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  1. Gmonkey2k

    Deadpool 2?

    From her power. I'm pretty sure she was confirmed to be Surge.
  2. Gmonkey2k

    Lego Overwatch So this is a thing. A thing that makes me very excited. I'm not even going to touch the fact that Hasbro got the "master toy license"
  3. Gmonkey2k

    Happy Birthday DSTZach!

    Happy belated birthday, Zach!! -Gavin
  4. Gmonkey2k

    Infinity War **SPOILERS**

    But Captain Marvel is going to take place in the 90's. Hence, the pager in the post credit scene.
  5. Gmonkey2k

    Infinity War **SPOILERS**

    Great movie, but I will be filing a lawsuit for unwarranted emotional assualt. Can we all agree that NONE of what happened at the end would have happened, if Star Lord wasn't a fucking idiot?
  6. Gmonkey2k

    C2E2 2018

    The new lisences have never had Minimates.
  7. Gmonkey2k

    Infinity War

    Yeah, the new game came out in September last year.
  8. Gmonkey2k

    Infinity War

    I figured out what that really means. (Street Fighter) I just can't tell what Firm Relator or Sword of the Kings is supposed to be.
  9. Gmonkey2k

    Infinity War

    Not just that. I can't figure out what ryhmes with what you said.
  10. Gmonkey2k

    Infinity War

  11. Gmonkey2k

    Infinity War

  12. Gmonkey2k

    C2E2 2018

    MvC:I please?...
  13. Gmonkey2k

    C2E2 2018

    Zach, we appreciate you answering all of this, especially at this hour, but please don't say stuff like that. You know how people are gonna take it. ;P
  14. Gmonkey2k

    C2E2 2018

    This encounter happened earlier on Facebook: "Are there gonna be photos of upcoming minimates?" Zach said: "Not sure what we have on display that's not be revealed recently..."
  15. Gmonkey2k

    Contest of Champions

    Sent! Sorry for not accepting it sooner!