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  1. When I see pops and MLs announced as Walgreens exclusives, I come to terms quickly that I’ll never find them.
  2. News? Not like I’ll find them anywhere, but I like my hopes up before they’re dashed.
  3. As much as it pains me, I think this is where I get off the train… 😞
  4. So what…? I need to order one from the UK to get it at all? Cmon Zach..
  5. I’m just so tired of this run around….
  6. Don’t rush. We’ve known about them a few months and we still don’t know where they’re gonna be stationed. Hold tight.
  7. The one person who needed to order them to most… 😅
  8. Still no hope for GameStop? That would make getting sets…a lot easier (at least for me 😅)
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