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  1. Mysterious Stranger

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    I found one full set at a store in Van Nuys, CA. They didn’t have them last week so they are getting out there.
  2. Mysterious Stranger

    Wave 78

    Fox properties are coming back home (sort of) so I wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be an updated Fantastic Four wave. Mr. Fantastic / Dr.Doom Invisible Woman (clear) / Namor Human Torch (flame on) / Sue Storm (not clear) Johnny Storm (flame off) / Thing BAF: Super-Skrull
  3. Mysterious Stranger

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    Just opened my set from Walgreens. Korath does not have silver highlights but the rest do. They all also have completely different tampo designs so they don't all match to begin with. I'm truly impressed with all of these. The amount of accessories and alternate looks is incredible for what could have been just a bunch of "armybuilders" and guys in suits. Fury and Coulson both look like their previous MCU 'mates but younger, especially Coulson who appears to have the same worried frowny face as the Thor version. I was only planning to track down an extra of each Carol and Yonn Rog to display the helmeted looks. But now I need another full set so I can have all the alt looks on display.
  4. Mysterious Stranger

    Daredevil Netflix (& other show) minimates?

    Just finished DD season 3 and I need a Season 3 Daredevil. So what existing ‘mates have hands/gloves that are wrapped like his rope wrapped hands?
  5. Mysterious Stranger

    Battle Beasts Minimates

    I got mine from DST yesterday. I'm getting a VERY strong Batman vibe from him. The armor in black and gold with the gray body is a great homage.
  6. Mysterious Stranger

    Secret Santa 2017?????

    Taking store branding to a whole new level.
  7. Mysterious Stranger

    TRU Series 26

    My order was processed and shipped within a few hours of placing it. I am surprised the free shipping (over $35 order total) is 2-Day FedEx. Should be here tomorrow. DSTZach thanks for the info on black discs. I have no knowledge of the character so I learned something.
  8. Mysterious Stranger

    TRU Series 26

    I notice the Dark Iron Spidey/Spot pack has black stands. What's the reasoning for that change?
  9. Mysterious Stranger

    The Alien™ Franchise

    The multi-arm torso piece could be modified to work for a 4-armed xenomorph. You’d have to cut it up but you can make it fit under the Alien chest cap. Throw on some black child arms and whamo!
  10. Mysterious Stranger

    NYCC 2018

    I wouldn’t say no to one of the Battle Beast bats if anyone has an extra.
  11. Mysterious Stranger

    Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

    Would an extra little sheet of the arm, leg and belt stickers and a set of ankle wings be too much to ask for? I’m willing to pay for them.
  12. Mysterious Stranger

    Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

    I could possibly skip the feet and display one version on one of those clear blue portal stands like she’s coming out of the water.
  13. Mysterious Stranger

    NYCC 2018

    My understanding is they are 5” like the vintage He-Man figures.
  14. Mysterious Stranger

    Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

    Will there be an option to get the remaining parts to display both looks?
  15. Mysterious Stranger

    The Alien™ Franchise

    Another Queen variant would be great, but without a TRU to subsidize it I don’t know that it would get enough orders to go into production. A mixed wave with missing characters from across the films would be great. Honestly I just want to complete the Aliens team with Bishop and Ferro. Anything else on top of that and I’m happy. Those variant Xenos that were packed in the last wave were a lot of fun. More like that to add some color to the hive would be nice.