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  1. So a couple days ago, the @Minimates twitter posted a picture of Deborah Ann Woll (Karen) with a Season 2 set. The only reply was from Deborah asking for the account to DM her. I just thought this was an odd occurrence.
  2. Now that the video game license has been revealed, does that mean the MvCI is still a possibility?
  3. How early is early? Like Daredevil and Hulk kinda early, or Spider-Man and X-Men...
  4. Wasn't Toad on the poster when Minimates were announced? I'm pretty sure thats what the 15 means....
  5. Happy Birthday!
  6. J-rodst just posted something, but I can't see it. the last reply that I see is mine.
  7. Someone had asked if the poster included in the new wave was entirely new. I wasn't sure.
  8. What new poster?
  9. If we're getting 'mates of KH, then should we expect to get some for this too?
  10. Seems like this whole line would need more sculpting.
  11. Is this line dead? (No pun intended)
  12. About $25
  13. Apparently, DST is going to be doing Select style figures too.
  14. Happy Birthday!!