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  1. Has anyone purchased the new Lego Endgame Iron Man Armory set? I assume the bays are too small for minimates but was curious just how close it was. I'm probably going to end up buying the set twice over just for Lego even if it's too much work to make it work for minimates but I'd be much more interested if it was going to be relatively simple to mod.
  2. I guess I need to use sarcasm tags. I have no doubt someone put Blizzard on list of characters they might be interested in, I even mentioned him as a possibility of a figure that wouldn't require new tooling, but characterizing him as "most wanted" or "popular" is stretching the definitions of those words far beyond the breaking point. It becomes worse since DST decided they had to pack an alternate version with an army builder (one that may have been highly requested but was not particularly well executed). But again, these points have been discussed multiple times in multiple threads and we're obviously not changing each other's minds so it's probably best to leave it. I saw Wandavision spelled out as WandaVision today and it finally made sense.
  3. I'm saying that a final battle look (whoever it might be for) being something the fans would want isn't an issue of hindsight, it's just a given. It feels worse for Thor because of the lineup DST released last time. As for the IW Thor costume, um, you've seen Endgame, right? If you can point me towards a Cap torso with scaled a chest and shoulders that matches the CW or AoU figures I'll stop complaining about him. As for Thor, some people have done a commendable job here trying to piece something together but personally I find those wanting.
  4. Movie successes, like Guardians of the Galaxy. I totally disagree that we can't criticize without complete information but that's not what I was talking about.
  5. You're willing to be more charitable than I am but I do get it and I'd probably be much more understanding if they hadn't skipped the major costumes for 2 out of the top 3 Avengers, especially given how they handled Thor from the last movie. If I thought buying these would actually cause DST to do a second wave I'd be all over it (if Walgreens would cooperate) but since they've never done that, even with genuine surprise successes let alone an expected one, I think what we've got is what we're getting and any other comments are just to shut us up in the meantime.
  6. You don't think they could make a costume that was used in a bunch of marketing material for the film? That seems rather unlikely to me. I understand why spoilerish looks couldn't be made at release but that gets to the discussion of the total amount of product for the movie.
  7. Yes, I certainly remember all those wishlists requesting the original Blizzard. The requests for Kang had nothing on Blizzard. If you waste a quarter of your "most wanted" lineup on characters nobody is asking for don't be surprised when the demand isn't there. Also, calling it "most wanted" was a bit disingenuous to begin with but I suppose "a few characters Zach saw on some wishlists and some other stuff" wasn't as catchy.
  8. Citing hindsight implies the demand for something wasn't clear when the decision was being made. That definitely wasn't the case here. I think making Thor in the IW outfit would have been a better compromise, we could have still put the head on a QR suit just as easily and would have had some parts to customize the other look people are asking for. Honestly, I'm shocked this isn't glaringly obvious.
  9. I think the problems with that wave have been discussed ad nauseum in multiple other threads so short version: Two Blizzards, mediocre Mandroid, no strong theme, no A-listers to help it move.
  10. I forgot that exclusive existed, that line sure had a lot of wasted potential. On topic, I've always been curious why DST didn't do more 2-packs as exclusives when they were doing exclusives.
  11. I don't think anyone was expecting final battle looks would be released the same time as the movie, though Cap's costume was in marketing materials, we just figured they'd make it eventually. I didn't have a problem with DST making the QR suits, but as the only look for some characters they're a pretty poor representation of the movie as a whole, not to mention incomplete. There's zero chance we see Thor in his final battle look again, I'm not sure why people keep suggesting that.
  12. Using number of figures instead of waves is a weak way to make it sound better. Based on the comments that have been made we do have a pretty good idea of what's coming in the back half of the year that we don't already know about: Nothing. You can spin it but the only good news we've had so far is that the line isn't completely dead. Maybe the wave would have failed anyway but DST screwed up that lineup royally, it was practically sabotage. I refuse to blame that one on the fans.
  13. The hindsight excuse (Zach's go-to when DST makes weird or disappointing lineup decisions) falls flat for Endgame when practically the first response fans had to the QR suits was "We're still getting their real costumes, right?" Not to mention we've been asking for a Thor that appears in the movie for more than 5 minutes since Infinity War came out. If anyone at DST looked at this lineup and thought fans would be satisfied maybe they should look for a different line of work.
  14. It's been my impression (which could be wrong) that if DST isn't already planning movie minimates when the movie is released it's too late to reverse course and add a wave or boxset later. I think if that was something they could or were willing to do they probably would have done it once or twice with past MCU movies.
  15. Two years ago I'd say it was a given, now I'd say it seems unlikely.
  16. I think canceled in Previews is about as official as it gets, DST doesn't usually say much unless it comes up in Ask DST.
  17. Having seen the movie I'd have to say that seems unlikely, especially the top four or so that people seem to want.
  18. I would think this is especially applicable now since the MCU is slowing down for a while. After Spider-Man (which DST isn't worrying about) there's going to be a big gap with no new movies. Seems like it would be a good time to fill in the gaps from the most anticipated and likely highest grossing MCU movie ever.
  19. Using poster putty hasn't managed to keep my Wonder Woman upright consistently which was a bit of a surprise. I haven't seen other people mention it though so maybe mine is just bent a little.
  20. Yeah, the movie is awesome but the minimates feel like a minimal representation of it. Really, if you can't do more for this movie, what's the point of movie minimates?
  21. I'd like a comic Wonder Woman that didn't fall over.
  22. At this point I think it's safe to say that if two Hulks are the same shade of green it's an accident.
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