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  1. Mysterious Stranger

    The Alien™ Franchise

    The multi-arm torso piece could be modified to work for a 4-armed xenomorph. You’d have to cut it up but you can make it fit under the Alien chest cap. Throw on some black child arms and whamo!
  2. Mysterious Stranger

    NYCC 2018

    I wouldn’t say no to one of the Battle Beast bats if anyone has an extra.
  3. Mysterious Stranger

    Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

    Would an extra little sheet of the arm, leg and belt stickers and a set of ankle wings be too much to ask for? I’m willing to pay for them.
  4. Mysterious Stranger

    Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

    I could possibly skip the feet and display one version on one of those clear blue portal stands like she’s coming out of the water.
  5. Mysterious Stranger

    NYCC 2018

    My understanding is they are 5” like the vintage He-Man figures.
  6. Mysterious Stranger

    Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

    Will there be an option to get the remaining parts to display both looks?
  7. Mysterious Stranger

    The Alien™ Franchise

    Another Queen variant would be great, but without a TRU to subsidize it I don’t know that it would get enough orders to go into production. A mixed wave with missing characters from across the films would be great. Honestly I just want to complete the Aliens team with Bishop and Ferro. Anything else on top of that and I’m happy. Those variant Xenos that were packed in the last wave were a lot of fun. More like that to add some color to the hive would be nice.
  8. Mysterious Stranger

    BC Avengers Wave

    That diagram is the most organized Walgreens toy section I’ve ever seen.
  9. Mysterious Stranger

    Infinity War

    Ideally I like to get 2 of each set, to display alt looks and such. With Walgreens IW wave 2 being so hard to find I’m not holding out much hope until the pre-holiday clearance restock push.
  10. Mysterious Stranger

    NYCC 2018

    Exclusive for sale or exclusive giveaway?
  11. Mysterious Stranger

    NYCC 2018

    Is there anything that we know for sure is coming out that we haven't seen yet?
  12. Mysterious Stranger

    Marvel Legends discussion thread

    I don't collect a lot of Marvel Legends figures. Mostly Deadpool, a few MCU and other figures. Rarely do I complete a BAF (I have some parts laying here on my desk at work) but when I got the 3 Deadpool figures from the Sauron wave and got the BAF parts in hand I knew I had to complete Sauron. So I snagged the other 3 figures and put him together yesterday. He's a beautiful figure. I have no attachment to the character and honestly don't see myself looking him up. But man is this a gorgeous piece of plastic. So cool looking and such great play value. He'll be living with me here at the office for quite a while.
  13. Mysterious Stranger

    Infinity War

    My wife needed to pick up a prescription at Walgreens this morning so I tagged along, not expecting to find anything. But I was pleasantly surprised to find 1 set of Infinity War wave 2 at the back of a peg behind a Thor pack. I bought the two exclusive sets and now I’m complete. They didn’t have anything else new on the animated front. This was the store on Van Nuys Blvd at Sherman Way in Van Nuys, CA for those keeping score.
  14. Mysterious Stranger

    1/6 Scale Action Figures

    Mine too. Well my wife's. I'm not an X-Files fan but it was her first fandom.
  15. Mysterious Stranger

    Infinity War

    The dress is clearly blue and black.