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  1. Just gonna leave these here.... ;P Looking even better!
  2. For this being the actual 15th anniversary of Minimates, this show was pretty dissapointing....
  3. Beetlejuice pics up on toynewsi. Will try to post a link soon.
  4. Did we findout what 75 was?
  5. Anything happen at the panel?
  6. Thanks all! Sorry for the late response, and I hope that minL and Monte had great birthday´s too!
  7. Gwenpool but no Deadpool. LAME.
  8. Don't tease like that.... I'd love some Motu 'Mates....
  9. I need one please. @Mister Miracle
  10. And they're also extremely hard to come by
  11. But Captain Marvel isn't even in the MCU yet, and she was one of the first to be confirmed for the game.
  12. Sweet!
  13. So a couple days ago, the @Minimates twitter posted a picture of Deborah Ann Woll (Karen) with a Season 2 set. The only reply was from Deborah asking for the account to DM her. I just thought this was an odd occurrence.
  14. Now that the video game license has been revealed, does that mean the MvCI is still a possibility?
  15. How early is early? Like Daredevil and Hulk kinda early, or Spider-Man and X-Men...