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  1. Marvel Legends discussion thread

    I'm American. Our culture is built on appropriating other cultures.
  2. Marvel Legends discussion thread

    Oy Oy Oy!!!
  3. Watchmen Minimates

    Just "Asked DST" so we'll see what the response is from Chuck.
  4. The Dark Tower

    Pics or it didn't happen.
  5. Watchmen Minimates

    I don't get it either, but apparently the guy that has the copyright on it has caused problems with Watchmen merch in the past (the Hot Toys Comedian didn't have the smiley for this reason, just a yellow circle button same as Mattel's recent figure). I think companies just don't want the hassle so they leave it off. If it wasn't such an iconic symbol for the property I'd be okay with it. But it is and its disappointing that we can't get it because of legal complications.
  6. Thor: Ragnarok

    YAY! Someone read my fanfic!
  7. Watchmen Minimates

    Yeah the smiley face button is its own IP and they are known to be dicks about the license. That's why most merch in the U.S. doesn't have it on the figure. I think the U.K. might be different though, not that it affects us here in the States.
  8. Marvel Legends discussion thread

    I just received the Daredevil "Marvel Knights" wave. I have a completed Man-Thing and Bullseye for sale if anyone wants those. Man-Thing BAF complete $60 shipped in the U.S. Bullseye (loose, complete minus BAF part) $20 shipped in the U.S.
  9. Watchmen Minimates

    Is it a mistake or a clever plot by Rorschach to throw you off his trail?
  10. Wave 73 - Spider-man Homecoming

    Just received my second SDCC set and I don't notice any QC issues. The white of Spidey's eyes looks good and I can't see any lines under them. Guess I either got lucky or my own eyes are out of whack.
  11. Star Trek - Reincarnated from the Genesis Planet!

    Nope, not vague at all
  12. SDCC 2017 Marvel Minimates!

    Its not a big deal Zach. They sometimes limit the quantity on their exclusives. I honestly wasn't expecting the second order to go through. I got enough extra 'mate fodder in each order to get the free shipping. And I get Rewards points so its all good.
  13. Wave 73 - Spider-man Homecoming

    I have a second SDCC Homecoming set coming today. TRU seems to be only limiting it to 1 per order and not 1 per customer. I haven't had a chance to check my other set yet but I'll post if I have any issues.
  14. SDCC 2017 Marvel Minimates!

    I placed a second order for the Spider-man Homecoming set and it shipped (got my first order yesterday). So it doesn't look like they are limiting the number of times you can order one, just only one per order.
  15. Then there's the other world ........

    This is just like that Superman comic some guy had done for his kids birthday party. A private, never to be released to the general public item that was produced as a gift. If collectors are upset that they weren't made aware of it or have ready access to it then they need to check their priviledge. Honestly I'm surprised it took this long for Geppi to get a Minimate. Though he doesn't have the best of reputations in the industry, if what gets reported is true.