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  1. Those came out great! Nice to see people can still get great shots with staction figures
  2. Hooollyyy shit! This is great!!
  3. Like others have said, there may have been better portrayals of The Batman, but Mr. West's will always be mine. Rest in Peace, Adam. You took care of the bad guys for us, when we couldn't.
  4. Any more hints? =)
  5. Thanks for being here and hope you have a great day!
  6. Woo! I also loved the first one, and Lego Avengers. How much do you want to bet Spider-Gwen will be the pre-order exclusive?
  7. What? Are you serious?
  8. Any pics of Mojo? My excitement for Spiral has been dialed up to 11!
  9. Just gonna leave these here.... ;P Looking even better!
  10. For this being the actual 15th anniversary of Minimates, this show was pretty dissapointing....
  11. Beetlejuice pics up on toynewsi. Will try to post a link soon.
  12. Did we findout what 75 was?
  13. Anything happen at the panel?
  14. Thanks all! Sorry for the late response, and I hope that minL and Monte had great birthday´s too!