussion thread

    I have to say...I think I've jumped ship.... The last set of Minimates I bought was the Doppelganger/Venom pack.
  2. Gmonkey2k

    Wave 78

    Damn, two X-Factor Cyclops' in one day! Craziness.
  3. Gmonkey2k

    wave 77

  4. Gmonkey2k

    wave 77

    I just tried. Honestly, it won't let me. It says "Signature spans too many lines". I'm stuck with my shitty grammar.
  5. Gmonkey2k

    wave 77

    Hey, I've had this account EXACTLY as is since I was 14! Grammar was not my forte at the time 😜
  6. Gmonkey2k

    wave 77

    Somethin isn't right.
  7. Gmonkey2k

    wave 77

  8. Gmonkey2k

    wave 77

  9. Gmonkey2k

    Minimate Holiday Card Contest

    Not as fancy as the others, a bit more guerrilla photographing and editing. Happy Holidays, everyone! 🎄 (Not sure why it won't let me post the image through URL, but it is here on imgur.)
  10. Gmonkey2k

    Where did everybody go?

    A second round of MinimateMultiverse 'mates would be awesome!
  11. Gmonkey2k

    wave 77

    Like Like Like Like To bad there's no button for that on this site.
  12. Gmonkey2k

    TRU Series 26

    I know this is a welcome change for nearly everyone, but now that I might be actually be getting a Walgreens its a little...Saddening.
  13. Gmonkey2k

    WAVE 76

    Next week, very soonish??