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  1. I'm looking forward to Mojo just to see how the standard Minimate construction is hidden under that gloriously disgusting body sculpt.
  2. Need that Hulkbuster.
  3. As much as I love army builders, I'd rather have individual characters from this movie. So many to choose from, why use up a slot for a nameless cannon fodder figure.
  4. These are clearly aimed at kids and not adult collectors. That's why they use the older Mega figure body and not the newer type with all the articulation (COD, newer Halo, TMNT etc). I bought all of the PR stuff and its a lot of fun. The sets are simple construction (again, aimed at kids) but a lot of fun to play with. Plus its nice to have a complete set of the MMPR team in one wave without having to wait for a second wave that may or may not happen. The only thing we're really missing here is Rita which is a surprise since she's the baddie in the new movie. Zed, Goldar, Putties, Alpha, they're all here. Oh and the Green Ranger is missing his shield. Hoping that comes with a Dragonzord release eventually.
  5. So many cool looks in this trailer. Thor, Hulk, Hela, Heimdal, Jeff Goldblum... lots of potential for a very awesome group of Minimates. Hopefully DST got access to all of these looks in time to use them.
  6. There's a new movie coming out soon so there may be a chance to revisit the property.
  7. That Joker in the Purple Man suit is giving me a strong Nicholson Joker vibe. And I like it.
  8. Picked up the TRU Space Jockey set today. I really like the colors on this one better than the speciatly version.
  9. That doesn't bode well for the likelihood of actually getting these. Is there anything we can do to help up the odds of them being produced?
  10. 4-pack for The Dark Tower movie. Jake, The Gunslinger, The Man In Black and a mystery character. You can bet your ass I'm getting a few of this set. I need at least 1 extra of Idris Elba to make a Luther custom.
  11. Depending on the variation in xenomorphs I might have to get a couple sets of these. Those white spacesuits look great.
  12. Mickey and Minnie are a lock. Jack Sparrow has good odds too. Jiminy I see as a pack-in minifigure.
  13. Yeah the eggs are specialty only. Still don't understand that decision, but that's the deal.
  14. My Nebula/Drax set (along with some others) shipped. I'll know in a few days if its the correct set or not.
  15. The listing now has store pickup available but still out of stock online.