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  1. For a character like Cyclops I care less about hands and more about optic blasts. They included one once and then not since.
  2. stack32

    wave 79

    Today's Ask DST confirmed Conan still isn't available for the Marvel line despite his recent appearances so I guess this wave definitely won't be Savage Avengers.
  3. Chuck rarely misses a chance to miss the point.
  4. The article in Bloomberg says the plans are to open "about half a dozen" stores. I agree with you this is probably this isn't much more likely than the other empty promises they've been selling since TRU closed its doors, but even if it does work out it's going to be a long time before it would matter.
  5. It seems to me it would be tough to sell a boxset when there's only one character people are very interested in.
  6. stack32

    wave 77

    Anyone else notice DST's latest ship dates updates has these listed under Fall 2019?
  7. I believe I've read previous comments indicating that was the case with Marvel Select, pretty sure it would be the same for minimates.
  8. Most of the line was exclusive to a retailer as well. I'm not an RPG player so I can't say for sure but I doubt you could convince too many to play with minimates instead of miniatures.
  9. On Mario vs. Sonic: There's no contest here, Mario has more popular characters and more variations that fans would buy, plus a lot of enemies fans will buy multiples of. I have at least 5 different Marios from the Jakks 4" line and would buy that many more if they made the right ones. As was already said, Sonic is the license you get when you can't get Mario. If DST ever did snag the license though I'm afraid it would have the same design issues as Muppets. I think the talk about licenses underlines how few there are that can support multiple waves, or even multiple boxsets. Even as a big fan of minimates I wouldn't touch half the stuff mentioned here and the other half is unlikely to happen, even with all the upheaval in the toy landscape.
  10. As the topic has been discussed I've been trying to decide if I think DST's mistakes are any greater than the average toy or collectible company. They may not be but I think some of the decisions at times have seemed so inexplicable from the outside that you can't help but question the decision-making process. They've definitely made an above average number of head-scratching lineup choices. For me that's probably compounded by the marketing spin that not only were those decisions correct, it's silly to even question them. I certainly don't get the impression they ever critically review those decisions, I hope it happens internally and they don't like to talk about it. To be fair that seems to be pretty common among collectible companies which I suppose isn't surprising since it's easy, and often accurate, to blame the fans instead.
  11. That jump is the logical, if extreme, conclusion of suggesting bad thoughts could kill the line. It's also the next stop on the road if we don't see some dramatic improvement, some fans will turn into rabid DST apologists (it's already slowly happening), attacking anyone who criticizes them because... they're killing the line. It's ugly but it's the way things go when a line is struggling. If the line does get canceled and you want to blame bad vibes though, feel free to put my name at the top of the list. Amazon did sell minimates, or at least they sold boxsets. They stopped some time ago, right around the same time the price was increased if I remember correctly. So the answer is they aren't more prominent because Amazon and a lot of third party sellers decided to stop selling them.
  12. I couldn't disagree more strongly with this. If the line is so far gone that a little speculation will kill it then we can't save it anyway. It also directly leads to the idea that any criticism of minimates or DST is dangerous to the life of the line which is one of the worst things in fan culture.
  13. While they obviously packed these the way they did to maximize sales I suspect it never occurred to DST that anyone would have a problem with it. I'm a little surprised myself.
  14. If people are truly worried about negativity they have one really great option: Post something positive. Make the kinds of comments you want to see instead of worrying about policing other's.
  15. It adds about as much as passive aggressive whining about those comments. There is actually a worthwhile conversation that could be had about perceived value per pack or in the wave as a whole that goes far beyond "nitpicking", so why not discuss it? Personally I think buying a two-pack to get one character is pretty much the standard a minimate collector should expect for value but I can understand why others might feel differently. The build-a-minimate approach changes that too since each individual character is likely losing a little bit of value to make up for the extra figure. DST also chose to pack this wave in a way that would maximize their sales but also force people to buy two different teams which could obviously be a source of frustration for some, though I'm a little surprised anyone would want one half of the wave and not the other. Still, any fan ought to be able to express their opinion about what they want to buy without "you're killing the line!" nonsense.
  16. Kudos to Luke and DST for finding a way to do an exclusive like this, it's very cool and leaves open interesting possibilities for the future. That said, it's super-disappointing that the regular wave Madrox doesn't come with any alternate heads. Those kinds of extras have kept me interested in minimates and losing them, even for a build-a-minimate, seems like a bad deal to me.
  17. DST's other actions with vinimates suggest they might be an easier sell than minimates for a lot of retailers.
  18. stack32

    wave 79

    I'm not following the story at all but I have looked at the occasional preview and there's definitely some stuff I would buy. For some reason I really like Cap in cold weather gear wielding Jarnbjorn.
  19. Does Walgreens do in-store returns for internet orders? That's the first explanation that springs to mind.
  20. Interesting, mine certainly doesn't feel removable, there's no give anywhere. I'll have to carefully check again. Update: Upon further review I can confirm the gun on mine is going nowhere without the careful application of an X-acto knife, it's definitely glued to the chest piece.
  21. Well that's intriguing.
  22. Checked two Walgreens and found one set of the wave at one, no movie minimates at the other. My thoughts on the figures: Ronin: One of the better figures in the wave. I think the decision to make his coat an separate piece was the right one, I just wish it fit a little tighter. The sculpt and details are nice, I especially like the hood. It's a shame there's no unmasked head and torso detailing. As fwoosheyman just pointed out, the sword does seem weirdly small. Black Widow: For me Widow is tied with Thanos for the best of the wave and she's probably one of the better MCU 'mates that have been made, not that we're short on good MCU Black Widows. The tampos are good and it looks like all the details are present. The likeness on the face isn't especially good (or bad) but it's much better than on the Infinity War figure. Unlike most of these figures she's loaded with accessories. My only criticisms would be that the backpack harness is a little loose and her gauntlets are a bit large, the left knee is also quite loose on my figure. Still, this is my favorite MCU Black Widow and if I get around to making a non-continuity display this figure (with a hair swap) will definitely be in it. Hulk: There's not much to praise on this figure: The tampos aren't very detailed, the colors are awful, the hair is wrong and missing any gray. I guess a smiling Hulk head is nice to have? Maybe DST had some concept art that makes this figure make sense but it's definitely not a great representation of the movie or any early art that I can find. War Machine: Even though this is the Mk 6 this 'mate needs more bulk. I thought the Mk 4 from Infinity War was just mediocre for that armor but a similar design would have been nearly perfect for this figure. The angle the arm that holds the gun attaches to the chest piece means the gun is permanently pointed at a 45 degree angle downwards and it looks bad. Not sure there's a good way to fix this and it shouldn't happen at all. I hate the approach DST has been taking to movie armor helmets lately so I don't like this one, for what it is I guess it's okay. The Don Cheadle likeness is decent. The tampos are really excellent and I think this figure might is some of the best work DST has done. Cap/Thor: Massive accuracy issues aside the tampos on the QR suit are very nice, I can almost imagine finding a use for it in another display since it's barely recognizable as coming from Endgame. It's too bad this figure (or any of the QR figures) doesn't come with a QR helmet. Having an unmasked Steve Rogers head means you can get a look that's vaguely accurate to the movie. His mask was obviously part of the inaccurate reference material, mine has the A printed off center. As PrinceCuseCuse said, Thor has no scar detail which is kind of a major thing. Stormbreaker, the main draw for the set, is very nice and seems to be the right size. Rocket: The tampo is excellent. Otherwise this figure has all the strengths and flaws (especially the creepy eyes) of the Infinity War version and feels really light on accessories. Iron Man: I generally don't like Iron Man being just a basic minimate body but I think it works fine for the Mk 85. Another excellent tampo, I do wish the arc reactor was a little brighter. My comments about Rhodey's helmet apply to this one too. The Stark head has an appropriate expression but the lack or gray in the hair throws things off. The gauntlet ends up feeling like a waste. Like the Mk 50 this figure is decent for what's there but it's missing everything that makes the armor or scenes in the movie where it appears memorable so it ends up a big letdown. Thanos: As I mentioned before I think Thanos is tied with Widow for the best in the wave. I think the armor looks excellent, the only criticism is the little bit of missing gold on the helmet. I find the figure articulated enough to do what I need him to do. His ridiculous lawnmower blade is undersized significantly but I do appreciate that it gets some paint. Did anyone else get two? Not sure if that is normal or not. The purple used looks different than Infinity War to me but I don't have that figure handy to compare. Overall what you think of the wave is going to depend on how you choose to evaluate it. As a representation of the movie it's pretty poor. As a collection of minimates it has some really excellent work and some that's quite disappointing. I'll probably end up re-purposing the good and throwing the rest in storage since there's not enough here to make an Endgame display worthwhile.
  23. In a sense you probably already have some. It actually might be kind of cool though. I'm sure there's a few things I would buy.
  24. I don't think anyone is faulting DST for using reference material that ended up different than the final movie versions but the fact that we can understand how it happened doesn't make the figures any more accurate or desirable, unless you have a concept art based collection. Honestly, I can't believe it has to be explained to comic fans why a Cap without scale armor detailing isn't "just about the same" as one with it. It's one detail that makes a huge difference. If that zero peg thing at Walgreens is true they're even more inept than I thought. I understand that selling toys isn't their focus but you would think they would still follow some inventory management best practices anyway.
  25. Complaining about complaining is definitely going to get you the results you're looking for.
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