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  1. I wonder if this will be the last series. When I looked over my display, I thought it seemed like the Harlequin was the only missing piece they might get to. (I don't foresee them attempting a Thing Hiding Under The Stairs.) So seeing him alongside three repeats makes it look like it's winding down.
  2. It is kinda ridiculous when there seems to be a boxset "convenience fee" with some lines. It's never really made sense why they're $20-25.
  3. Very cool license to get some Minimates from. I'm happy to not have to work on my custom set anymore, these are looking good. Or if we could use more face variety, I'm at least happy not to have to worry about painting a striped suit myself and can just slap my sticker on.
  4. He really is phenomenal, I always enjoy stumbling across him as a reader when I get into another audiobook. George Guidall who finished out the series is also terrific, it seems weird to knock him down a peg at all...but man, Frank, it's like the equivalent of Jim Dale not being able to finish out the Harry potter books, really sad.
  5. There's certainly a fair amount of prognosticating and gambling. Just seemed like a whole lot of eggs in one basket instead of a mix of new and old. Space turtles, sure...But did we need space Casey and April, Salamandrian as urgently? Before Dogpound or Xever or Leatherhead or Mondo Gecko? I can't imagine a lot of complaints about getting to familiar characters because they were last seen on the show in the previous season. I think most fans interpret toy lines as all inclusive and by nature of the design and manufacturing don't expect them to be super trendy and as topical as a newspaper. And even still, we got Bishop and Chrome Dome in these last two series. But I can imagine they were more of a cost decision, I'm sure cost was a significant factor in why didn't get a ton of mutants over squeezing in more tertiary human characters that were cheaper to get out.
  6. It was an extraordinarily weird and bull-headed decision to never look back and never bother with minimates of the most common, recurring henchmen or the great, really memorable mutants from the first seasons. Instead hedging their bets that the show would be space show forever from this point on, and not just a dozen episodes or so.
  7. As far as the naked eye, I think they are virtually a perfect match. I'm curious what you mean by a "regular Santa" figure though, how is the Santa as released not a good regular Santa?
  8. Ack, 30 years to prepare and we're missing the anniversary year!? I'm very excited, I figured the BTTF Minimates era was over, never thought I'd get another George McFly and indentured servant Biff. The blurb about the Delorean says it comes with an all new Marty...what's new about it? Is it a super tiny thing that I'm not seeing?
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