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  1. It's been my impression (which could be wrong) that if DST isn't already planning movie minimates when the movie is released it's too late to reverse course and add a wave or boxset later. I think if that was something they could or were willing to do they probably would have done it once or twice with past MCU movies.
  2. Two years ago I'd say it was a given, now I'd say it seems unlikely.
  3. I think canceled in Previews is about as official as it gets, DST doesn't usually say much unless it comes up in Ask DST.
  4. Having seen the movie I'd have to say that seems unlikely, especially the top four or so that people seem to want.
  5. I would think this is especially applicable now since the MCU is slowing down for a while. After Spider-Man (which DST isn't worrying about) there's going to be a big gap with no new movies. Seems like it would be a good time to fill in the gaps from the most anticipated and likely highest grossing MCU movie ever.
  6. stack32

    DC Vinimates

    Using poster putty hasn't managed to keep my Wonder Woman upright consistently which was a bit of a surprise. I haven't seen other people mention it though so maybe mine is just bent a little.
  7. Yeah, the movie is awesome but the minimates feel like a minimal representation of it. Really, if you can't do more for this movie, what's the point of movie minimates?
  8. stack32

    DC Vinimates

    I'd like a comic Wonder Woman that didn't fall over.
  9. At this point I think it's safe to say that if two Hulks are the same shade of green it's an accident.
  10. stack32

    wave 77

    Did anyone want that particular Miles? I don't think even big fans of the character were clamoring for that look.
  11. I remember reading the comment about the count before but it's really striking once you realize how it's actually playing out. I think the Avengers aren't the only ones in the endgame now.
  12. I suspect that's right. It's too bad, these already feel like less important alternate looks (even if they end up being the main look in the movie), not being accurate makes them even less desirable.
  13. Didn't Zach say there was nothing else planned?
  14. I'm not sure why they made that War Machine if they weren't going to put any effort into it. Thanos and Ronin look good. Widow is probably a good translation of that costume. It's nice to see Stormbreaker finally. Overall a pretty underwhelming set of minimates for the most anticipated Marvel film ever.
  15. I've been wondering that myself, people seem to be freaking out for no reason.
  16. stack32

    wave 79

    That kind of awfulness has a way of burning itself into your brain.
  17. My take? There aren't that many serious minimate collectors, or at least not enough to make a boxset with a run of 3000 a sales success, even a boxset that many of us felt personally invested in and bought multiples of. If we can't make a desirable Marvel set like that a safe bet what hope do other properties have? While I think DST has made many blunders over the years in character selection across various properties the harsh truth is that when they say they don't think the demand is there for something they're almost certainly right. Also, I can't count how many times I've seen someone post a crazy wishlist who would also complain about having to buy a character they don't like to get one they do in a two-pack. Plenty of us talk a big game about how much they care about a line but don't back it up with our wallets, which I suppose kind of goes back to that first point.
  18. That still means you have to believe there are a lot of people who would have bought the boxset but didn't because they weren't aware of it. I find that questionable at best.
  19. That pack tells us a lot about the market but since it's not the information we want to hear I think a lot of us ignore it.
  20. We do need those weeks of criticizing the lineup. I think that's more true than most of us would like to admit. The line certainly doesn't seem healthy.
  21. I've built a number of Halo, TMNT, and Star Trek sets and I'd say that while MB's quality isn't quite there with Lego it's close enough that it's hard to imagine anyone but a Lego loyalist complaining about it. I do agree about the building experience, since the parts aren't sorted out in a way that's related to the build you really need to do some sorting ahead of time to minimize frustration. That's one of the reasons (the other is space) I've never got around to putting together the Technodrome.
  22. If you do you see a Kirk or a Spock it's part of a minifigure that is made up of mixed properties and it's from a wave that has been sitting there for over a year. The MB Star Trek line died from lack of sales, just like the minimates. The idea that it would just take listening to "fans" to be successful is nothing but hubris.
  23. All these people that say they no problem with movie minimates sure seem quick to jump in and say a comic version is good enough for them. I was going to post something about Toyark saying DST had showed off a statue from FFH but looking closer I'm pretty sure they just confused Noir for the movie's stealth suit.
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