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  1. I'm not having any problem getting the Hulkbuster helmet to close on mine. I've popped the head off and on and opened it several times. Seems okay to me.
  2. Thanks. I'll be needing that entire TRU wave when it hits. Yes, yes I will.
  3. My two cents, if you want super articulation that allows squats/crouches/etc then you're collecting the wrong line.
  4. I forget, is TRU getting exclusives for Series 4? I'd be ok with buying a few more Pred hounds if it got us more humans.
  5. I'm getting so confused as to what is coming from where here. I'm just going to sit back and wait for the reveals, like this one. I like this set. Two great new looks for Loki and Thor. Hela looks badass! And a new civvie Banner for those that might have missed the AoU exclusive. I'll take it.
  6. Thanks! Any idea when you'll be able to share pics?
  7. Yes. It means they should be close to shipping it. I just received my order of the IM/Happy 2-pack today.
  8. Yeah, my Drax finally arrived too. Not sure if I want to display him in the blue pants or the red ones. I haven't opened him up yet so I don't know how difficult it will be to change them out. ThreeZero opened up preorders for their first X-Files figure, Mulder. The ThreeZero store exclusive includes a trench coat.
  9. Zach - any better idea when Series 4 will hit?
  10. That's because its a crapshoot if you can get it to come up in an item search. Sometimes it shows up on the main site, sometimes just the mobile site.
  11. There's still the Predators wave coming. Beyond that, who knows?
  12. Get the boats ready! We got ghost sharks to hunt!
  13. Not exclusive characters, just exclusive versions. Gorman in his jumpsuit at specialty withnthe APC, rescue Ripley with battle damaged APC at TRU, spacesuit Kane with facehugger helmet with the Space Jockey at specialty, spacesuit Dallas with the dark colored Jockey at TRU.
  14. SDCC? If so I'ma need a hookup for two.
  15. Elf

    I've been wanting a good regular Santa Minimate. Looks like I'm getting one from this set. Also, James Caan Minimate FTW!